Children’s sizes table, all important dimensions at a glance

Are you looking for the right child size for children’s clothing? Here you will find what you are looking for. In our Child sizes table you can find all clothing sizes, from toddlers to teenagers. You can easily determine which child size is the right one based on body size, chest size, waist size or hip size. The child size table shows you all values ​​- clearly and at a glance.

Tip for smartphone users: Hold your smartphone across so that you can see all values ​​in the child size table.

Children’s sizes table for toddlers

Child sizes table for children from 4-12 years

Child sizes table for teenagers (12-16 years)

Take the right measure

No child is like the other – and that’s a good thing. Therefore can Child sizes tables only give average values. The size of the clothes is basically based on the body size and the proportions of the growing body. These can be subject to changes in batches, which suddenly mean that a new size of clothing is needed. The following tips will help you to determine the correct measured values ​​so that you can use them in the Child sizes table can classify.

Body height

This is how you find out exact height Your child’s: Before you start, prepare the following items:

  • Centimeter measure (optional ruler)
  • larger book (DVD case, small picture frame, or any other rectangular rigid object of your choice)
  • sharpened pencil or post-it

The best way to measure the height of your offspring is as follows:

  1. First you position your Child in front of a free piece of wall or in a door frame. Please take off your shoes beforehand. The feet must be closed, the heels fully against the wall.
  2. Next, take the book or the item of your choice and hold it upright on the side against the wall / door frame. >

Now you can the determined Find the height value in the child size table and the average Read child size. The children’s size table also gives you an overview of whether your child rather large for his age is, on average, developed or a little smaller compared to other children of the same age.

Did you know that the body is the largest in the morning after getting up? In the course of the day, children and adults shrink through everyday stress and are up to three centimeters smaller in the evening. But don’t worry, the next centimeter will be back the next morning. The ideal time to determine height is therefore in the morning after getting up.

The chest size, waist size and hip size

The chest you determine by measuring the strongest part of the chest horizontally with a flexible measuring tape. Don’t pull the tape too tight. It fits perfectly when it is not sliding down by itself.

When measuring the waist circumference, as well as the waist circumference you do the same thing. The waist circumference is often called the waist circumference and gives an indication of where it is measured, namely just below the navel. Where the waistband should sit. To measure the hip circumference, however, you start lower – at the height of the pos.

Hopefully you have already found what you were looking for. If you would like information about other child sizes, you can find them in our child size table for children hat sizes, children shoe sizes and more. Via the menu you can quickly and easily get to the other child size tables.


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