Book a holiday with children – cheap family holidays with children: 1a holiday

Book a holiday with children - cheap family holidays with children: 1a holiday

Vacation with a child

Family vacation – vacation with a child

A vacation with the child and the whole family guarantees wonderful and unforgettable experiences and joy for every child. Unfortunately, the vacation time with the wrong choice of hotel or without proper preparation can quickly become a disaster. It is therefore advisable to tailor the travel offers to the needs of your family. These include, for example, children’s hotels that specialize in vacationing with children and offer every comfort. Accordingly, the equipment can be completely adapted to your wishes and needs. Even a vacation with several generations can be an unforgettable experience. When the grandparents and their grandchildren spend time together and get closer again, the family vacation guarantees beautiful experiences and memories. The family hotels also offer special family rooms with separate bedrooms.

Summer holidays are getting closer and family holidays are just around the corner. A vacation with children is always a very special challenge. In order for family vacations with the little ones to be unforgettable and for everyone involved to relax, there are a few important things to consider: arrival and departure, the travel destination and, of course, vacation planning.

A vacation with toddlers and babies also requires a lot of organization so that it is ultimately relaxed and relaxing. The baby hotels are perfect for this, because they know exactly that the young parents want to spend a lot of time with their darling, but also need a break. Although a vacation with the baby is an unimaginable thought for some parents, the little ones can already tolerate a change of location at the age of three months and are actually not as fragile as the parents often fear. Therefore you should simply enjoy the first vacation with the baby. A vacation with a child will be a far greater challenge if your offspring becomes more mobile and active. After all, the baby doesn’t care where the journey is going, as long as there is a familiar person around.

Spoiled for choice – the right travel destination

The first question is always the perfect travel destination. This question is of course always dependent on certain factors, such as the length of the trip, budget, wishes of individual family members and type of vacation. Especially when vacationing with one child or several children and maybe even small children, this point should be carefully considered. The age from which you travel with your child for the first time is at your own discretion, the only important thing is to avoid stress to ensure a pleasant time for everyone. The older the children are, the more sensible it is to involve them in the question of their travel destination. In this way you avoid dissatisfaction during your vacation. Most small children only need sand and sea to be happy. Older children often want an entertainment program or suitable excursion destinations.

Especially when vacationing with small children there are vacation destinations that offer little climate change. In addition, you should avoid long periods of extreme heat with small children. Ideally, the vacation destination should be reached within 3 hours so that the vacation with a child is also a success and the young organism is not overloaded with a long trip. In the case of small children, make sure that they are not yet able to cope with the temperature change as well. Therefore, it should not be too cold or too hot at the destination. Many hotels and holiday apartments, for example on the Baltic or North Sea, are precisely designed for families with small children. Accordingly, there are a lot of suitable travel destinations within Germany with child-friendly and very beautiful areas, playgrounds and amusement parks.

What kind of vacation should it be?

The type of vacation is especially important with children. Especially adventure holidays or active holidays with mountaineering can be deleted directly from your slip. This is absolutely unrealistic, especially with small children. Camping or a vacation in a holiday home is ideal for a vacation with children. Camping holidays are ideal because you spend a lot of time in the fresh air and in nature. In addition, most campers do not mind if things get a little louder, which often leads to trouble in hotels. Camping is very popular with families with children, which is why you will meet many other families and the children will quickly find connection. Of course, you have to do without superior comfort. If you want a bit more comfort, a holiday home is well served. Here, too, one has more freedom, is not tied to meal times and the children can play undisturbed. Those who prefer to spend the classic vacation in the hotel should make sure that the hotel is also suitable for families. Are there special family rooms? Are there special program items for children? Is there a baby bed and high chair? These are all important questions that you should clarify in advance.

The arrival

The journey can quickly become the sticking point for a successful holiday when you are on holiday with children. In general, arrival and departure work best if the usual rhythm of your children is maintained as far as possible, that is, mealtimes and bedtime should coincide with the usual times in the best case. If you are coming by car, it is best to start in the morning, as the roads are clear and traffic jams are unlikely. It is also important to take regular breaks. At best, driving at night should be avoided because it completely disrupts the rhythm. Plan an overnight stay for longer journeys. So that there is no boredom during long journeys, it makes sense to think about an entertainment program, for example car games or audio books. An entertainment program is also indispensable for air travel, to save yourself and the other passengers from shouting and grumbling. When vacationing with small children or infants, you must ensure that your child is pressure-balanced at take-off and landing, for example by breastfeeding or giving a bottle.

Children’s hotels carefree holidays with quality guarantee

The Kinderhotels Europa have stood for carefree family holidays with the highest quality of care for over 20 years. The cooperation offers suitable accommodation from family-run hotels to luxury wellness hotels. All members have TÜV-tested safety standards and highly qualified employees and are also constantly and secretly checked for their quality.

Here is a small extract from the Kinderhotels website.

When selecting member companies, the hotel group relies on "class instead of mass". In 1998 there were almost 100 children’s hotels, today it is still around half. With the decline, the hotel cooperation ensures that the specified criteria can also be implemented and guaranteed. The strict quality assurance slows down growth, especially in new European countries, but offers the guest the greatest possible security to know that his family is well looked after.

In the future, the expansion of the locations of the children’s hotels to five to six countries in Central Europe is planned. Furthermore, the cooperation would like to establish a family offer in cities in the future. Discussions are being held with larger hotel groups, for example to set up an entire floor as a children’s hotel. Nevertheless, the goal of CEO Stroitz is clearly stated: "There should be a maximum of 60 children’s hotels in the next five years."

Babies, kids and teens

In order to continuously improve the quality of childcare, all carers are trained within the group and continuously trained. Great value is placed on linguistic communication with the little ones in several languages. The company’s own training system ensures that the member companies can offer a diverse, age-appropriate program for all kids – from babies to teenagers.

Many member companies have specialized in the care of babies from the first week of life and offer perfect care for new parents with a HIPP baby menu, baby care sets in the rooms, a baby paddling system and a 24-hour medical service.

Even teenagers do not have to be content with toys and the paddling area. Many of the children’s hotels are in close contact with outdoor, fun and sports specialists and offer lots of activities with action, such as mountain biking, climbing or horse riding.

In the children’s hotels there is no boredom for little bullies. When the weather is nice, the little ones explore nature with their carers and learn interesting facts about the forest and meadow. Should it rain, generous play areas, children’s pools, hocus-pocus magic schools or a children’s theater are waiting for the little guests.


Many family-friendly accommodations, whether campsites, holiday parks or hotels, offer special activities for families and especially for children. These can be sporting activities, such as soccer tournaments or hikes, or artistic things, such as painting, handicrafts, singing etc. The nice thing is that the children are busy, find contact with other children and have as much fun as possible and You have a little time for yourself as parents.

All in all, a vacation with a child is a fulfilling and varied opportunity to spend the best days of the year with the whole family.

How and at what time you want to travel: always compare at and find the best price-performance ratio with us. Above all, convince yourself that the offers really include what you expect on vacation. Whether near or far, a suitable family hotel can always be found. The offer varies constantly so that something can be found for every family. Book all-inclusive and don’t worry about taking care of your children, but concentrate on pure relaxation. Or proceed individually and offer your partner and your little ones a unique hotel of a special kind. You can find suitable flights here.

Conclusion for a vacation with a child:

Good planning is essential for a vacation with children to be an unforgettable and relaxing event. The travel destination, the on-site planning as well as arrival and departure must be tailored to the needs of the family. If you take our tips and tricks to heart, you will surely spend the perfect vacation for your family. Have fun!

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