Dab+ car radio: test, comparison and buying guide

You’re tired of the constant static or the limited program selection of your car radio? then a DAB+ car radio is the perfect option for you! We show you here important DAB+ car radio tests and present you our personal favorites on the market.

The standard DAB+ car radio: kenwood KMM-BT505 DAB+ USB car radio on amazon
"the radio convinces with its simplicity and its high quality sound."

The allrounder DAB+ autoradio: jvc KD-DB902BT DAB+ car radio on amazon
"this car radio comes with everything you need!"

The simple adapter for your DAB+ car radio: esuper DAB adapter for car radio on amazon
"super easy installation and the sound is remarkable."

The touchscreen DAB+ radio: jvc KW-V255DBT DAB+ multimedia car radio on amazon
"the car radio looks super modern and is very easy to use."

the affordable DAB+ radio: xomax XM-RD276 car radio on amazon
"despite the price, the product convinces with high quality."

the big screen DAB+ car radio: clydek bluetooth FM transmitter
"the large screen is super easy to use."

The most important in a nutshell

  • DAB stands for "digital audio broadcasting".
  • DAB+ is the technical evolution of DAB and offers many advantages.
  • A radio with DAB+ has a diverse program selection.
  • Seamless blending" guarantees interference-free switching between DAB and FM.
  • Depending on your needs, a DAB+ radio can include a CD player, bluetooth or even spotify control.

The best DAB+ car radios: editors’ favorites

Here we have compiled our top five editorial favorites for you.

The standard DAB+ car radio: kenwood KMM-BT505 DAB+ USB car radio

What we like:

  • Comparatively cheap
  • Compatible for bluetooth and USB
  • Available in different styles
  • Includes four cinch connectors
  • 1.5 A charging function for smartphones

What we don’t like:

  • Only compatible for one device at a time

Editorial assessment

The car radio from kenwood KMM-BT505 DAB+ USB car radio has the dimensions 13 x 19 x 8.5 cm. The radio has a small installation depth of about 100 mm. It connects to bluetooth and USB, as well as spotify control. The car radio is available in different styles: DAB+/ USB/ BT/ multicolor, USB, USB/ BT, USB/ BT/multicolor. And in pattern single or car radio plus antenna adapter. We describe here the version DAB+/USB/BT/multicolor in pattern single.

The radio has a USB port for USB memory and an iPod port. Also you can connect a subwoofer through one of the four included cinch connectors. The device supports AAC, MP3, WMA, WAV and FLAC audio formats. With the kenwood remote app, you can control the car radio from your cell phone without any problems. This app is compatible for android and apple users.

This also includes a 1.5 A charging function for smartphones. Thanks to the so-called "seamless blending" in the DAB+ tuner, the transition between digital radio / FM, FM / MW RDS tuner is smooth. You can adjust the display brightness by yourself, as well as the color palette. A MOS-FET amplifier, as well as two preamplifier outputs with 2.5 V, ensure a unique sound.

The all-rounder DAB+ car radio: JVC KD-DB902BT DAB+ car radio

What we like:

  • Audio streaming possible for five devices simultaneously
  • 1.5 A charging function included
  • "seamless blending" available
  • Supports four audio formats
  • Voice control possible

What we don’t like:

  • Comparatively expensive

Editorial assessment

The KD-DB902BT DAB+ car radio from JVC is available in four different styles: DAB+/ USB/ BT/ multicolor, USB, USB/ BT and USB/ BT/ multicolor. Furthermore, it is available in the pattern single, car radio with radio adapter and car radio with antenna adapter. The version described here is the pattern single in style DAB+/ USB/ BT/multicolor.

The article is available in the color black and has the dimensions 15.9 x 18.2 x 5.3 cm. Yet it weighs a light 1.2 kilograms. Compatible with bluetooth and has an integrated hands-free function. It is also possible to steer the device via voice control for ios and android. Additionally, you can pair two phones at the same time. With the car radio is a 1.5 A charging function included. Seamless blending" ensures interference-free switching between DAB and FM. The radio supports audio formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV and FLAC.

You can adjust the brightness individually and through a remote app the radio can also be controlled by smartphone. When streaming audio, it is possible to pair five devices in parallel. Includes KD-DB902BT, bezel, mounting bracket, ISO wiring harness, two release hooks and a microphone. The sound of the device is also convincing all along the line. Equipped with three pre-outs with 4 V, a MOS-FET amplifier with 4 x 50 W and active high/low-pass filter, the sound fills the entire car and ensures a good mood.

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