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When the baby is old enough to move from cradle to crib, this is a special moment for most parents. This is usually the case between the ages of two and three. But at the same time, of course, this increases the risk of injury: the child is not yet familiar with the dimensions of a bed and is often unable to estimate how far it can lean out to the edge. Sleep is also usually very restless and it can happen that the child falls out at night and injures himself.

To reduce this risk, it is recommended to attach a bed guard to the cot. It is attached to the front and closed in such a way that the child has no possibility of falling out on its own at night. Protective grids can be used up to the child’s fifth year and offer comprehensive protection. It is important, however, to decide with the customer before buying >- this is the only way to find the right model for your child.

Bed guard for children – why are they so important?

Babies and toddlers usually sleep in a cradle until they are three years old and then in a crib. The right, open bed only follows afterwards and is a major change for both the parents and the child. It is important for parents to know that their child’s cognitive abilities are not yet fully developed in the third year of life and that the child will usually have a very restless sleep. This in turn increases the risk of falling out of bed at night.

A stable protective grille avoids this danger: It is mounted directly on one side of the bed and thus prevents the child from falling out. Depending on the model, protective grilles for children’s beds can even be folded up and transported. This is particularly practical if you travel to relatives or go on vacation with the child more often.

What should be considered when buying a protective grille for children’s beds?

The selection of bed guards is very large these days and does not pose few Parents face the question of which model they should best choose. However, this cannot be answered quite as easily, because there are numerous criteria that are important for the purchase of a protective grille for children’s beds.

Precisely because the selection is now so large, you run the risk of choosing any model, because at first glance it looks stable and is cheap. However, it is a must to check before purchasing whether the required safety standards are met and whether the child is really protected by the grille. For example, do not underestimate the importance of the safety gate being high enough.

It is advantageous if the protective grille for the cot can be folded up. This makes getting into and out of the bed easier for the child and the grille can also be mounted on different beds. It is also advisable to opt for an extendable grille if possible: it can be flexibly adapted to the length of different beds. If a conversion takes place, the protective grille is simply adapted to the new dimensions.

No matter what materials a bed guard is made of: these must be carefully and stably processed

Before you buy, make sure there are no nails or screws protruding from the model. Even sharp corners and edges must not be present, because the child can hurt themselves quickly.
If you opt for a protective grille made of wood, it should consist of robust solid wood and under no circumstances splinter.

If you compare different protective grilles for cots with each other, it shows that they are available in different sizes

Before buying, be sure to find out which dimensions are correct for the child’s bed. Also keep in mind: Children grow quickly and may be able to overcome a protective grille independently in a few months. The height should therefore not be too small either. One question that must also be answered is the correct position for the grille on the cot. If this is as long as an adult’s bed, the protective grille should be extendable. Most of the commercially available protective grids for children’s beds have a length of between 108 and 150 cm. The height varies between 30 and 45 cm.

If you choose a protective cot for children’s beds with bars, it is important that the distance between the individual bars is not too large: bars that are too far apart pose the risk of the child stretching and sticking their legs or arms remains.

Bed guard in the test: What special functions are there for the child bed guard??

Regardless of whether it is a protective grille for the child’s bed or a bed guard for the parents’ bed – many beds are equipped with special functions. Some are foldable, some extendable and some are particularly light so that they can be easily transported.

Which aspects are most important to you depends on the individual requirements. In any case, it is advisable to carry out a comprehensive bed guard test before buying. Compare different ones models with each other in order to better recognize differences in quality and workmanship.

Basically, the price must not be the most important criterion for the purchase of a bed guard for a parent’s bed

Very cheap beds are often inadequately processed or consist of materials that show shortcomings after a short time. It is always better to invest a little more in a high-quality grid, in which the child is then fully protected.

By the way: It is often worth buying the bed rail online

If you want to buy a bed rail online, you often benefit from a significantly lower price compared to the offers in the specialist shop. Nevertheless, you should also carry out a bed rail comparison on the Internet to select the right model.

The bed rail comparison: the materials are so important

In a bed guard grid test of different models, you will quickly notice that the individual grids differ very much from each other, especially with regard to the materials used. Be aware of this: The stability of the material is closely related to the safety for your child. Make sure to choose a model that cannot be bent or even breaks if the child leans against it.

Numerous commercially available protective grilles for children’s beds are made of metal such as aluminum or stainless steel. However, plastic models with an additional net between the rungs also belong to the range of many manufacturers. Grids made of natural materials are still the most popular: oak or beech wood is durable, robust and hygienic. In addition, the look matches the design of numerous beds. The most important thing is that the protective grille protects the child sufficiently. Make sure that the desired model has been tested in accordance with the DIN standard or has a TÜV or CE mark.

Instructions for installing protective grilles for children’s beds

Protective grids for children’s beds can be attached in different ways. Installation between the is particularly straightforward mattress and the slatted frame. Another variant is to attach the grille with angles that are screwed onto the underside. Grids that are fixed directly to the side of the bed are also commercially available. No matter which one you choose, you should never do without a safety guard on your bed for the safety of your child.


  • HIGHEST SAFETY IN SLEEP – the robust folding mechanism is easy to operate and keeps the grille stable.
  • THE BED GUARD can also be folded away perfectly on beds with bed sides. Completely folding down allows the grille to be left on the bed when not in use.
  • EASY TO USE WITH ONE HAND. Ideally suited for high mattresses (up to 25 centimeters) in the parents’ bedroom when using side beds.
  • MADE FROM ROBUST POLYESTER CANVAS. The dimensions of the bed rail are HxWxD: 51x40x150 cm.
  • PLEASE NOTE! the bed guard is not suitable for box spring beds and futon beds.

Sleep safely, even with restless sleep

If our little ones have grown too big for a cot or you want to let your loved one sleep in a cot as a baby, a cot protective grille is a safe solution to avoid falling out of bed. For parents who want to let their baby sleep in bed with them, you can use various bed guards. For this purpose, foldable bed rails can simply be folded over to get out of bed.

A bed rail for babies also allows parents to sleep more peacefully

Bed protection grids for babies and toddlers allow our protégés to sleep more safely, even when the little ones move around a lot. Parents can also relax and enjoy the evening more relaxed while the child lies and dreams in the safe nest. A safe bed for the children also allows parents to sleep more peacefully.


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