Nature parks in germany – adventure holidays very close

Experience nature parks in Germany with the DJH

Track down the lynx in the forest, embark on a journey of discovery on tricky nature trails or swim in a sparkling swimming lake – you and your children will experience all this and many more adventures on a holiday in the nature parks in Germany.

night in one of our youth hostels and enjoy carefree moments around the campfire and in the great outdoors with other families.

Our affordable accommodations are equipped with modern facilities and offer everything that makes families happy even in bad weather: playgrounds, creative rooms, table tennis tables, indoor pool and children’s play room. In addition, great outdoor activities such as searching for traces in the forest or handicraft afternoons are offered. You and your children will never find new friends as easily as in our youth hostels!

Attractive leisure activities in nature

Common experiences weld together and are a lot of fun: roam the forests with your children and follow the traces of the wild animals. You may be lucky enough to see a real lynx. If it does not work, observe the “brush ear”, as the lynx is affectionately called, close up with a lynx feeding in an outdoor enclosure!

But you can experience even more. The leisure activities in the nature parks in Germany are varied and colorful: climbing, canoeing through fast natural waters, mountain biking through uneven terrain, nature observation and much more:

Why do shoes blind? Find out!

Have you ever walked barefoot over pine cones? Or did you know what it feels like to dip your bare feet in gray mud and then bravely climb on pointed rocks? Try it out: In the ‘Park with all your senses’ in Gutach, in the Black Forest Nature Park, you will come closer to nature in a completely new way on the 2.1 km long barefoot path.

Hike at lofty heights – in the Palatinate Forest Nature Park

The Palatinate Forest is one of the nature parks in Germany that offers a particularly large number of events for children and adults: at 14 stations, a walk on the water adventure trail explains the various forms of water up close and personal, and a bungee trampoline at the biosphere house takes you there at lofty heights, and in the 270 meter long tree top path you can watch the world from the tree tops of oak, beech and spruce with your children up to 35 meters high.

Photos: German National Tourist Board, Colorvision Hans R Uthoff, Hans Peter Merten, Hartwig Wachsmann.

Well over 100 youth hostels are located in or directly at nature parks!


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