Anxiety patients in berlin neukölln

Anxiety patients in Berlin Neukölln

Fear patient treatment

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What is dental phobia?

The thought of the upcoming visit to the dentist gives many people a queasy feeling. In some patients, there are also wet hands, panicky fear or even a circulatory collapse. Like about a quarter of all Germans, these people suffer from so-called dental phobia.

The fear often affects those affected so much that visits to the dentist, especially in the event of complaints, are completely avoided. As a result, dental health often suffers from enormous fear for years.

How can we help anxiety patients?

Those affected by a dentist phobia need a particularly sensitive approach by the dentist and his team. At Dr. We always try to relieve Popovici and Schulz of this fear and do everything we can to provide you with stress-free and pain-free treatment.

For example, we work according to an ordering system and strive to avoid long waiting times. This prevents patients from spending a long time in the waiting room, which is an additional stressful situation that intensifies concerns and consequently panic fears.

What can you do before the appointment??

Your well-being comes first in our dental practice in Berlin Neukölln. We receive our patients with an open ear and our whole team is always trying to make your visit to the dentist as pleasant as possible.

If you suffer from dentist phobia or just feel very uncomfortable thinking about your visit to the dentist, talk to us! The best thing to do is let us know when you make the appointment that you are an anxiety patient. So we are prepared and can take your fear into account.

Share your concerns with us. In the dental practice of Dr. Popovici and Schulz meet a team with years of experience. We know how difficult it is to overcome your fear and we are happy to help you. We understand your concerns and always strive to accommodate you and support you.

Many patients become nervous during a conversation and may forget your questions. We therefore recommend that our anxious patients take notes before visiting us for the first time. Write down your concerns, questions and requests that you have about us. If we know what worries you the most (e.g. noises or the fear of pain), we can respond accordingly.

We also cordially invite you to bring a person you trust with you to all examinations and discussions. Many patients feel safer and more relaxed as a result of having a confidante in the room.

From experience, we recommend anxiety patients not to postpone appointments. As you may already know by yourself, this leads to a series of appointment changes that are difficult to interrupt. To avoid long delays, it also helps to make a fixed appointment for the next one immediately after the appointment.

In our practice, we offer our patients a wide range of special treatment options for anxiety patients. Just contact us and we will be happy to inform you.

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