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Children’s shoes have to be tough. We tested a versatile children’s shoe from Meindl over several months: the Tarango Junior. Our tester had these children’s shoes on while playing, in kindergarten, while cycling or hiking. After six months it is time for a conclusion. How robust and comfortable are the Meindl children’s shoes?

Non-slip outsole: the children’s shoe Meindl Tarango Junior.
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What can children’s shoes stand? Children answer this question every day. If you have to go fast, take off your shoes without opening the laces. Cleaning shoes? If mom or dad do it, otherwise there is a considerable layer of dirt on it. Children’s shoes must be ready for any adventure. Suddenly the little ones want to play football or climb trees. We had the Meindl Tarango Junior put on by a tester for six months. It was love at first sight for the boy with these children’s shoes: he put them on and since then it has been his favorite shoes. This is good because the discussions in the morning about which children’s shoes the gracious gentleman should put on do not apply. But that’s also bad, because our tester mainly wore this one pair of children’s shoes for six months. Physical education and church visits excluded.

Water has no bars! Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Meindl has equipped the Tarango Junior children’s shoe with moisture protection.
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Children’s shoes from Meindl: robust and comfortable

Meindl is a household name for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Most of the shoes are made in Europe and stand for uncompromising quality. This also applies to the children’s shoes of the family company from Upper Bavaria. A good An example is the Tarango Junior. The shoe is equipped with moisture protection. It keeps the wet outside when it rains, but our tester was wet when there were cloudbursts. These children’s shoes prove the legendary Meindl comfort. Our tester spent hours with the Tarango Junior and the EVA soft step wedge in the heel area made walking comfortable. The outsole is wear-resistant. Our tester used it to climb trees and small rocks. The shoe has one weak point: the lining. After six months, it showed the first heavily chafed spots, while the suede still looked good on the outside. This model is for quickly putting on and taking off children’s shoes with a Tanka closure equipped. Conclusion: A robust children’s shoe, the core of which is a little too soft.


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