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  • stable and safe construction
  • including accessories for jogger and buggy function
  • innovative quick-folding system
  • very good road holding
  • quick conversion
  • no suspension
  • no handbrake for jogger function
  • Pollution is unclear

The Croozer Kid for 1 in comparison

Product features and equipment

It is not without reason that the manufacturer Croozer is considered the model company when it comes to bicycle trailers. The Croozer Kid for 1 is one of the best-selling children’s bike trailers in Germany.

The single-seat model does not show off its design, which appears rather simple and functional. All materials used are of high quality and perfectly processed. Since it is a trailer for the transport of a child, the Croozer Kid for 1 is comparatively lighter and narrower built as his two-seat colleague. This design predestines the Croozer Kid for 1 for its jogger function. Handy and agile, it adapts optimally to the running movements.

All necessary parts for the conversion to a jogger car and an extra wheel for the buggy function are already included. The conversion is absolutely no problem. thanks to the innovative quick-folding system the Croozer Kid for 1 can be folded up in no time for transport in the car.

The Practical comparison of Croozer Kid for 1

The Croozer Kid for 1 can show its true qualities in daily use. The rounder leaves with convert in a few simple steps for the desired use. In its function as a bicycle trailer, the Croozer Kid for 1 convinces with its very good road holding and maneuverability. The air-tired 20-inch spoke wheels run smoothly and keep the track exemplary. A lower center of gravity by fastening the drawbar in height the bike axle favors the stable and safe driving behavior.

The spacious cabin interior offers your child enough freedom of movement and enough space for the optional installation of a baby seat. Although the Croozer Kid for 1 does not have a separate suspension, the Driving comfort for Her child high. The hammock-like seat construction made of sturdy cloth reliably absorbs shocks and vibrations.

How safe is the Croozer Kid for 1?

Despite the lack of suspension, the Croozer Kid for 1 is absolutely safe on the road. in the Tipping comparison Stiftung Warentest gave it a "very good" rating. The driver’s cabin is additionally reinforced in accordance with the international safety standard ASTM F1975-09. An inner frame serves as side and rear impact protection. In the event of an accident, the handle of the Croozer Kid for 1 acts like a roll bar. Your child is secured with a 5-point belt when driving.

In the “Pollutants” category, the Croozer Kid for 1 was rated “poor” by Stiftung Warentest. Of course, that arouses mistrust. However, Stiftung Warentest has set an extremely strict standard. The standard 100 (for baby clothes) imposed by Croozer was not used, but the one Standard for baby items, which are often put in the mouth (teethers, pacifiers etc.).


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