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Bringing children to bed can sometimes be a real challenge. What can you do to make the evening ritual easier for all of you? The book "It’s Buddha Time" by Daniela Heidtmann shows how you can bring your children to bed happily through yoga and still find time for yourself. As an enthusiastic yoga enthusiast made for me, or?

In the following article I present the book to you.

The book begins with how the author – herself a yoga teacher – came up with the idea of ​​using asanas (yoga exercises) to bring her children to bed relaxed and happy. It describes why the new evening yoga game works so well: the children receive attention and attention, which makes them exceptionally happy and even some time for their own relaxation mummy and dad stays.

It starts with the inner attitude

In yoga, whether with or without children, it all starts with the inner attitude: Do I get involved? Do I have inhibitions to overcome? If so, where can relaxation help me and us at all?

"In addition to the noticeable effects of yoga on our health, it is particularly the inner attitude that we can take with us from the mat into our everyday lives to enrich our lives."

mindfulness bell

And so I learned about the mindfulness bell in this great book. It’s about being more aware of the moment. Whenever you hear a church bell, you can pause, breathe consciously, hear and perceive consciously without judgment. As a smartphone junkie, I downloaded an app that replaces the church clock and reminds me of a short break three times a day. For example with the help of Mindbell for Android or Mindfulness Bell for iPhone.

The author has appropriately lined up the profound thoughts about himself and finding more mindfulness with a saying:

Happiness outside of ourselves is like waiting for sunlight in the depths of a cave going north.

From imitation to rituals

The book It’s Buddha Time is not about children’s yoga. It’s about practicing yoga with the kids, setting a good example. Just roll out your mat, practice for yourself and you will find that you will not practice alone for long. My size Daughter started to participate quickly. The looking down dog, the warrior, all asanas that she imitated when she was three.

And after the imitation comes the practice and then the ritual. So try to make your yoga exercises an evening ritual. Then you don’t always have to overcome your inner bastard. Instead, it feels natural to do a few asanas before going to bed.

Playing yoga together is not about early support or post-maturation, but about meeting! The encounter from person to person, parent to child, heart to heart. Yoga.

So how do I get the kids to bed with yoga?

After reading the book, I had a little trouble starting. What yoga exercises should I make? What relaxation exercises can I combine them with? I created this cheatsheet as a mnemonic. You can also print this out when you buy the book.

The book shows all the asanas that you can choose depending on the mood of your child and explains the relaxation exercises in detail. After the good night kiss, the evening ritual is sealed with a meditation. Most of the time we all fell asleep.

With this card you can remember the order well

book design

The 150-page book particularly impressed me with its beautiful illustrations. It is like a great guide that I can open anywhere and always find something interesting in it. At the end of the book there is a 28-piece card set as inspiration for the bedside table: small sentences or affirmations such as "I have arrived" or "I am genuinely happy with other people", which invite you to reflect on the day.

One of the inspiration cards

Here you can buy the book from Amazon * if you like it as much as I do! It is also a great gift for mums!


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