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With the exercise app "Arithmetic with Wendi", children can practice arithmetic independently and with motivation accompanied by Wendi – a running reversible tile. The app is designed for children in preschool and 1st class who are just learning arithmetic.

There are four games available that can be easily adapted to the child’s level of learning:
– Blitzblick: Here quantities have to be recognized in a flash without counting.
– plus Computing
– Subtraction
– Mixed plus and minus calculations

What is special about this exercise program is the targeted use of the possibilities of the computer to support the mathematical understanding of numbers and arithmetic operations. It is the result of a research project that examined the possibilities of supporting computer learning in children with arithmetic difficulties. Children with difficulties in understanding mathematical contexts fail in the exercise programs due to the often unhelpful feedback, because they can learn nothing from mistakes but are rather demotivated. That is why this exercise software contains clear feedback and thus offers more than just one "right" or "not correct".

The children can see for themselves whether their solution is right or why it is wrong. The input quantity is compared visually with the solution quantity. This way you can clearly see whether the result true or why the solution is wrong. This gives the children the opportunity to identify the causes of errors themselves and to learn from them.

If required, plus and minus tasks can be set up clearly and step by step. This makes it easier for the children to understand the operations as a process and to understand how Numbers and Sets are related and what the operation signs + and – mean. For example, the minus task 8 – 3 = _ initially shows 8 points. Then 3 points move aside.

Particularly motivating for the children is this Arithmetic race in which Wendi competes against his adversary. For every correctly solved task Wendi gets a step closer to the goal, while in the event of mistakes his opponent advances a bit. For every game won there is a star to be won.

The app offers a variety of options for adapting the task descriptions to the child’s level of learning, for example the number range, whether the zero should be included, the task presentation, number of tasks, help, etc. In particular, the task presentation should be under "settings" be adapted to the child’s level of learning:
* For children who are just learning the surgery, the option should be "Quantities and numbers" to get voted.
* For children who have a first understanding of the operation, but are still mostly counting, the option should be "lightning look" to get voted. Here the quantities are briefly displayed, but then hidden, so that counting is not possible.
* For children who already have a solid understanding of the operation and are using initial non-counting computing strategies, the option should be "Only pay" to get voted.


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