Build a tree house in the garden yourself – with instructions!

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A tree house as a secret retreat is the dream of many children. But what if there are no suitable trees in your garden? Our stilt house is the solution.

This awesome tree house stands on stilts and is therefore not dependent on the branches of a tree as a foundation. However, it can be attached to trees so that it lives up to its name. With or without a tree, this playhouse can be made in both versions. If you have several trees available, you can even open the house two or three trees put.

First, however, you have material procurement and – for two – about twenty hours of work before. After that, however, you will probably find the most original tree or stilt house in the area in your garden.

For the first variant, we used a colored multilayer panel coated with phenolic resin as the cladding material for the tree house. at The second We opted for boards made of larch wood, the no weather protection coating need.

Build your own tree house: download the building plan

The complete one Blueprint of our tree house with material list and sketch can be downloaded in our app for only 0.99 euros. The app works on the desktop computer and on all mobile devices. You can find more information about our app here.

Build a tree house yourself: calculation and material

As already mentioned, we have produced two tree house variants with very different claddings, namely one with a coated multiplex panel and one with larch wood. And as different as the material is, so is the difference material Price substantially.

But first to the basic structure of the playhouse. The three logs, which we use as stilts cost 90 euros. For the material for House with roof we spent 665 euros, and 100 euros devoured the small items like Wood screws, bolts, tar cardboard and concrete.

The only thing left is the cladding: the Koski Decor panels cost 500 euros, alternatively larch wood boards can be used for 250 euros or – even cheaper – plywood panels for about 100 euros, which you would have to paint, however.

Build a tree house: List of materials

  • 3 pieces of logs thickness: 140∅; Length: 400 cm
  • 2 pc. Body building boards thickness: 15mm; Length: 250cm; Width: 150cm
  • 2 pc. Body building boards thickness: 18 / 19mm length: 250cm; Width: 125cm
  • 16 m construction timber length: 6cm; Width: 12cm
  • 4 pc industrial plywood panels thickness: 6mm; Length: 244cm; Width: 122cm
  • 4 pcs. Koski-Decor plates thickness: 9mm; Length: 300cm; Width: 150cm
  • 60 running meters of larch wood boards (alternative) thickness: 24mm; Length 3cm; Width 18/20 cm
  • 4 plywood sheets (alternative) thickness: 9mm; Length: 244cm; Width: 122cm

Moreover: 3 adjustable post shoes, wood screws, bolts, tar cardboard and concrete.

Instructions: Build a tree house

  1. © Chris Lambertsen

Align logs

Saw round logs

Knock away parts

Wood preservation glaze

Round off edges

Screw the beams tight

Set up the basic framework

Align the scaffold

Screw down the scaffold

Put on the base plate

Screw down the base plate

Saw the base plate

Mount the beams

Saw the slats

Fasten the plywood panels

Record shape

Cut the panels

Screw on the boards

Playhouse back

Screw the tar cardboard tight

The natural variant with larch boards

© Chris Lambertsen

If you prefer the tree house in a pure natural look, or for whom the red coated panel is simply too colorful, we recommend that untrimmed larch boards recourse.

These boards should be one 24 mm thick and 18 to 22 cm wide to have. The prices for the tree house can vary greatly, depending on whether you buy the boards directly from the woodworking shop or from a specialist wood dealer.

For example, you pay a good 22 euros for a 5 m long board of the dimension mentioned in the specialist wood trade. However, the board can be obtained directly from the sawmill for just under 12 euros. So you can save some euros here!


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