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An overview of the 7 best complete bassinets.

A bassinet is a mobile, crib equipped with castors for the household. So your baby can be with you at any time, regardless of whether you are cooking, hanging up the laundry or cleaning the bathroom.

Is your bassinet equipped with an additional clip for cuddling – the so-called nest, your offspring feels particularly comfortable. moreover this acts as a practical head protection. Find the best bassinet for your baby in our test or comparison table.

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

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Bassinet comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * Christiane Wegner "Maxi" Waldin bassinet XXL FabiMax 2951 Comfort Tiggo Honey Bee Schardt Lotta FabiMax 2917 Classic roba room bed 3 in 1 ‘Rock Star Baby 3
at Amazon *
20 reviews 171 reviews 61 reviews 18 reviews 2 reviews 41 reviews 17 reviews
lying area 45 x 83 cm 45 x 85 cm 80 x 40 cm 43 x 90 cm 40 x 70 cm 41 x 81 cm 85 x 43 cm
Dimensions (HxWxD) 105 x 72 x 69 cm 80 x 70 x 105 cm 95 x 60 x 140 cm 83 x 54 x 100 cm 103 x 67.4 x 47 cm 140 x 60 x 95 cm 90 x 145 x 48 cm
Height adjustable slatted frame
Nestchen A nestchen is a hanging for the bassinet. Babies feel safe and secure in the fabric.
bed linen
sky bar
  • Easy assembly
  • stable
  • handwork
  • noble look
  • fits through normal doors
  • Easy assembly
  • good workmanship
  • Curtain keeps out insects
  • rustic look
  • easy to slide back and forth
  • Easy assembly
  • stable
  • Rolls smoothly
  • High quality material
  • easy assembly
  • stable
  • Easy assembly
  • stable
  • Rolls smoothly
  • Easy assembly
  • stable
  • Roll quietly
  • Easy assembly
  • also serves as an extra bed or bench
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Christiane Wegner "Maxi" Questions and answers about Waldin bassinet XXL Questions and answers about FabiMax 2951 Comfort Questions and answers about Tiggo Honey Bee Questions and answers about Schardt Lotta Questions and answers about FabiMax 2917 Classic Questions and answers about roba couch 3 in 1 ‘Rock Star Baby 3
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  • A baby bassinet is a great companion in the household. Thanks to the castors mounted on the frame, you can take your child with you wherever you go. So the baby can simply sleep in the car during the day and does not have to stay alone in bed in the children’s room.
  • It is best to buy a bassinet set, like models from our comparison. Then you have important accessories, such as mattress, bedding, nest and canopy, together. This saves you from having to make expensive, later purchases and find the right dimensions.
  • Pay particular attention to the stable and safe processing of the room bed. At no point should wood splinters stick out and the screws used should not give rise to any injuries.
  • Do not leave your baby in the same position on the mattress for too long, otherwise this can result in the child’s head becoming flat.

A baby bed or an extra bed are important night companions in the first months of a newborn’s life. Because babies sleep a lot in the first few months. And not just at night, but very often during the day. Of course, one does not always want to leave the child unattended in the master bedroom or children’s room. So that the little one is close to the family during the day, the purchase of a baby furniture is therefore also suitable when buying baby furniture. With this baby article you have your baby, far away from Baby room, in the whole apartment. What you should pay particular attention to in order to find the best bassinet, we explain to you in our purchase advice on the bassinet comparison 2019/2020.

1. What is a bassinet?

Other important baby and children’s items

A bassinet, often referred to as a bed or bassinet, has existed similarly to its present form since around the 19th century. It is also considered the forerunner of today’s pram models. If you buy a bassinet set (e.g. a Waldin bassinet or a Leipold bassinet) today, little has changed in the bassinet design compared to earlier times. The trend here is still nostalgic. Regardless of whether your favorite is an Alvi Birthe bassinet or a Roba bassinet, most of the designs are made from natural wood. Solid beech or pine wood is often found here. The bassinet basket usually consists of a wicker. The small size, the low height of the bed edge and the oval shape without many edges distinguish this product from a normal children’s bed. An ideal place to sleep for babies in the first weeks of life.

It is best to buy a set of bassinets from the first-born, then you have all the accessories at hand and save subsequent purchases. A bassinet set includes a bassinet nest that promises good upholstery and protection, a bassinet mattress and matching bed linen. The complete bassinet equipment also includes a sky bassinet, which protects the child from light and drafts while sleeping. A swing function helps you fall asleep quickly.

Regardless of whether you prefer white for a bassinet or pink as a color for a bassinet, you will find a wide selection of color choices everywhere. Manufacturers like Roba or Alvi offer a wide range of different offers. But even if you prefer Christiane Wegner for a bassinet or Fabimax for a bassinet, there are hardly any limits to the choice of color.

2. What alternatives are there??

If you don’t like the Alvi Birthe trolley, the many Roba models or the products of other manufacturers for your baby, you don’t have to stiffen up when looking for a place to sleep on a bassinet comparison winner. Possible alternatives to a bassinet set can be found in the following table:

alternative description
cot Baby cradles make it easier to fall asleep thanks to their rocking movements. In the first few months in particular, it is naturally difficult to prevent the children from waking up at night. In a baby cradle you usually fall asleep faster. But even during the day, a baby feels very comfortable in a cradle. The cradle is available as a model to stand on the floor or as a model that can be hung on the ceiling. With manufacturers like Pinolino or Roba, you will quickly find what you are looking for.
If a playpen is on wheels, it is one quality Alternative to a room bed set (e.g. Alvi Birthe). Equipped with a height-adjustable slatted frame and a mattress, it can also be taken anywhere in the house.

3. Purchase criteria for bassinets: You have to pay attention to this

If a baby bassinet is suitable, the focus is on comfort. Because only when the child is comfortable will it remain in the car without any problems. But of course this is not the only criterion you should rely on when buying. We explain what else there is to consider in the bassinet comparison 2019/2020.

3.1. The processing

The processing of the car and the safety of your child depend strongly on each other. So that a bassinet is sensible and not dangerous, it should be made stable and have a firm stand. The bassinet basket should not have any sticks or wooden parts that could possibly injure the child. The same also applies to the installed screws.

3.2. The bassinet mattress

There are several types of mattresses that you can get from a bassinet set. We would recommend either a cold foam mattress or a latex coconut mattress. Cold foam mattresses form the softer version and are also easy to care for and breathable. A latex coconut mattress, on the other hand, is much thinner and heavier. But there is good ventilation here too. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you at this point whether your child prefers to sleep softer or harder. With both types of mattresses you are actually always making a good choice. Nevertheless, we would of course always recommend that you take an extra look at the products’ freedom from harmful substances.

Tip: No matter how you choose, don’t leave your baby in one position for too long. Otherwise, the child’s head may become flat.

3.3. The weighing function

A swing or weighing function is not part of every bassinet equipment. However, it makes it easier for the child to fall asleep or to calm down. The room bed design decides whether such a function is available. You will usually find what you are looking for in a 3in1 or 4in1 bassinet, because these models can be converted – often also into a baby cradle.

4. Manufacturers and brands

Whether Alvi Birthe or Roba Stubenbett, the selection is large and there are other manufacturers in addition to the two mentioned that you should know:

  • Alvi
  • Leipold
  • Christiane Wegner
  • Easy baby
  • Gesslein
  • Waldin
  • Fabimax
  • Julius Zollner
  • Roba

5. Cleaning and care

Like other products from the baby world, e.g. B. baby clothes, baby furniture also need regular cleaning and care. You should therefore wash the bassinet cover and the sky bassinet as well as all other fabric parts regularly in the washing machine at approx. 60 ° C. The wood from which the bassinet basket is made can be completely cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner if necessary. Please also note this information if you are using a bassinet, e.g. B. as a bassinet Ebay offer, bought.

6. Questions and answers about the topic of bassinets

6.1. There is a bassinet test from the Stiftung Warentest?

Le >Here you will find the detailed test and help with product identification.

6.2. Cradle or bassinet?

Many ask the question of a bassinet or an extra bed? Others wonder whether a cradle is more suitable for their little one. Here is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of a bassinet:

  • Can be used anywhere in the house due to roles
  • provided with comfortable padding
  • Baby canopy to shield the child
  • well suited for the afternoon nap
  • no substitute for the baby bed

A cradle naturally includes the practical rocking function that helps the baby fall asleep. As a compromise, we would recommend a 3in1 bassinet as the answer to this question, which can also be converted into a cradle.

6.3. Which mattress to choose for a bassinet?

First of all, we would recommend a bassinet mattress that has been safely tested for harmful substances. Otherwise we find a cold foam mattress or a latex coconut mattress in a bassinet useful. The former is rather softer, the second category is thinner and harder. Here you just have to try out what your child likes more.

6.4. What belongs to a bassinet set?

If a bassinet is complete, it usually contains a bassinet mattress, a bassinet nest, a bassinet heaven and the matching bedding. If you want to buy a cheap bassinet, you are at the right address with a complete set, because buying things individually and for the respective dimensions is usually much more expensive.

Not found anything yet? Then you will find more sleeping options for your baby here:


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