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Children’s shoes are such a thing! On the one hand, quality is particularly important to us, after all, the kids are running the whole Spending time with it and bad shoes can cause serious damage in the long term. On the other hand, the little ones grow out of their shoes so quickly that these investments always hurt a little. Because you can really spend a lot of money on children’s shoes. In addition, it is a product that is not so suitable for passing on or buying used. Cheap, good children’s shoes are needed!

On this page we present you changing children’s shoes. So it’s worth taking a look now and then!

Low shoes – an everyday companion that has to endure a lot

With the exception of the deepest winter, children’s shoes are in use all year round. Perfect for whizzing around, on the playground and when experiencing adventures! Whether with laces, to slip on or with Velcro fastener – it is important that the fit is correct and the shoe fits your children properly.

Ricosta Jeremy
Boys sneakers
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Elephant walker
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Baby walkers and crawling shoes – away from the play mat, let’s go!

At some point the lying around is over and our babies want to go! First we crawl wildly and at some point the first steps are taken. They have the right grip in crawling and baby walking shoes.

Superfit first walkers
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Bobux first walkers
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Kavat first walker
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Pololo baby shoes
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Sterntaler baby shoes
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Boots – for warm and dry feet

Cool, mushy or wet? Then the little children’s feet are best in boots! You can find some variants here!

Kamik winter boots
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Kids’ crocband
€ 30.00

Maximo rubber boots
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RED WAGON boots in animal look
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Sandals and ballerinas – summer, sun, sunshine!

When the warm temperatures are finally back, it’s not just the parents’ feet that want to get some fresh air! With sandals or ballerinas, the kids are airy too!

Keen girls ballerinas
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Kavat sandals
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Indigo children’s sandal
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Superfit sandals
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Slippers – Home sweet home!

It’s best for the little ones to walk around barefoot at home. Experts agree on this. But sometimes it seems too cold to us parents. Then you need a good slipper!

Superfit slipper with fox design
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Superfit slipper
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Sterntaler slippers felt
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Sterntaler baby slippers
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How do I find the right children’s shoe?

"Does the shoe press in front?" – "Nope!"

Determining the right shoe size for our children is an art. The wrong way is to let our kids try on the shoes and ask them if it fits. Children’s feet are still very flexible and shoes that are too small do not immediately cause pain, but long-term misalignments and postural damage can occur. The “thumb width test” often does not help much in children. If we press the tip of our shoe with our thumbs to find out how much space is left, children reflexively pull their toes when they feel the pressure.

Determine the correct shoe size

A study by the Medical University of Vienna delivered terrifying results. It shows that 69 percent of children wear street shoes that are too short and nine out of ten children wear slippers that are too small. The children do not complain because their flexible feet painlessly adapt to the much too tight shoes. But we parents should be alerted because it is about the well-being of our children – and not just their feet.

For children aged 1 to 3 years, we should check every six to eight weeks whether their feet have grown. The feet of children aged 3 to 6 years grow by two to three shoe sizes each year.

Children’s shoes should always be 10-15 millimeters longer than the foot so that the toes can roll.

The correct shoe size can easily be determined using a template. Before buying, the child stands on a cardboard box and the bare foot outline is traced. Now add 12 millimeters to the longest toe. The cut outline can then be placed in the shoe in the shoe store (important for each foot is a template, as they can be of different sizes). If the template is easy to insert, the length is fine.

Removable insole
The easiest way to check the size is with removable insoles. Just take out the sole and let your child stand on it. Now you can see how much Space the foot still has.

Measuring device
In shoe stores, children’s feet are usually measured using the width measurement system (WMS). This uniform system measures not only the length of the child’s foot, but also the width.
If your children have a "children’s shoe shop phobia" (I’m sure I know from my own experience!), It helps to have a measuring device at home. Devices that measure not only the foot, but also the liner, are particularly recommended, since the size specifications of the manufacturers often vary so much that you cannot rely on the size alone. An inner shoe measuring device can provide certainty that the shoe is the right size for your child. You can find such devices for around 12 euros e.g. here at Amazon.

The perfect time to buy shoes? The afternoon!
Children’s shoes should always be bought in the afternoon. The children’s feet swell during the day and thus become larger. So you can easily catch a size that is too small in the morning.

Material and closures
Children’s feet should be in soft, flexible and non-slip shoes. And only when they can walk (and only then when necessary – barefoot they are still best on the go).
The little feet should not sweat, so care should be taken to use breathable material. So that the children can learn to put on and take off their shoes themselves, there is a light closure, e.g. Velcro fastener. You will be happy about the independence. And you too!

Our children need healthy and comfortable shoes that fit them properly. This is the only way to learn how to walk properly, to develop stable feet and not suffer from late effects in adulthood. We don’t do them a favor if we take part in every fashionable trend or, for convenience, measure irregular sizes and lose sight of the health of their feet!


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