Where to go with the kids: holiday care can be a big challenge

Where to go with the kids?: Holiday care can be a big challenge

Where to go with the kids? : Vacation care can be a big challenge

Mainz (dpa) – Children and teenagers have a full six weeks of summer vacation – longer than most parents can take time off. In many cases, this would correspond to the total annual leave of employees.

And so every year parents are faced with the great challenge of organizing the care of their children over the lesson-free period.

This is particularly problematic for employees of smaller companies. "Of course, a craft company cannot set up its own childcare," says Rita Petry from the vocational training department of the Chamber of Crafts in the Palatinate.

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Vacation with children by the sea

A vacation with children by the sea is the highlight of the year for many families. There is hardly a child who does not like to play in sand or swim in the sea. Traveling with children who are not yet attending school also has the advantage that you can travel out of season and also save money. Croatia, Italy and Spain are among the most popular holiday destinations for families with children. Here you can enjoy wide sandy beaches with a flat surf. On windless days there are hardly any waves here, an ideal place for children to play, snorkel, rock back and forth on an air mattress on the water or build a sand castle with other children.

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Book a holiday with children - cheap family holidays with children: 1a holiday

Vacation with a child

Family vacation – vacation with a child

A vacation with the child and the whole family guarantees wonderful and unforgettable experiences and joy for every child. Unfortunately, the vacation time with the wrong choice of hotel or without proper preparation can quickly become a disaster. It is therefore advisable to tailor the travel offers to the needs of your family. These include, for example, children’s hotels that specialize in vacationing with children and offer every comfort. Accordingly, the equipment can be completely adapted to your wishes and needs. Even a vacation with several generations can be an unforgettable experience. When the grandparents and their grandchildren spend time together and get closer again, the family vacation guarantees beautiful experiences and memories. The family hotels also offer special family rooms with separate bedrooms.

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Vacation in a holiday home with a dog in Holland

In a pet-friendly holiday home in Holland you can spend your vacation with the whole family in a private atmosphere – your dog is of course welcome here – and it’s free! As a rule, Vacation with a dog in Holland up to two pets allowed. There are no additional costs, such as extra cleaning costs.

Vacation with a dog in Holland – an animal pleasure

Pet-friendly holiday homes in Holland for vacation with your dog

Do you want to use the wide beaches for long walks during your holiday in a holiday home with a dog in Holland? Then please inform yourself at your holiday location about the local regulations. The regulations on whether and when a dog is allowed to stay on the beach are quite different and vary from community to community. It is therefore advisable to inquire about this in advance at the relevant tourist information office. Some sections of the beach are generally closed to dogs during the bathing season from spring to autumn; elsewhere, bathing is only possible for dogs in the evening from 7 p.m. or in the early morning until a certain time. Linen is also a requirement on many beaches.

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Find apartments with a dog on the Baltic Sea

Your noted visited accommodations

game & Fun on the beach with your four-legged friend – holiday with your dog on the Baltic Sea coast

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Paws deep in the sand and off you go

The Baltic Sea offers dog owners perfect vacation spot, because it is very versatile and easily accessible by car. Whether extensive hiking tours or short walks on the beach, the beautiful landscape of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein has something to offer for everyone. The island of Rügen offers many discovery tours to the various sights such as the Jasmund National Park, where dogs have to be kept on a lead, but which promises wonderful hikes. On Usedom, the various Baltic Sea resorts are particularly attractive for sightseeing tours followed by a walk on the beach.

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Top 10: tips for a relaxing holiday with children

Top 10: Tips for a relaxed vacation with children

Our top 10 tips for a relaxing holiday with children. Those who go on vacation with children have to think of a lot that singles and couples don’t need to think about. But what is really important?

With the right preparation and our tips, nothing stands in the way of a wonderful family vacation.

1. Vacation spot for everyone

The chosen vacation spot should take into account the interests of all family members. Find a destination where the whole family can relax. Not just the surfing paradise for dad. There should also be attractions for mom and children. So either favorite sports for everyone or an activity that everyone likes, such as hiking or swimming. If everyone has the opportunity to work out in their favorite sport, it doesn’t mean so quickly: "I’m soooo bored!"

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At home or on a short vacation!?

A firework! Celebrate New Years with the family:

Do you already know how to spend New Year’s Eve 2019/20? The last day of the year is something very special for everyone and a great occasion to spend a few nice hours with the family. Where and how you celebrate New Year’s Eve, say goodbye to the old year and greet the new year depends on your personal preferences. Whether at home or in the distance, there are a variety of options waiting for you and your children to spend an unforgettable New Year’s Eve. Maybe a New Year’s Eve holiday in a hotel, holiday home or holiday park would be something for you? Or a party with fireworks and New Year’s Eve games!

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You have a wonderful holiday with your dog by the sea, fewo-direct

Vacation with a dog by the sea

A happy couple walks arm in arm on the endless sandy beach, the children squeak away from the rushing waves, in between a dog romps about, waving their tails, barking exuberantly and simply feels at home: No, that’s not the description of a photo from one Travel catalog – this is normal in a well-planned vacation with a dog by the sea.

And this planning is far, far less difficult today than in previous years. Because many apartment rental companies have simply recognized that dog owners are a very large target group – after all, at least one dog lives in around ten million German households. And that is why we started to adapt specifically to this target group and to have everything you need for a holiday with a dog by the sea. Yes, there are now even domiciles in which dogs are not only allowed or tolerated – but are only designed for dog owners. And many municipalities in the country also support traveling with a four-legged friend, for example by setting up sections of beach that are specially made for dogs and their owners.

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Kos Holidays – The 12 most beautiful holiday destinations on the island for 2020

The Greek island Kos is one of the Dodecanese Islands in the Aegean and is the ideal travel destination for all sun worshipers and bathers. Above all, it is known for its many fantastic beaches, some of which are well developed for tourism, but some of which are also secluded and lonely, making them ideal for a Kos holiday by the sea.

At the same time, the island offers numerous historical sights and archaeological sites that tell of Greek and Roman history.

A Kos vacation is ideal for beach and sightseeing Greece connect to.

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Children’s holiday in Bavaria: discover the south as a family

Out of everyday life, into pleasure! Bavaria is the ideal travel destination for families with a large variety of leisure activities that delight young and old alike. Look forward to a few days off, far away from the stress and hectic pace of everyday school and work life and experience exciting hours together as a family in Bavaria’s most beautiful holiday regions!

For her Children’s vacation in Bavaria on Kurzurlaub.de we offer you many attractive arrangements that include much more than just accommodation and meals in the hotel. Many additional services are already included in our arrangements and offer you the opportunity to experience a lot of exciting things as a family in Bavaria.

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