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DA direkt car insurance cancellation

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DA direkt car insurance cancellation: the quick and easy way

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DA does not have to be expensive! You are still not satisfied with the services of DA direkt? Then you should think about cancelling your policy. In the following you will find important information.

DA deutsche allgemeine versicherungen AG (DA direkt) is a german direct insurer belonging to the zurich group germany. In addition to its core business of vehicle insurance, the company also offers liability and household insurance policies. If you want to cancel your DA direkt car insurance, here’s how to do it quickly and easily.

DA direkt car insurance cancellation: minimum term and cancellation period

DA direkt offers you different benefits for your car insurance. In principle, you can always choose between a basic and a comfort tariff.

However, only the term of your car insurance policy has an effect on your cancellation. A car insurance policy with DA direkt is usually concluded with a minimum term of one year.

Your letter of cancellation must be received by DA direkt at least one month before the end of the insurance year. Deadline is usually the 30th. November. If you do not cancel in time, your contract will be automatically renewed for another year.

Only if the term has been explicitly agreed to be less than one year, your DA direkt motor insurance will automatically end on the agreed date without you having to give notice.

Other conditions may apply to your contract. If you are not sure about the term of your car insurance or the cancellation period, just have a look at your contract documents. The easiest way to find them is in your DA direkt account.

For further questions, please contact DA direkt customer service at tel.-no. 06171/8972672 (mo – sa 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.) or also available online via contact form.

What form do i have to follow when cancelling?

the cancellation of your DA direkt car insurance must always be in text form.

The safest way to cancel your contract is by fax with a dispatch protocol or by registered letter with advice of receipt. In the event of a problem, this is the only way to provide DA with direct proof of your cancellation.

Your cancellation letter must always contain your full name and address. In addition, you must always provide your contract number, insurance number and license plate number when cancelling your car insurance. You will find this information in z.B. On your insurance certificate.

In addition, you should always specify the date on which the cancellation is to take place – here, it is also sufficient to specify "at the next possible time".

DA direkt cancel car insurance: address

e-mail: [email protected]
fax: 069 71157751
hotline: 069 71158672
attention: mo – sa 7-23 o’clock

Secure and fast your DA direkt car insurance cancellation – with template!

The FOCUS online partner aboalarm has already pre-formulated your DA direkt cancellation letter.

Just add your contract data to the above lawyer-checked template and you can send your notice to DA directly with aboalarm. Quick, safe and simple!

Directly after your cancellation has been sent, you will receive a proof of delivery from aboalarm by e-mail. In case of dispute you can use it to prove that the shipment was on time. For the majority of cancellations sent via aboalarm, the aboalarm cancellation guarantee also applies for a legally secure cancellation of your contract without any consequential costs.

When can I make use of my special right of cancellation??

As with any other vehicle insurance, you can not only cancel at the end of the insurance year, but also have a special right of cancellation in certain cases.

You can cancel extraordinarily.B. After a premium increase, a damage event or in case of sale or foreclosure of the insured vehicle.

In these cases, other cancellation provisions may apply. Which exactly, you can read in paragraph G of the DA direkt terms and conditions.

DA direct vehicle insurance revoked

Within the first 14 days after conclusion of the contract you have the possibility to cancel your DA direkt car insurance without stating any reasons. The cancellation must be made in text form. We recommend sending the cancellation by registered mail with advice of receipt or by fax with transmission protocol. You can cancel your DA direkt car insurance quickly and easily with the cancellation letter from aboalarm.

Note! The legal right of cancellation only applies to contracts concluded online or over the phone!

Updated: september 2017

* conditions for claiming the cancellation guarantee and thus our help and legal assistance can be found here: all information on the aboalarm cancellation guarantee.

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conditions to claim the cancellation guarantee and thus our help and legal assistance, you can find here: all information about the aboalarm cancellation guarantee.

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