Build beds yourself

Building instructions folding bed for small and narrow rooms

Children’s rooms in Germany are usually so small that parents have trouble accommodating bed, desk and closet in such a way that there is still room to play. The folding bed is ideal for such rooms, which you can also build yourself with the building instructions from And if your child likes to invite overnight guests or you do not have enough space in the guest room for more than one person, there is of course an annex for this case too. further

Instructions Futon – the Japanese solid wood bed

"futons", so the Japanese beds "near the ground", are now also known in Germany and can be bought in special furniture stores. But you can also carpenter our model yourself. Young couples in particular will enjoy this solid wood bed, because (no: not what you think!), Because it is easy to transport and can be taken from one apartment to the other until the final partner for it Life has been found. Another . further

Build your own bed: building instructions for a stable children’s loft bed

A loft bed too "occupancy", is the dream of many children. Because first then you are at the same height with the adults for a good night kiss and secondly you can build a tent under the bed or set up a shop. Assemble the new bed carefully, only use glue for the actual construction for reasons of stability. Carry out a stress test and make sure that there are not whole Indian tribes or frolicking in the cot. further

Building instructions for a Japanese bed brand Futon

There are many people who love the Asian flair. Then why not a Japanese bed? Not only is it quick and easy to manufacture, it is also easy to set up as a guest bed. But be careful! This bed is only for people who like to sleep low, as the bed is only a few centimeters above the floor. Another nice alternative for students and passionate hosts are particularly space-saving stacking beds for easy replication. further

Building instructions bed bridge for a breakfast in the feathers

Instructions: A bed turns into a princess carriage

What little girl doesn’t want to sleep in a princess carriage as a princess? Together with a canopy and beautiful curtains, the wish can come true faster than you dream. Our building instructions for a carriage bed are not only suitable for sleeping, but also to play. On one side is a carriage with a window, on the other side are "luggage racks", usable as shelves for toys. The carriage should therefore be as open as possible in the room. further

Building instructions sofa bed with cupboard for the roof slope

The floor under a so-called pitched roof is always discovered as living space when more children are announced, when the children have grown up and want to be undisturbed or when a guest room is to be set up. Our self-assembly instructions concern a sofa that is rolled out into a rock-solid double bed and to which a brisk cupboard has been added. In contrast to the commercially available folding couch, our model is "Maßarb. further

Building instructions bench with storage for the bed end

In the bedroom, it can not only be wild, it can also look wild. She distributes her handbag collection in the room, he his magazines. So it’s good to have a place where both can quickly disappear. It is even better if you win additional seating at the same time. This is the case with our bench: you sit at the top, four baskets fit in at the bottom, but you still have to buy them. Step 1 Take the two plates for the Si. further

Building instructions wooden horse not only for vaulting fans

Building instructions for a spacious sloping cupboard

Building instructions folding bed for small and narrow rooms

Instructions Futon – the Japanese solid wood bed

Instructions: Build a shelf for storing firewood

Build your own bed: building instructions for a stable children’s loft bed

Building instructions stacking bed with bed box

Extend table leg – different solutions

It is not for nothing that an old saying goes: "How you bed, that’s how you lie." Everyone is. further

Humans spend about eight hours a day in bed, which is about a third of their life. further

Homemade beds for optimal relaxation

Beds are probably the most important piece of furniture in the whole house. Because here we can draw new energy – sleep, read and relax. Whether metal bed, futon bed, solid wood bed, storage bed or wall bed. Your bed can be beautiful, practical and individual at the same time! With our tips, information and instructions we want to support you in your bed project.

Build single bed, double bed and loft bed

Living in a loft bed – that is the dream of many children. With our step-by-step instructions, you can achieve this in a short time. The futon is the Japanese answer to our wooden beds. And who doesn’t dream of a breakfast table that spans an entire double bed? We have the instructions for a wooden bed bridge.

Practical bed solutions for little space

Do you have little space in the room? The folding bed is the solution! We have a simple assembly guide for the folding bed for small and narrow rooms. With a stacking bed, you can quickly make one bed – two beds. If you sleep under sloping ceilings, we have the sofa with double bed function for you to build – the sofa bed!


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