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Halonation of the periorbital eye region

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Definition dark circles

Under eye bags one understands especially under the eyes lying dark skin lesions and sharply delimited shadow, their causes can be diverse.

How does it come to dark circles?

eye bags pose as shady, dark Skin changes under the eyes represent. In most cases, they are sharply limited, but can also change color diffusely to normal skin color.

In most cases, the dark skin color of dark circles comes from a hyperpigmentation the skin on the one hand or by shining through the blood vessels in this area. An acceleration of the blood circulation in the area of ​​the skin under the eyes leads to a particularly high flow of blood per minute in this section of the skin and it passes through the vessels. The blood vessels in this area are heavily filled and come into closer contact with the skin above. From the outside the circulating blood shimmers through and impresses as darkening of the well-perfused area of ​​the skin. Other regions around the eyes are less well supplied with blood, so there is a strong demarcation.

In addition to coloring the skin Under the eye from an increased blood flow there are some other causes for one Eye ring formation. One should also be mentioned here pigment proliferation in the area of ​​the skin under the eye. This can innate or acquired his.
Cause of congenital Overpigmentation of the skin is largely unknown. An inherited factor plays a crucial role in it. With overpigmentation, more pigments stand closer together in a smaller area than with normal pigmented skin areas. The increasing density causes darkening of the skin.

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In some cases it happens allergy sufferers to a dark ring. The dark circles are permanent in severe allergy sufferers, in less affected patients the dark circles only occur in one allergy thrust to day. In principle, there can be dark circles under any allergy. Dark circles are remarkably common in connection with the clinical picture of eczema.
Have severely affected neurodermatitis patients permanent over-pigmentation mostly under the skin, which appear as dark circles. The exact cause of this overpigmentation is not known.

Are dark circles not painful, and do not affect the patient purely somatically. However, the mental Component, because eyes that are permanently undershot often have a stigmatizing effect and often as blemishes be valid.

In addition to allergy sufferers, it can also affect many deficiency to get dark circles. A difficult one iron deficiency can cause significant dark circles. However, most people who suffer from dark circles regularly or irregularly have one cause acute or chronic overexertion. This can just as well be long VDU work that is carried out over many hours without breaks, as well as one chronic lack of sleep.

at lack of sleep there is long stress on those around the eye muscles, which leads to an increased oxygen requirement of these so-called periorbital eye muscles. The result is an acceleration of the blood transport to these muscles. It comes to the above More blood flow the periorbital region (skin region around the eye). This increased blood flow impresses with a darkening of the eyes, Übermüdungsaugenringe arise.
This type of reaction arises in all areas of the body where there is one malnutrition and overstraining that comes under the skin. However, this phenomenon is particularly clearly visible on the eyes, since the skin is particularly thin here, so the blood can shine through it particularly clearly.

Dark circles are for medical reasons almost never necessary treatment. In addition, the treatment of dark circles is very difficult. As a rule, the cause of the dark circles should be found and remedied. With inherited over-pigmentation of the skin under the eyes are the Therapy options are very limited and are mostly plastic surgery Treatments reserved. Even with chronic allergy sufferers does not mean that good treatment of the allergy makes the dark circles disappear. Dark circles that have arisen from a chronic overload situation are easier to treat.
Here, those affected should Reduce workload and often take breaks. Screen work should be interrupted regularly and the eyes closed for a few minutes to relax the eye muscles. Chronic sleep deprivation should also be reduced and avoided. With consistent implementation of the general protection the dark circles disappear very quickly.

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Illustration of dark circles

a – Constant over-pigmentation
b – Shimmering through the blood vessels
c – pigment proliferation
d – allergy
e – eczema
= Atopic eczema
(Chronic skin disease)
f – deficiency
(Iron, vitamin C, zinc)
G – overexertion
H – Chronic lack of sleep

  1. Lateral tendon hood muscle –
    Epicranius muscle
  2. Upper lid plate –
    Tarsus superior
  3. Lower eyelid plate –
    Tarsus inferior
  4. Eye sphincter
    (Eye ring muscle) –
    Orbicularis oculi muscle
  5. Small zygomatic muscle –
    Zygomaticus minor muscle
  6. Upper lip lift –
    Levator labii superioris muscle
  7. Nostrils Heber –
    Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle
  8. nose muscle –
    Nasalis muscle

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Causes of dark circles

There are numerous Causes of eye bags.
The common Are cause

  • overexertion and
  • too few or too short periods of rest.

If your eyes are overworked, you will get one increased oxygen demand of the muscles and skin that are around the eye. The result is an accelerated supply conveyor of blood.
The skin under the eyes is thin that blood vessels shimmer just under the skin and are visible from the outside when the rapidly flowing blood is below the surface.

Another point is that at overexertion the body tries to get more blood for the overworked organs, on the other page but the blood oxygen poorer is as in a rested metabolic situation. Low oxygen blood is always dark as blood that is freshly loaded with oxygen. Another reason why the skin under the eyes shimmers dark. The dark skin is not clearly defined. The dark-looking skin areas settle annular under the eye and impress as dark circles.

Another reason of dark circles are allergic reaction. To date, it is a cause not exactly known, why heavy allergic also struggle with dark circles under the eyes. It is striking, however, that especially patients with eczema mostly chronic Have dark circles. One theory is that the skin under the eyes is particularly thin and therefore sensitive and with one eczema thrust is always particularly badly affected. Repetitive relapses put so much strain on the skin under the eye that it becomes one darkening coming.

With some Metabolic diseases there may also be dark circles. So here would be the so-called kryptopyrroluria to call. It is a substance that is excreted in the urine in the disease. In addition to numerous other symptoms, dark circles are often the first sign of them rarer illness.

Furthermore some deficiency lead to dark circles if these are not treated. Above all, here would be a difficult one Iron deficiency disease to name that in very pronounced stage can lead to dark circles. Also a pronounced one Vitamin C deficiency or a zinc deficiency can make itself visible in the form of dark circles. If dark circles appear for the first time, deficiency symptoms should be excluded and eliminated in addition to the other numerous causes. For diagnosis, there is a large blood count with the corresponding one vitamin– and Trace element determination necessary.

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