Holiday homes and apartments for vacation with your dog

Holiday homes and apartments for vacation with your dog

Vacation with a dog: no problem in a holiday home!

Vacation with a dog

So that dogs leave in the holiday home for the four-legged friend as well as for his owner is a complete success, you should note a few tips and hints when choosing the travel destination and the accommodation.

EU dog travel regulations – So that your dog stays healthy

Although the entry requirements for traveling with a dog have been improved since 2004, there are still some regulations that you as a dog owner must adhere to. It is legally regulated that pets are electronically secured with a unique identification using a chip. After the dog has been examined and vaccinated before the holiday, your veterinarian will then issue an EU pet passport in which the necessary vaccinations are entered. You should always carry this with you on your trip. Important vaccinations include hepatitis, leptospirosis, rabies and kennel cough and should be repeated in good time – if necessary – before starting a trip. The entry requirements may vary depending on the EU country.

Have you thought of everything for a vacation with a dog??

Here is a small packing list of things you should take with you for your four-legged friend:
• EU pet passport and vaccination certificate
• Copy of liability insurance
• Take an extra dog holiday stamp with you (if you order online within 5 days)
• The dog leash (possibly drag line)
• Dog blanket
• For dogs who sleep in bed with an extra duvet cover
• Sheets to protect the furniture
• Dog food (for robust animals, food can also be bought on site, but your dog should get used to it slowly)
• Water and food bowl (if necessary, put a cloth underneath to protect carpets)
• Bottled water for the way (no food but always enough water while driving)
• Favorite toys and treats
• Towels for paws and fur
• Brush (your animal can lose fur in warm climates)
• First aid kit for dogs (ready to buy or on the advice of a veterinarian)
• Sufficient poop bags for the entire time
• Muzzle if necessary (note entry requirements)
• If necessary, special dog shoes for a hiking holiday in the mountains

How do you reach your holiday destination? The dog-friendly trip to the apartment

There are various ways you can go on vacation with your four-legged friend. The most convenient and practical means of transportation is the car. If your dog is still an inexperienced passenger in the car, you can slowly get used to it by taking your dog on short journeys before starting the trip. Your dog can be rewarded after each exercise. To drive to your car Vacation destination with dog To make it as comfortable as possible, the dog blanket, sufficient water and a chewing bone or favorite toy should be stowed in the trunk. It is legally regulated that the trunk in which the dog is traveling is separated by a dog guard or the animal is housed in a dog crate. In summer, care should be taken to ensure that sufficient fresh air is supplied to the car.

A tip: the air is cooler in the morning than in the midday heat, so it will be worthwhile to get to the apartment in time. If your dog suffers a heat stroke despite everything, you can recognize this from the fact that your dog becomes restless and wobbly. With these signs, you should immediately put your dog in a cool, shady place and treat them with cold envelopes.

Where does your dog actually want to go??

Three quarters of all dog owners choose to choose their travel destination according to the needs of their loyal friend. So that Vacation with a dog If you and your dog have a positive experience, you can take dog-friendly criteria into account when choosing your holiday location and book a holiday home in which dogs are allowed.
To ensure that your dog will feel comfortable, you should find out in advance whether there are enough restaurants, amusement parks and green areas where dogs are allowed. There should also be enough walking opportunities for your dog.

On summer vacation, a dog beach near your holiday home may be suitable, on which your dog can let off steam on vacation. Few four-legged friends will really like a pure beach vacation. The heat in particular can harm your animal, which is why your dog should avoid the midday hours in the blazing sun. Dogs often tend to explore the cold water when warm and to cool off. But be careful: in addition to being hit by heat from the sun and the heat, a dog can suffer from sunburn just like humans. Good creaming with sun milk has a preventive effect. Dogs with long, dense fur just need a lotion on their nose. If they want to experience the salty sea for a while, abundant rinsing with fresh water helps. Dogs with thin, light fur, on the other hand, should neither bathe in the sea, for example on the North or Baltic Sea, nor in the sun. A shady place offers a much better place to laze around. In any case, the active phases should be significantly restricted in the southern and warmer countries. Although you have prevented travel sickness with enough vaccinations, your dog should stay away from other animals. So that you Dog on vacation also has fun, it is worth traveling with well-known dog owners so that your dog also has a like companion. But there are also holiday parks that are dog-friendly and where there are many conspecifics for your darling.

Vacation with a dog in Germany

Here in Germany you can spend relaxing and varied holidays with your dog in many beautiful regions. A big city like Berlin is of course less suitable for a successful one dogs leave. Dogs and their owners have a lot more fun on holidays in rural regions, whether on the North Sea and Baltic Sea or in a German low mountain range like the Black Forest. If possible, you shouldn’t plan too long a journey, as five to six hours in the car are very exhausting for dogs. There are numerous holiday apartments and houses that dogs can be brought into. Dogs have enough space here and don’t bother anyone. An associated garden is particularly comfortable, where the dog can romp to his heart’s content. In the luggage for the Vacation with a dog If possible, include your own basket and favorite toy so that the dog quickly feels at home. The usual daily rhythm should also be largely maintained during the holiday to save the four-legged friend stress.

Dog vacation abroad

Foreign holiday destinations are also suitable for dog owners. Air travel with smaller dogs that is not too long is usually not a major problem because they are allowed to travel in a cage on the owner’s lap. Larger dogs are transported in special cages in the cargo hold. Even if this is harmless to health, as a dog owner you should think carefully about whether you want your best comrade to experience this very stressful experience for him. You can also rent dog-friendly holiday apartments in neighboring European countries such as Switzerland, which can be reached in a few hours by car. In any case, you should inquire about the entry requirements for dogs well in advance of the trip. Within the EU, it is usually sufficient to carry the European dog ID card, which lists all vaccinations and the implanted chip. In this respect, the EU countries Belgium, France and Denmark are also ideal for holidays with dogs. Do you plan one Vacation with a dog in other countries, you can find out about the entry requirements on the homepage of the respective state. You can find more information on our blog, where we have put together the little travel ABC for dog holidays. You can also find tips from our guide for the situation that you want to free a stray dog ​​from its circumstances and give it a new home.

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