D – s luxury combi pushchair test combi pushchair

Ø satisfactory (3.2)

Type: Kombikinderwagen
Seat with rest position: Yes

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D & S Luxury combi stroller: chemical smell and sharp struts

The word "luxury" in the model name of this D & S stroller unfortunately only refers to the chic design in black and red. The functionality and security level of this model are below average, as buyers regret. The main disadvantage is the cheap plastic, which smells of chemicals even after months. In addition, the struts on the side of the stroller are very sharp. This could be dangerous not only for the child, but also for the parents, for example if they want to put the bags in the basket while shopping.

The low price of around 110 euros (at Amazon) may seem attractive at first glance. But if you are looking for a safe and comfortable stroller, you should choose a different model.

Customer opinions (20) on D & S luxury combi stroller

total junk

  • Advantages: good suspension
  • Disadvantages: chunky, unstable, backrest difficult to adjust
  • I am: parents

I bought the same pram in 2008, but in a different color. My son was born in 2009. he was inside 3 times in the stroller he only screamed because he didn’t like it. the stroller stank of chemicals and the brakes broke right away. the wikeltasche there was a nat. You don’t get spare parts and having them fixed costs a lot money. The manufacturer gives no guarantee for the brakes. (alleged self-indebtedness) I think that’s a cheek. I could tell you more about this pram, but the page is not enough, now I can buy a new one. that if I would have known sooner than I would not have bought myself leaves just stay away from this junk

Total cheap scrap.

  • Advantages: chic designs
  • Disadvantages: chunky, poor workmanship, heavy, unstable
  • Suitable for: girls
  • I am: multiple mother

I had the KiWa with my daughter, I took it to the basement after 6 months and bought a new one! I had the one with hard rubber tires and in a different color, but the same model! The tires squeak non-stop, the stroller is very wide and absolutely not suitable for small shops.
The backrest is adjustable several times, but I found that my daughter was either too low or too high just where she started sitting.
I think the tub is too small, at least I couldn’t get my daughter in when I was 3 months old! In any case, I will no longer buy such scrap!

Better pay € 50 more and get one with a good name. used you can also make nice bargains.


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