Crime games with children

Ask yourself the following 6 questions

If there are children in yours Family there, you have probably already asked yourself whether they take part in your crime game can. We are asked this question very regularly. Most crime fiction fans understand young people under the age of 13 to be children.

Our answer is: it depends. Children and teenagers at this age are really very different. So that you can answer this question for yourself personally, you should ask yourself the following six questions:

1. Are thrillers suitable for my child?

Be aware that all crime games are about murder and homicide. In addition, various secrets and faults come to light, because pretty much every guest has dirt on them. Is your child already tried TV crime thriller or do you trust him with this topic?

2. Which case do we want to play?

How just mentioned, various secrets come to light in the course of your dinner game. In some games, topics develop that may be unsuitable for children and adolescents. However, this does not apply to all games. We personally think the following games are best for a family thriller:

3. How well can read text be recorded?

In a crime thriller dinner game, there is always text that can be read at short notice, understood and reproduced in appropriate portions. It is therefore a good prerequisite for playing together if your child can read well and can also digest what he has read. In any case, we recommend that you offer your child help with the texts and in the game.

4. Own or shared role?

Does your child insist on adopting its own character? Otherwise you share a role! Experience has shown that adults too have a lot of fun mimicking a common character. Depending on the case, your child can also play the character of your personal assistant who accompanies you on every step and therefore shares your knowledge.

5. Play with other children?

You should also ask yourself the number of children participating. Because if several children are involved in the game independently, there may be inconsistencies in the storyline. We also recommend that you consult with the parents, whose children also participate in the game. Some children may be dissatisfied if they share a role with a parent, while other children of the same age play a role with their own role.

6. Can my child take on any role?

A great attraction of the crime game is that the individual secrets and rejections of the respective guests should be determined in advance. There can be simpler and trickier roles here. If you want to give your child a character that is easier to play, we will be happy to advise you! Just get in touch with us briefly!

Payment options

Germany: crime games free of charge, 3-10 days.

Name badges € 2.70, 3-10 working days

Europe: 9.80 EUR up to 10 days.


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What is a crime thriller dinner at home?

In a crime thriller dinner game, you meet with your fellow players for dinner in a private group, each taking on the role of a specific character. The starting point of every game is that a murder had just happened before dinner and the perpetrator must be among the guests. All players are therefore suspicious.

They all want to capture the murderer in your group. In the course of the crime game, you exchange lively conversations with one another: During the dinner, each participant continuously receives their own information about experiences, knowledge or people. Depending on the case, evidence for evaluation and / or special round (s) round off your exciting investigation.

During your crime evening there are always small breaks that you can use for another course of your dinner. Take a look at our recipes for your crime thriller evening – we recommend a three-course menu in any case.


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