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Display Healthy eating is not necessarily highly rated by many children. Especially now in the Christmas season, the temptations are ubiquitous. At every corner you can find cookies and chocolate Santa Clauses that want to be eaten. While the lavender boy is still quite reasonable when it comes to sweets, the lavender girl knows no stopping as soon as she discovers chocolate. If she were not hindered, she would eat a giant chocolate Santa Claus all by herself.

This is probably also due to the fact that we have become a little more relaxed in the meantime with regard to the topic of sweets. While the lavender boy didn’t get any sweets at all in the first 18 months, the lavender girl looks quite different. For her, the little treats are a matter of course. Nevertheless, they should of course remain something special.

As a morning and afternoon snack, we often have fruit or vegetables that I cut into small pieces for the children. Alternatively the children often get unsweetened snacks especially for children. Our cheeky friends are very popular with us, and many of you know and love them. The organic snacks of the cheeky friends are very varied and help the children to make friends with fruit and vegetables in a playful way. In addition, the nutritionally conscious children’s snacks are ideal for on the go due to their packaging.

From squeeze bags to fruit and vegetable chips to raisins and crispy snacks, the cheeky friends have a lot to offer. Thanks to the funny faces, the snacks, which get by without additives, love to land in our mouths.

Since a few days there is also an app for the iPhone and the iPad from the cheeky friends. As the lavender boy is not only a big cheeky friend fan, but also likes the iPad very much, there was no question whether we would load the “Cheeky Games App for Kids: Learn the ABC, Colors and much more with Fruit & Vegetables” onto the iPad.

The game app, which is available for all iPhones and iPads from iOS 8 upwards, was installed with just one click. It is suitable for children from the age of three. What I find very pleasant is that it is not overloaded. The cheeky games app for kids includes three games: the cheeky ABC, the fruit slider game and a collecting game. There is also a parent menu that can only be reached by pressing and holding a gear icon. In the parent menu, parents can not only restrict the useful life of the app, but can also switch the background music and the event sounds on or off, which I think is very reasonable. It is recommended that children between the ages of three and five use screen media for a maximum of 30 minutes daily.

The games offered by the app take the children on a healthy mission. The aim is to show the children the variety of fruit and vegetables. The first game “Freches ABC” has an educational approach. Here the capital letters are to be painted with the finger. A suitable fruit appears with the corresponding initial letter.

The fruit pusher game is just fun. Here the children can move three different fruit elements back and forth as they like, so that complete fruits are created. These can be realistic or nonsense fruits. Once a fruit has been put together correctly, there is a photo function. With this you can make funny Selfies with the cheeky fruits, which you can also send.

The children can collect fruit and vegetables in the collecting game. You decide in advance which colour you want to use. The game is available in three speed levels, whereby motor skills and logical thinking are trained.

Especially positive about the Frechen Freunde app is the fact that it is free of charge and does not contain any advertising or in-app purchases. There is also a parental control for external links. So if you want to treat your child to a game app on the iPad from time to time, take a closer look at the “Cheeky games app for children: learn the ABC, colours and much more with fruit & vegetables”.

And as far as the topic “Healthy nutrition of children” is concerned, here are a few tips for you.

Tips for a healthy diet for children:

  • Our rule of thumb is: snacking from time to time is perfectly all right. My experience has been that bans only increase the desire for sweets and are then exorbitantly slammed at other places.
  • Be sure to control your own diet. If a child sees his parents constantly nibbling, it is clear that this is what he wants.
  • Fruit and vegetables can also be sweet and tasty. It often helps to prepare the fruit and vegetables in a special way. From time to time I feel like it and I create little animals or pictures of fruit and vegetables, which the children are allowed to eat.
  • Sometimes it is enough to give fruit and vegetables a different name. Instead of eating apple pieces, the children then eat pirate sabres or kiwi slices to become eye patches.
  • Not liking a variety of fruit and vegetables is completely ok with us. After all, adults don’t like everything. The aim should be to find at least two or three types of fruit and vegetables that the child likes.

How do you handle that with your kids? Are they allowed to eat or are you strict?

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