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The dental practice in Cologne smart teeth – exclusivity for you and your teeth!

We see our patients as guests. Accordingly, we offer you an all-round service in which you will be cared for and treated in a pleasant atmosphere. Our principles are:

We take a lot of time to understand and fulfill your wishes.

In addition to the fact that high-quality medical treatment is a matter of course, you can enjoy individually designed health management in the smart teeth dental practice.

Your personal characteristics are taken into account in every phase of the treatment in order to make the treatment result even better.

Your health and your beauty are our passion – developing individual concepts is our outstanding ability.

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Dr. med. dent. Sara Parastar

Dr. med. dent. Jiwana Sherin Midani-Kurçak

Dr. med. dent. Stephan von Hajmasy




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Reviews from our customers

Completely satisfied with my visit to the dental practice and with Dr. Parastar. Short waiting times, easy accessibility, friendly team and a very competent and trustworthy doctor completely convinced me.

I was very impressed with the practice. Been here for the first time, short waiting times, competent doctors and modern facilities. I found the treatment with Ms. Papagrigoraki very pleasant and would therefore be happy to recommend it.

Some time ago I looked for a new dentist in Cologne and became aware of smart teeth due to my professional proximity. A very chic and modern practice with a very nice team. There I became very competent and friendly from Dr. Midani-Kurcak treated. She explained everything in detail and I felt very comfortable. The treatment was painless and professional. Absolutely recommendable! "

Dr. von Hajmasy is the best dentist you can have. It takes away the fear from the patient, takes enough time for the person to be treated, explains the treatment and alternative methods of treatment. A very friendly and dear doctor! "

I am over 50 years old and always had crooked front teeth. After successful orthodontic treatment, Dr. Rodekirchen in the upper veneer. He put a lot of effort into the design and color determination. He accompanied me to the dental laboratory several times and repeatedly discussed the situation with the technicians and was only satisfied when the result was optimal. Great result! The effort was worth it. Thank you."

As a patient, I feel right at home here in the Smart Teeth dental practice. So far, my dentist has always convinced me and everyone has the right etiquette. Even if people only greet you in a friendly way and say goodbye, that makes quite a lot.

I moved to Cologne about a year ago for a job offer and at some point I had this local dental practice recommended by a local. Since then I’ve been here with Frau Spielmann patient and I’m very happy with that. The last time I was here in July was for a routine examination, which luckily did not notice anything negative. I recommend you to anyone and everyone who values ​​that the dentist takes enough time for you and that you don’t just get hectic.

I was definitely satisfied with my treatment with Ms. Trippe. I had heard a lot of good things about this practice before my first visit here. I can definitely confirm what I heard. The waiting times are fine, the practice team is pleasant and the dentists are very good in my experience. I am very satisfied so far.

Due to many bad experiences I have been a fear patient. I am very happy that I have now decided to practice smart teeth. Miss Dr. Parastar is a very pleasant, calm and friendly doctor. I was in treatment with her this week for toothache. A root canal treatment had to be carried out, which was completely painless for me. I felt very well cared for and will go to the next appointment much more relaxed. I would like to thank you very much for this!

She is a calm, competent, always positive dentist who does a really great job and is always very friendly. I feel very comfortable with Dr. Parastar … I can only recommend you and the practice.

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IOS – high-tech scanner for more comfort during your treatment!

Goodbye conventional impression – the latest technology in our practice ensures precise and digital treatment without gag reflex.

We have strengthened our team for you!

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Your dentist in Cologne – for permanently beautiful teeth without fear and pain

Your dentist in Cologne – for permanently beautiful teeth without fear and pain

"Smile is the most elegant way to show your opponents teeth“, The cabaret artist and actor Werner Finck once said. But what if bad teeth or even gaps in the teeth make it impossible to smile on the face? In such cases, you can confidently go into our hands. We practice dentistry largely painlessly using the latest scientific knowledge and methods. In our advanced Dental practice smart-teeth In Cologne’s beautiful Old Town North you can treat experienced people Dental experts, which also deal with so-called "anxiety patients“Know your way around.
It is particularly important to us to take away the fear of the dentist from both large and small patients by dealing with your treatment in detail.
In plain text: Experienced doctors and excellently trained specialist staff definitely take the time to first show their patients the exact ways of treatment in a conversation. Whether we are yours Eliminate toothache or put your teeth in an aesthetically optimal condition, whether we help you with a visually appealing denture or give you your winning smile with a flawless dental implant: in all cases, you can be sure that we will carry out your treatment absolutely gently. We don’t just take away your fear of pain. Rather, we have different options for not letting them arise. If you make an appointment with us, we first discuss all the steps in your treatment, present you with the instruments required for treatment in detail and explain exactly how they can be used.
If you are afraid to go to the dentist for fear, you should familiarize yourself with our modern treatment methods. Then you will quickly see that your fear is completely unfounded. But we do not only specialize in the pain-free treatment of your teeth: We would also be happy to carry out a regular check-up for dental prophylaxis. Actor Werner Finck is right: an enchanting smile is beautiful and, above all, costs nothing. We are happy to give it back to you. Let us advise you without obligation. How can we help you? Below we inform you about our extraordinarily many possibilities to put your teeth back in perfect condition.

Dentures in their most beautiful form

If one or more teeth are lost, an implant is an ideal as well as optically perfect solution. For this method of dentures, however, your jawbone must be completely healthy. Alternatively, there are classic alternative forms such as bridges and prostheses. Depending on how we assess your tooth status, we will show you a wealth of options for producing the right tooth replacement for you. Last but not least, the individual methods are also a question of cost. We are specialists in the field of prosthetics. We would be happy to advise you in this regard in detail and also answer your questions about possible subsidies and additional payments.

Prophylaxis for permanently beautiful teeth

Our dental prophylaxis prevents, among other things, the development or worsening of the disease of your teeth. If you visit our dental practice smart-teeth for a preventive examination, you will be looked after by a competent prophylaxis team who will show you all the options for keeping your teeth in perfect condition for a whole life.

From the functional bridge to the aesthetic implant

If one or more teeth are missing, an implant is the optimal solution to bring your denture back into shape. Implants cannot be seen. They are rock solid, look flawless and let you dine again as you have always been used to. Mostly anterior teeth are replaced by an implant. A screw that is inserted into the jawbone serves as the tooth root, so to speak. The new tooth is then attached to it. Implantology is a particularly demanding area of ​​so-called oral surgery. The team at the dental practice smart-teeth has specialized in this and provides you with an attractive set of teeth in just a few sessions, which is also durable.

Dental fear? Not with us!

Around 70 percent of adults avoid visiting dentists because they are simply afraid of pain. We want to take this fear away from you: Our modern techniques help you to be completely free of pain or stress. On your first visit to our dental practice, the specialists in our dental practice smart-teeth explain each individual treatment step in detail and talk to you about your fear of the dentist. With our little patients in particular, we always succeed in relieving them of the fear of treatment. So conversations help a lot. And if there is no other way, we will numb the treatment area without complications and without pain.

Grinding teeth as the cause of other ailments

Many patients suffer from headache and body aches, dizziness and ringing in the ears (tinnitus). Grinding of teeth (bruxism) and back pain can also be part of these ailments and significantly reduce the quality of life. Craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD) is often the cause. This means misregulation of the muscle or jaw joints. This condition is most likely to be recognized by the constant gnashing of teeth. This malfunction of the bones and muscles in the jaw can certainly affect other parts of the body and thus cause the unpleasant effects. Careful research is required to find the reason for the gnashing of the teeth and to remove it permanently afterwards. If you suffer from the symptoms described, let us examine you and give you detailed advice on how the causes of the lack of well-being can be remedied

A rail increases your performance

A rail can limit the effects of the CMD. The condition of the patient can improve considerably in such cases. By wearing a splint, the head and neck muscles, which according to the latest studies can be directly related to the coordination of the teeth of the upper and lower jaw (occlusion), can be stretched and thus a significant improvement in the symptoms can be achieved. As already said: there are many complaints that can be caused by an incorrect regulation of muscles of the upper and lower jaw. These complaints also include recurrent headaches. We manufacture individual splints that are carried in the lower jaw and, among other things, help stabilize the spine and can certainly significantly increase the performance of the individual.

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