Dentures Berlin, repair costs, dr

Dentures Berlin, repair costs, dr

Dentures Berlin – information that is important to you

Whether single or multiple teeth, dentures can be used in a variety of ways. There are different variants, which are also possible with complete edentulousness. Dentures Berlin are also known as denture dentures and are usually based on a plastic base. This base is modeled on the natural gum color to create an overall aesthetic image. Dentures are offered as full and partial dentures and belong to the field of removable dentures.

In our dental practice in Berlin, we advise you comprehensively on dentures and introduce you to the different variants. Together with you, we will find an adequate, financially feasible concept that meets your expectations.

When do you need a denture??

A dental prosthesis is not a matter of age, although it is preferred when you are older. Dentures are a cheap alternative to some other dentures. They can be used with single teeth or complete edentulism. The purchase function can be restored thanks to a dental prosthesis. The same applies to an aesthetic tooth image in which there are no gaps. We discuss with you the possibilities and tell you whether the right time for a denture has come. We are happy to introduce you to suitable alternatives.

What material are used to make dentures?

Plastic is the basis of the prosthesis. This is usually a pink plastic, which is listed under the abbreviation PMMA. The teeth are then attached to this plastic base. We choose the prosthetic teeth individually and with a special procedure according to color and shape, according to your face shape, lip shape and size. The denture teeth we use are of high quality and contain ceramic parts. This ensures a perfect aesthetic and functional result. In certain situations, an additional metal base is necessary. This consists of an alloy of cobalt crom molybdenum.

When will a denture be relined??

Constant wearing of a denture can cause the jawbone to gradually recede. In this case, a relining must be performed in order to ensure the retention of the prosthesis again. However, other causes may require relining. These include, for example, heavy weight fluctuations, which can also affect the jawbone. Degrading processes of the muscles around the lips and cheeks can also be a reason to relieve the denture.

Questions about dentures at a glance

In connection with dental prostheses, many questions still crop up, which can be answered in advance. Below we have listed the most common questions and answers that arise in connection with dentures.

What is a relining of the denture?

In a relining of the denture, a special plastic is discharged on the underside of the prosthesis. The aim is to fill the resulting cavities in order to achieve optimum hold. The adaptation can be done both in practice and later in the dental laboratory. This depends on the particular method used. Finally, the edge design is made to optimize the fit and comfort even more.

How much is a denture??

This depends on the type of dental prosthesis, because partial dentures are generally cheaper than full dentures. The dentures cost at complete edentulousness amount to about 1,500 euros for both jaws. Partial dentures are cheaper, the cost depends on the size of the denture. If a so-called interim prosthesis is needed, which is needed until the final prosthesis is inserted, costs between 250 and 280 euros must be expected. In a first consultation, we will gladly give you more information about dental prostheses costs.

How much is a dental prosthesis for the upper jaw??

A dental prosthesis for the upper jaw costs between 500 and 700 euros, depending on the chosen variant. The materials used also play a major role in the cost issue. Some plastics are significantly higher than the standard version PMMA. We will show you which types of dentures we can offer you and what exactly they cost.

How much is a denture for the lower jaw??

For a denture for the lower jaw, you have to reckon on costs that range between 500 and 700 euros. However, the costs can be even higher if, for example, you want special treatments or a specific, very high-quality material. We are happy to tell you how high your own contribution may be in a denture in the lower jaw.

Denture repair – here we will help you

A damaged denture does not necessarily mean making a new prosthesis. Many damages can also be corrected easily. Just make an appointment in our dental practice in Berlin. We’ll look at your denture and tell you if a repair is an option. Even with broken dentures, a repair can make sense. We work together with a German master laboratory and can help you in any case.

Do you have questions about dentures? Need an appointment?

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