Buy children’s loft beds with slide at low prices

Day in and day out in the playground and playing with friends. Every child dreams of that. But if the weather doesn’t allow it, good advice is expensive. Our versatile and stable children’s loft beds with slide, e.g. B. made of solid wood, just bring the playground into the children’s room and transform it with colorful accessories into a mysterious robber’s cave, the dreamy flower paradise or the stately knight’s castle. Read more …

Exclusive playground in the children’s and youth room:
Children’s loft beds with slide in the online shop

When the rain knocks on the window of the children’s room and the dreary gray wrinkles parents on the forehead because they cannot send their little ones to the playground, the magical children’s high beds with slide bring relief. The cheerful play and sleeping areas are a full replacement for the outdoor climbing frame and can also be used completely regardless of the weather.

Whether made of sturdy solid wood or space-saving metal, a loft bed with slide makes every child smile. The play beds encourage your child’s creativity and play instinct and stimulate the imagination – a healthy and child-friendly growing up is possible.

Safety in the children’s room

All loft beds with slide that you will find in our range are manufactured by children’s furniture specialists. The security The focus is on your offspring as well as child-friendly design and the processing of high-quality materials.

Are only used Colours, Varnishes or oils that are particularly harmless to small children. All corners and edges are also carefully rounded to minimize the risk of injury. If your child is slowly getting older and the desire for a youth bed is growing, you can easily meet them thanks to the versatile beds with slide. Many beds can be converted back into a classic youth bed in just a few simple steps – a new purchase is therefore not necessary. That doesn’t just save money, but also the renewed agony of choice.

Happy colorful accessories for the loft bed with slide

For the children’s loft bed with slide, you can find many motif curtains and pillows in our online shop, which skillfully transform the area under the lying surface into a cozy cave. Hanging shelves are also available for numerous models for practical storage of your favorite book at lofty heights.

Most beds with a slide come with a roll-up slatted frame, so all you need is a suitable children’s and youth mattress.


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