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Girls want to be among themselves

Girls from the 5th grade have a great need: they want to be friends of the same age. Chatting, gossiping, giggling, telling each other about secret desires. You don’t have to invite the birthday guests to the cinema for a lot of money. You can meet these needs particularly well at home. If you take some tips to heart.

Ideas for the design of the Girlie birthday party

  • Schedule a pajama party from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 a.m. A common mattress camp in the living room or in another suitable room may bring little sleep to the girls, but a lot of fun.
  • Pizza meals followed by a DVD evening are also well received. To do this, invite from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m..
  • Girls love colorful non-alcoholic cocktails. Decide with your daughter in advance for two recipes, one fruity and one creamy. Colorful cocktail accessories are essential, such as umbrellas and fruit skewers.
  • Clear a room and organize a disco in it: living room, party room or guest room. It should be so that the young women can turn up the music. A self-illuminating disco ball brings the right mood. You can buy it from 10 euros in the toy trade.

Extra tips for your daughter’s party

  • Limit the number of guests: Let your daughter only invite 2-5 girls. At this age, girls tend to clique. If the number of guests is too large, small groups are formed at the birthday party, which may act against each other.
  • Search for the DVD with: In the afternoon, go to a video store with your daughter and pick out some DVDs with her. Make sure that the films are age-appropriate. Keep an eye on the girls not watching films that others have brought with them if they are not age appropriate. Children are different in development. Horror films elicit a tired smile from some, others no longer sleep without nightmares for nights.
  • Stay in the background: In the Birthday party for Girls 11 and older should keep their parents in the background. Feel yourself as service staff. Help You at the preparations. And if necessary, serve with food. Otherwise, be ready in the next room if there is a crisis – interpersonal or organizational.

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