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A peninsula is like an island surrounded by water, but still has a connection to the mainland. Peninsulas can be very small, but also quite large, such as the Apennine Peninsula (on which lies Italy) or the Iberian Peninsula (with Spain and Portugal).

Semiconductors are solids that can only partially transfer electricity. Semiconductors in electrical engineering play an important role. Semiconductors conduct less than "ladder" and more than "insulators". The conductivity changes with the temperature. One of the most important semiconductor materials is silicon.

The Harmattan is a wind blowing from the northeastern Sahara all year round, carrying a lot of desert dust and sand.

The Hashemites (also Hashimites) descend from the great-grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad. In the history of Islam, they often took on a special role. The ruling family in Jordan comes from the Hashemites.

Hindu, Hinduism, Hindu

Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world and is originally from India. The followers of this belief are called Hindus. They believe in rebirth. If a living organism dies, it can be reborn as another creature.

art and a separate state form.

Gay men love men and gay women love women. In some countries, homosexuals still struggle with rejection.

Human Development Index

Human Development Index (abbreviated to HDI) means in German “index of human development”. It is a list of all the countries in the world that the United Nations produces each year. In it, the wealth of a country is measured. One measures the income of the inhabitants, but also their life expectancy and education.

The Humboldt Current is a cold ocean current on the west coast of South America. It flows from the Antarctic to the north, always along the coast and parallel to the mountains of the Andes. He also cools the air there. He was named after the German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt.

Hurricanes are tropical cyclones. If such a hurricane occurs in the northern Atlantic (including the Caribbean) or in certain areas of the Pacific, it is called a hurricane. He must have at least wind force 12. Almost all hurricanes occur between May and December, especially between July and September. This is called the hurricane season.

When the value of money goes down, it’s called inflation. With hyperinflation, this happens particularly fast and strong. Everything will become more and more expensive in a short time. There are then bills with huge sums of money.


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