Children’s birthday in leipzig’s insider tip, pearlball

children’s birthday are often pure thrill for parents. The organization demands a lot from them – it is important to keep the little ones busy so that nobody gets hurt, nobody gets bored and if possible everyone has great fun. Often easier said than done! Of course, at the beginning it should be ensured that the children get something to eat and drink. When everyone is full, however, it is about offering an entertainment program that not only helps the birthday child, but all little guests have fun.

In Leipzig you can do a lot of nice things, the greatest attraction for you Children’s birthday in Leipzig In our eyes, however, is our Pearlball Indoor Hall, where our visitors can go as they please Play pearlball can. Bubble soccer is an absolute must in Saxony’s birthday party.

There are many reasons why Pearlball is an ideal program item and absolute fun for children in Leipzig and can even be fun for parents. We would first like to give you tips on how to put together a successful children’s birthday party in Leipzig without getting too stressed.

Children’s birthday in Leipzig – organization of a successful day

When children are full, they are As is well known, happy, satisfied and not exhausting at all. Therefore, it is important to first think of a delicious meal with which the small Guests are received. Mini burgers or homemade pizza are a good idea – the little ones can build their own burger or top the pizza with their own toppings, so you can be sure that everyone will enjoy the food and the kids are busy for a while.

After that, you can host an introductory game in which the children get to know each other (if they don’t know each other from school or the sports club). This is how you create a familiar atmosphere and a good atmosphere.

As a highlight of the birthday party, we propose a subsequent pearlball game. You can either come to our indoor hall here in Leipzig and reserve a field with the little ones, or have the field and equipment come home to you, provided you have a larger lawn area. We guarantee that the birthday child and his guests will have a lot of fun with it. So how do you find the Leipzig children’s birthday idea?

Pearlball as the ideal program item for every child’s birthday

When playing pearlball, every child gets an inflatable rubber ball that they can "attract" can. The rubber balls are not only beautifully colorful and comfortable, they also protect against shocks from the opponent – so the risk of injury is zero.

Parents can therefore relax during the game and watch the colorful goings-on or take pictures. The kids will have a lot of fun trying to keep the enemy team from scoring goals with all their strength. Football skills are not necessary, because the focus is on fun. For the children it will be a little bit like driving box cars – we know from experience that they would like to play well into the evening. There will be a lot of laughing, pushing and running. If you have Pearlball as a program item in the children’s birthday built-in, you can be sure to look at exhausted but happy faces in the evening. And your little ones will be talking about the children’s birthday fun in Leipzig for a long time.

The other parents will thank you and will be happy to have your children back safely. We look forward to your inquiry.


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