Payment by the jobcenter 2020

How high the Hartz-4 benefits are depends on many different factors. Among other things, a person’s income plays an important role. In some cases, the job center may pay out too much money. What happens if an overpayment is found in Hartz 4 recipients?

The most important things about overpayment from the job center in a nutshell:

  1. There can be many reasons when the job center too lot of money pays – either lies Clerk error or the Hartz 4 receiver has (deliberately) made false statements.
  2. If the job center detects an overpayment, one can Recovery of the amount be the result.
  3. One applies to overpayment from the job center Limitation period of one year. If you have exceeded this deadline, you must object to the decision.

What causes an overpayment by the job center??

When does the job center overpay??

There is talk of an overpayment if Hartz-4 recipients receive more money than they are actually entitled to. This can have many reasons. Often, the clerk undermines Failure to correctly count income or other item.

However, the error can also be with the Hartz 4 receiver itself. Did he hide his income or assets or Changes in his economic and personal circumstances are not communicated, the job center may overpay.

The recovery follows the Hartz 4 overpayment

If the overpayment is discovered by the job center, a letter of hearing will be sent to you first. In this, the facts are explained and you will receive the Given an opportunity to express themselves. The cancellation notice will then be issued, in which you will be informed that the job center is a Repayment due to overpayment requests.

As a rule, larger amounts cannot be raised immediately by ALG-2 recipients. In such a case, the repayment of the overpayment by the job center an installment payment can be agreed.

If there is an overpayment by the job center, file an objection

If you do not agree that you have to repay benefits due to an overpayment by the job center, you have the option, to lodge an objection within one month of receipt of the decision. The decision is then checked again. If you are not right, the last option remains Lawsuit before the social court.

Do you have the above Missed the deadline for the objection, this does not mean that you no longer have the option to take action against the job center. In such a case, you can Submit a review request.

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Have a good evening
I’ve only had problems since I’ve been working, because I always have to send my earnings statement to the job center and mostly I always have to pay money back. Only this month they sent me a list and they want almost 500 euros back from 2016 August, November and December Why do they only come with it? I still have an open invoice for an overpayment and I’m not even done with it. I’ve heard that I may not have to pay the amount because it’s been so long. I can only say that The desire to work is slowly declining. It’s not fun if you have to pay back something after months.

I feel the same way! Just because you work and the job center doesn’t calculate properly, I have so much debt to them! That means, letters keep coming, they have received too much performance, which I naturally caused willfully! Although I also submit the pay slip every month!
It’s just not fun anymore!

That’s how I feel, too, it’s no fun anymore. I was debt free at all times, it starts again

I have a question. The job center has paid me about 20 euros too much rent since 11/18, even though I have submitted everything properly. Is it legal that I have to pay the money back, although it was clearly an error by the clerk?

Hello, it’s the same with me. Since I am a single mother, I have to constantly pay back something, but what caused it itself is sometimes an administrative error. Since 2015, it has been going on until now. This is really arbitrary. I still have it from 2018 Two overpayments that have been repaid since the beginning of this year. Another overpayment two weeks ago, even though they had all the documents and had to be calculated. I now file an objection. And each time you get income that leads to a reduction or elimination The income was known and it should have been calculated. Since my permit expires at the end of September, I am afraid that if I do not file an objection, everything will be deleted.

Should the SB overpay after the hearing, if the answer does not suit him, just cut the benefits by 30%. Or to put it another way, the standard rate may be reduced if the JC has paid too much?

Regarding question 2: Yes, as a rule it can. We cannot give a general answer to your first question because we do not know your case. If in doubt, contact a lawyer.

The team of unemployed

If you are not to blame for an overpayment, you have to legally pay the amount back or not? Everyone says something different. It is not without reason that there is a 4-eye system, which means that such errors should not actually happen!

the amount must be repaid, provided the limitation period has been observed.

The team of unemployed

Dear Sir or Madam
One question is about an overpayment from the job center Married Hartz4 partial pension.
There is an overpayment of € 4,600 objection lodged. There is no debt. No personal fault. Period of repayment 2014-2018. Legal protection exists … Sincerely

In May of this year I informed the family fund by email that my 18-year-old daughter was taken out of my community of needs because she is no longer in my household.
Since I did not get an answer, I sent the letter again in June by post.
As of May, the job center naturally no longer includes child benefit.

On Friday the ALG 2 was transferred to me and I was horrified to see that I was only transferred 112 € instead of just under 800 €. I’m assuming that the job center has simply subtracted the almost 600 € that were overpaid by the child benefit fund from my needs.

I didn’t even get a letter or call before. No hearing, nothing.

I had the same thing because what was recalculated, first I was simply transferred € 160 less and 4 weeks later I received a letter saying I should tell you whether I would like to pay back the amount in one go or in installments.

Slowly I feel really fooled. The needs of me and the kids are not even enough to cover the entire rent: electricity, telephone, cell phone are all paid for by the kids’ maintenance and child benefit. and I have to pay 80 € on top of the rent myself.

Maybe someone can help me. Thanks in advance.

it is best to have the new Hartz 4 notice checked, since mistakes can well be made. We also recommend that you inquire with a lawyer for social law or a social advice center whether or which options you now have (e.g. whether an objection makes sense).

Your team from unemployed

Hello, I now have to pay back almost € 400 due to an “overpayment” by the job center (including € 70 from my minor son! Is that even legal?)
Well, why? I started working at the beginning of September because the job center had no information about my earnings (even though I submitted my employment contract right after I signed it … I get a fixed salary of around 800 gross per month, which translates into something for me as a single parent 635 € net), they paid me and my son the amount of 870 € (of which 508 rent). I got my first wages on September 26th and shortly afterwards I also received the reimbursement notice from the job center. I personally don’t understand why? Why? Why…? and took a position, as my clerk advised me … This was followed by an invitation to a personal interview (I hate personal discussions at the JC, as a liar you don’t just feel stupid, with all the technical, no, the employees work "easily ”Annoyed when you ask too many questions). Well my question is, despite overpayment … Can they really "collect" what my child is entitled to? Something may not be right there, community of needs or not!
Achja get ALG2 top up … in the list I have a claim of about 474 €, however, I only get just under 415 €, as I am still in another repayment (45 € per month) from the JC until August … but I notice that there is still approx 15 € missing … for inexplicable reasons … What can I do there?

unfortunately we are not allowed to offer legal advice and therefore cannot judge your case. We would like to advise you to visit a social counseling center. Here you will receive comprehensive advice on all social benefits and, if necessary, you can also have it checked whether the repayment is OK. Alternatively, you can contact a social law attorney using a counseling assistance certificate.

Your team from unemployed

I received a notice yesterday informing me that my job center had overpaid me in the last 6 months for just under 700 euros. I have a part-time job as a marginal employee and my income fluctuates a lot every month. Up until now, however, I have always submitted my pay slips to the job center on time after receipt, but have not received any regular or monthly adjustments to the Hartz4 benefits to my monthly fluctuating income.
This retroactive recalculation, from which the said overpayment is based, only takes place after the end of the last approval period.
Can I and is it worthwhile to object to this? As I said, I always met my reporting obligations by submitting my pay slips on a regular monthly basis. So can the job center make a claim? You knew how I earn on a monthly basis and that I earn additional income through the allowance of 100 euros.
I read that if the salary fluctuates, an average income is often assumed for a BWZ, also to avoid monthly adjustments and notifications. This means that the final recalculation only takes place after the BWZ. Unfortunately, this now gives me a retroactive overpayment and that puts me under a lot of pressure.
so what can I do?

Thank you for the answer and best regards

in the case of repayment claims, the individual case is very important. An objection can make sense, but since we cannot offer legal advice, we cannot assess the chances of success. If in doubt, you should contact a lawyer specializing in social law, which you can finance with a counseling certificate.

Your team from unemployed

Hello team of unemployed self-help,

changing my employer gave me two earnings in one month. The old AG paid the new month in the following month.
Now the JC is demanding a repayment of € 780. For the month I would only be paid 600 €.

How can it come to that? Why should I pay the JC back more??

Thanks in advance

unfortunately we cannot judge that. Get a lawyer to look into the matter, and you can fund it with a counseling certificate.

Your team from unemployed

Hi there!
By letter of November 1, 2018, I informed the JC that I would no longer need any services for myself and my community of needs from December 10, 2018.
I received around 600.00 euros per month as an increase.
These went directly to my landlord, so it was agreed with the JC.
Now the JC has again transferred the money to the landlord, even though I had given notice in writing.
May this money be claimed from me now??

I received ALG for 1 year and Hartz4 for one month.
Received the last time money from the office on 28.09. On October 1st I started a new job and received my first wage on October 26th.
Immediately (when the confirmation of the job came in at the end of September) informed the office by phone that I would start a new job on October 1st. After a letter with various required documents (employment contract, 1st pay slip, account statement etc.) came at the beginning of October, everything was completed and handed in.
Yesterday I get mail that I received payments in October, even though I already started a new job on October 1st.
But like me, I should have paid my rent, etc. on October 1, without the money from the office (on September 28), if I only received wages at the end of the month?

The writing is justified?

I would really appreciate a professional answer! I went against it in the first instance, but it was rejected. Now I can still appeal and need help!!
Please reply &# 128591;&# 128591;&# 128591;&# 128591;

Unfortunately we are not allowed to offer legal advice, which is why we cannot deal with your problem in a binding manner. However, you can contact a lawyer with the help of a counseling aid.

Your team from unemployed

Hi there,
I am married and live with my husband. He now works for 3.5 months. I submitted the employment contract 3 months ago, but have so far continued to receive payments from the job center such as rent and living expenses (Hartz4). Then a month ago, my approval notice had to be renewed or a new application made. Then I did not specify any changes based on previous knowledge of the job center, because I had already submitted the employment contract before, nothing has changed so far. Now I don’t know what to do ?

I am moving to ALGI and have had a part-time job up to 15 hours / week since September. I immediately informed the employment agency personally in the job center, submitted my certificate of earnings on time and received a letter last week that I should have received too much. I have to comment now .. how do I do it correctly? Which arguments count? Because that was really not my fault and unfortunately I don’t really pay attention to what they are counting .. I sorted out the check-outs properly, but never recalculated etc.
Thank you in advance

I have been working for 6 months now and because the branch was closed I am back in Harz and now the fat juicy bill the job center wants 1700 euros from us again. Degree now that we are completely resin again. I don’t feel like going to work anymore !! As a small note we have a child to look after.

Hello, I need urgent help &# 128577;
I started retraining in 2017 and have been living with my boyfriend since 2016. As a result, we are in the community of needs. He has been working full time and for a long time and I communicated this directly to the job center. The clerk didn’t say it and unfortunately she is already dead !! I have now received a hearing after 1.5 years and a repayment of € 2,500. And I am no longer receiving any benefits, because my friend’s salary should be € 1,300 net for us.
I cannot prove that I have submitted the employment contract after all &# 128577; I am totally at the end and have my education until August and no longer receive any benefits. What can i do there ?
Thank you for the answers in advance and best regards

Hi there,
I started work in March 2018 and immediately submitted the contract to the JC. Then of course I had already received the money for March. Now I have received the questionnaire. Sure, I have to pay the money back, but I offered the JC an installment payment of 10.00 per month. I am a single parent with 3 children (17. 10. 3) and I could live well with the 10.00. However, the job center refused and wants to withhold – namely the 10% of the standard rate – that is 104 euros per month. of course they really hurt me.
I thought the job center could only withhold if I had done something wrong? Do the 10% really have to be exhausted??
The notice says that I have not made a mistake. I told the JC that I can’t pay back much because I don’t want the kids to miss out.
What can I do?

Hi there,
Jobcenter wants a refund what now ?
We are in a community of needs I my wife and my son. My wife has no income we still receive child benefit for my son 194- €
I have a job and have been receiving sick pay since December 27th, 2018. My last wage influence from my Employers on December 21, 2018 and that was our only income for December month of 2018. In January 2019 I have sick pay on January 11, 2019 (for the period from December 26, 2018 to January 4, 2019) and January 24, 2019 (for the period of 05.01.18 to 18.01.19) received.
On 09.01.19, an application was made to the job center for an increase, with an additional payment for additional costs of around 300 euros submitted in 2017. first approved. in the amount of 600 euros together with the additional payment of additional costs. So 300 € additional costs + 300 € living expenses.
and Now Jobcenter wants to reclaim 600- € for the approved period as unjust benefit.
At the answer hearing I tried to explain with a bank statement that my last income from December is not to be taken into account for January.
nevertheless received a letter about the notice of cancellation and reimbursement
My question is,
according to principle of influence is this Right ?
Objection in which form of law text
in the event of a denial of contradiction, it is worth complaining. Because I can’t stand lawyer and court costs.
I ask for help
thanks in advance.
Kind regards
Mihail K.

since we are unfortunately not allowed to offer legal advice, we can only advise you to consult a lawyer.

Your team from

Hello I’m 18 and I’ve started to work a few months ago. At the job center they told me I should let them know when I would go to work. I also made an appointment and communicated it to them (orally with the clerk). Now I have to pay back 30 euros from the child allowance for the last 3 months because I apparently would not have communicated this. Percentage around 17% per month.
I did not receive any post because of not notification at the time, but only after 3 months.
I did not get any information on child benefit because my mother made the application a few years ago and received the letters and information. In addition, my mother barely talks to me about this topic (practically living our own lives in the same apartment). Can I give this as a reason for offsetting??

I worked a month in January 2019 and earned income. I reported this change to the job center so early in December 2018 that it would have been easy to cancel the ALG II benefits for January 2019. I have also attached (faxed) the employment contract to the change notification.

At the same time, I applied for a bridging aid, which was rejected by the job center. I was therefore of the opinion that for this reason the benefit will continue to be paid for a month. After all, I also needed money for petrol, for example, to be able to drive to the workplace.

Then the procedure came with a hearing and subsequent cancellation and reimbursement notice.

Now my 2 questions:

1.) Who is now responsible for the overpayment. If it was the job center, I still have to pay?
2.) The job center has now offset the total amount with the full July performance in one sum. If I have now paid the apartment rent from my EM pension, I am penniless! Is that okay??

Thank you very much … Peter

Hi there.
I am still at home with my son and am getting ALGII since I was in training. In addition, I get parental allowance + 150 € a month.
I always got 159 € from Jopcenter. Three months ago it was said that I was overpaid, my friend had earned more. I have always submitted all documents and in the time specified by the Jopcenter he did not earn more than before.
Now I only get € 45.60, the rest is kept for the down payment of the overpayment.
It can not be what you have to look if the Jopcenter itself made a mistake.
I am glad that I can work again from August and that I have nothing to do with.

Hello, I wrote to the job center that I would no longer like to receive any benefits from July 2019. Now that I have received a letter of consultation, am I obliged to provide information on why I no longer want any benefits? I had my services stopped on my own.
Thanks for your quick reply


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