Britax römer dualfix² r

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Type: Reboarder
Group by body weight: Group 0 + – I (up to 18 kg)
Isofix fastening only: Yes
Forwards and backwards: Yes

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Backwards, forwards, sideways – all with one turn


  1. Turning 90 degrees to the vehicle door makes it easier to buckle up
  2. Thanks to 360-degree rotation, it is easily adjustable from forward to backward
  3. several rest positions for both installation variants – forward and backward facing
  4. more space for the feet thanks to the short support bracket


  1. can only be used with Isofix and support leg – no belt installation
  2. with 14 kg comparatively heavy toddler seat
  3. without seat reducer for newborns

The buyers of the Dualfix² R are certain: the two turning functions – one by 90 and the other by 360 degrees – compensate for its high weight and the really peppered price. Tests still have to clarify whether the seat is secure and the space for the feet is large enough for a “good” in the ergonomics / space available judgment. But Britax-Römer promises a lot from the latter: The short support bracket guarantees, that even larger children can sit comfortably in the reverse position at any time. The only disadvantage of such Isofix swivel seats is that they not yourself suitable for constant installation and removal. But in the sympathy rating of the buyers, the toddler seat at least beats all competition without this turning function (e.g. First Class Plus, which is also suitable for children up to 4 years). Getting in and buckling up is therefore less time-consuming, and the change from backward to forward is also easy.

for Britax Römer Dualfix² R

Intuitive 360 ​​° rotation function for backward and forward use. Easy to put on and buckle up .

Intuitive 360 ​​° rotation function for backward and forward use. Easy to put on and buckle up .

It has the knack: the Britax Römer Dualfix² R child seat comes with a practical 360 ° swivel function. .

Intuitive 360 ​​° rotation function for backward and forward use. Easy to put on and buckle up .

Group 0 + / 1 car seat, birth – 18kg, birth – approx. 4 years The Britax Römer Dualfix2 R is the successor of that .

The car child seat Dualfix² R Cosmos Black by Britax Römer ensures optimal safety during the .

Intuitive 360 ​​° rotation function for backward and forward use. Easy to put on and buckle up .

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Datasheet for Britax Römer Dualfix² R

General information
Type Reboarder info
body weight & height
Group by body weight Group 0 + -I (up to 18 kg) info
age group small child
Isofix attachment only available
Car seat belt only is missing
Isofix or car belt is missing
isofast is missing
outrigger available
Top Tether is missing
seat direction
forward-Wing is missing
Forwards and backwards available
Cross to the direction of travel is missing
Buckle up
3-point seat belt is missing
5-point harness available
seat belt is missing
impact shield is missing
Side belt holder is missing
lap is missing
swiveling available
grows with your child available
Sliding impact shield is missing
Adjustable seat width is missing
reclining function is missing
Height adjustable shoulder strap available
Central belt tensioner available
Height-adjustable headrest available
Tiltable headrest is missing
Tilting backrest available
installation check available
Sitzverkleinerer is missing
Side impact protection available
Additional upholstery available
shoulder belt available
bottle Cage is missing
swing function is missing
Machine washable cover available
Cover only washable by hand is missing

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