Holidays in north holland with children, family holidays in the north sea coast

Family vacation in North Holland

A family vacation in North Holland, that means beach vacation with great water sports like sailing, surfing or diving. But nature experiences on the mud flats and active holidays while riding or cycling are also guaranteed here!

The North Holland peninsula is the ideal region for a long beach holiday with the whole family! Swimming fun is guaranteed here, because that Sun appears on in this region common and long sandy beaches abound here! You will also find relaxation and tranquility during your family vacation in one of the historic towns and in the charming villages along the long coastline. If you like it sportier, you can enjoy the idyllic landscape while cycling!

In high summer, the beaches on the North Holland North Sea coast are very busy, as the holidays in the Netherlands last from mid-July to late August. Many local families with children then flock to the beach on weekends. Optimal travel times for everyone who would like to be a bit quieter are from early September and Easter. In winter, the snow turns the land around the North Holland North Sea coast into a single white wonderland area – a visit is also worthwhile then!

North Holland is one of the 12 provinces of the Netherlands and is framed by the water: the North Sea is in the west, the IJsselmeer in the east and the Wadden Sea at the top in the north. The crowning finale at the northwest tip is the West Frisian island of Texel. The peninsula itself is divided into West Friesland, Waterland (north of Amsterdam), Het Gooi and Kennemerland.

Other popular holiday regions in the Netherlands

Other popular holiday regions in the Netherlands

Excursion destinations in North Holland

In summer, the North Sea coast in North Holland is perfect for extensive sunbathing, building sand castles and splashing around. The wind that always blows a bit around your nose here on family vacations ensures pleasant cooling.

The popular seaside resort Bergen aan Zee offers a lot for families. In addition to relaxing on the beautiful beach, you can hike through the dunes or take a detour into the forest that starts right behind the clean sandy beach. The beach also offers great shopping opportunities and many cozy cafés.

Zandvoort is known for its wonderful sea air and bathing pleasure. Empress Sissi came here to relax. Zandvoort is still one of the most popular beaches in the region. The beach resort has a several kilometers long and pure sandy beach and is simply a paradise for families with children on vacation! The beautiful metropolis of Amsterdam is only 20 minutes away by car. Variety is guaranteed during the holidays.

Far north is one of the most charming spots in North Holland on the North Sea coast. Texel is a popular holiday island that is easily accessible by ferry from the port in Den Helder. Long sandy beaches ensure a relaxing holiday, water sports are more action-packed, e.g. while surfing, sailing or diving. Children especially love the seal and bird breeding station that you can visit on Texel. Children learn the importance of environmental protection and species conservation here in a very practical and up close.

Mudflat walks are a great pleasure for children and adults alike! The Eiswatt hiking is also highly recommended when visiting during the winter holidays and is an exciting alternative to the typical hike in the mudflats. A special experience awaits travelers on a boat trip at sea. Children in particular are thrilled when they spot seals off the coast!

If you like cycling, the North Holland North Sea coast is ideal for you! Many hotels offer free bike rental as a service and the flat countryside in the region also invites families with small children to explore the beautiful landscape between extensive meadows and fields on two wheels!


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