Children make easter – paint easter eggs

Nice ideas for simple Easter handicrafts with big and small children, as well as suggestions for handicrafts in the spring season.

Fancy crafting with eggs and co?

Easter crafts, children’s hearts beat faster and ours too.
Whether Easter bunnies or Easter eggs, Easter basket, Easter decorations, cards
or other nice and funny things.

Maybe you still know the traditional one Color the eggs in
Onion skin-Sud
, like we did from mother and grandma
noticed. If not, you can get my recipe here:

Paint, decorate, shape Easter eggs .

The hard-boiled eggs or Easter eggs can be used by the children
well only painted with felt-tip pens or with colored adhesive paper,
be decorated with hearts, asterisks or beads.

Or you can buy stencils that are cooked on the market
Eggs are laid and then only by the children
special felt (included), filled out
can be.

The egg in the middle (green) was made with a template.
The others were painted with normal felt. You see They see,
that these colors leak a little.

Images © Monika Minder – usage

Pattern with crayons

Very nice patterns and effects arise when the children are with
beeswax-containing crayons that were just cooked, still
Paint hot eggs. The wax melts when applied and
this creates great patterns. little one Works of art are created.
The hot eggs can be laid on a piece of household paper for painting
or in an egg cup.

Sayings on eggs

What I find particularly beautiful are sayings on the eggs. Therefore
it’s best to use a thin felt. Smaller children who still
can not write so well, paint with a brush or a
thicker felt the initial letters large on an egg. Can also
be mapped out by the adults so that the small
can only paint.

Hearts, clouds or other symbols can also be on the eggs
be painted. According to the children’s wishes.

Paint, paint, paint

The Easter motifs are also simply beautiful on a drawing,
which the children can draw and color themselves, or which
Get them from the Internet and print them out. For smaller children
an alternative.

Lovely Easter coloring pages there is for example
following page:

Picture © Monika Minder

Crafts with blown out eggs – ideas

If you halve and wash blown eggs, the kids can
draw a face on the lower half and inside the eggs
Lay or glue grasses, plants, flowers or wool remnants. These are
then the hair. The egg face can be placed in a toilet roll,
that was painted before or in a small flowerpot.


Very beautiful eggs can also be formed with silver wire. Or
It is even a little easier if they have eggs with wool remnants
wrap it. Simply brush the blown-out eggs with glue, colored
Wrap wool scraps or yarn around it and you’re done.

These Easter eggs don’t break easily and are very decorative.


Note when buying colors, glue and
Handicraft materials, whether they are safe for children
can be used. Conventional colors only
Use on blown eggs. Otherwise rather
use vegetable colors.

Trick to hang up the Easter eggs

You only need half matches and thin thread.
Attach a thread to a piece of matchstick. Make
a hole in the top of the egg and slide the matchstick through this
Hole in the inside of the egg. Now carefully tighten the thread
pull so that the match can lay across the ice.
And your hanging device is ready!


Easter stamp for paper and card printing

I still made stamps from potatoes myself from my mother
learned. You can use it to make great prints for cards or smaller ones
Tinker gifts. A very nice traditional handicraft.

That’s how it works

Cut a potato in half. With a knife on the
Cut out a pattern on the inner cut side. (e.g. star,
Circle, square, letter, house etc.). This pattern now only
Paint it with color and you can use it to make paper or cards
print on.

Easter stamps can also be made from wood, carved or sawn.
Or you can buy them ready in a craft shop.

It is very easy if you take your Easter cards and Easter eggs with you
print on the fingers. Colorful fingerprints already work
very nice and kids have fun when they with the Hands creative
could be.

Fingerprints can also be extended and retracted with a pen
be painted. You can see faces and animals or whole
Let stories emerge from it.

The imagination can flow freely. Let your children do it
to inspire. Just tinker and paint with it.

Easter crafts – chicks made of wool

Tinkering a little chick out of wool is easy. Maybe remember
Stick to the bobbles or ponpons that you used to make out of wool
has made.

The children can make a big and a small pompom,
then tie them together. Any eyes can then be made from felt,
Beak, wings and legs cut and attached to the wool pompom
be glued.

Easter decorations to hang

An easy way for a nice Easter decoration can be
the children simply made of cardboard, colors and colorful crepe-
Make paper or confetti.


An egg, a flower, a rabbit or any other motif on the box
draw and cut out.
Cut out small pieces from the crepe paper and close them
crumple up small balls.
Now spread the cut out motif with glue and
then glue on the colored balls.
Make a hole at the top, pull a thread through and hang it up.

The children can only paint the motifs and then
cut out and hung up.

Beautiful Easter egg mobiles can also be made with the cardboard eggs
become. Simply cut out smaller and larger cardboard eggs and
after painting and decorating, connect with sewing thread so that
a row is created one below the other. These mobiles can be
Windows are hung. Individually they are very decorative
an Easter branch.


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