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Play, romp, learn, chill, sleep. Right it is about the children’s room, the realm of our little ones or big ones. The children’s room accompanies our children for many years and phases on their path through life.

It is therefore not always easy to set up the children’s room and it changes depending on the age. That your child feels comfortable and likes to be in his room should be included in the design. Here you will find a few useful tips and practical ideas for children’s rooms.

The size of the children’s room is on average 12 to 20 square meters of living space. A larger children’s room naturally offers more freedom of design – it should be noted that later, when the children are grown, they could be empty relatively soon. You should therefore keep an eye on future use when planning.

Small children’s rooms can also be created from small rooms. If the room height allows it, galleries offer various uses from young to old. They can be used as a sleeping or play area, or later as a reading or guest area. Depending on how the gallery is exposed and ventilated, it offers real comfort.

You have probably already thought about floor-to-ceiling windows in the children’s rooms. We believe that floor-to-ceiling windows are not absolutely necessary for children’s rooms. You usually play when you are crawling not yet in your room and later it may be blocked by a desk.

Custom-fit built-in furniture from the Schwörer design joinery

At SchwörerHaus, you can have your prefabricated house designed individually and precisely tailored furniture for the children’s room. The children’s rooms can be adapted to the needs of small residents by the Schwörer Design joinery. Always in focus that the room grows with you. The fact that we can optimally adapt the furniture to the floor plan of your prefabricated house creates greater freedom for playing or later chilling with friends. Special pieces of furniture transform the children’s rooms into real themed landscapes. For example, a pirate ship as a bed for the boys ‘nursery or a princess bed for the girls’ nursery.

In a child’s room you always need a lot of storage space, which can be achieved, for example, with a second level integrated in the drawers (beautiful living). Another solution is an alcove, a built-in cupboard with a bed niche (MH Auggen). Walk-in closets in the corners are also popular. These can be created easily and inexpensively using wall niches and wooden panels. Our design joinery offers a variety of surface designs and installation options. A built-in corner cabinet is not only an excellent storage space, but can also be a hiding place, a favorite place or a play house.

Children’s room decoration and colors

Your children have their own personality at birth and know exactly which color they like, so the children should be allowed to choose the color in their room. Have courage and let your children get creative themselves. You will be amazed.

The color preference will change as the children develop. A change of color and furnishing is probably required at the latest when you are a teenager. It is nice to integrate children’s drawings into the design, for example as curtains, stools, wallpaper or textiles etc. You can order this from any photo shop today. Wall designs with wall murals of your favorite characters or animals are also modern. Self-painted pictures also look nice in picture frames and can be quickly replaced. Blackboard paint on the walls or cupboards offers space for creative drawings and wall designs. These are available in different colors.

Children’s pool yes or no?

A children’s pool enables more luxury and a stress-free morning. The ideal position is between the children’s rooms with access from both rooms, so that the children are among themselves. A small shower room with toilet is sufficient. This area can later be converted into a guest room with a private bathroom.

Lots creative We have implemented children’s room ideas in our show houses.

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