Datteln: the vestische children and youth clinic closes its swimming pool, datteln

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Vestische Children’s and Adolescent Clinic

Shock before Christmas for Dattelner sports groups – this offer closes in January:

Shortly before Christmas, the Rheuma Liga and TV Datteln got the bad news – from mid-January their sports groups will be locked.

  • The Vestische Kinder- und Jugendklinik closes the in-house swimming pool from mid-January, which is used not only by patients but also by many Dattelner sports groups.
  • 107 members of the Dattelner Rheuma Liga and 60 to 80 members of the TV Datteln are active in the swimming pool in the area of ​​health sports.
  • The children’s clinic wants to create a replacement offer for the patients on the premises. There is no solution in sight for the clubs.

The bad news reached Friedhelm Neugebauer of the Dattelner Rheuma-Liga a week before Christmas. From mid-January, the members will no longer be able to conduct their courses in the swimming pool of the Vestische Kinder and Jugendklinik. In mid-January there are regular maintenance work in the swimming pool. We have now decided not to open it again afterwards, ”confirms Hannah Iserloh, spokeswoman for the children’s clinic.

The maintenance costs of the pool are simply too expensive. Pay 150,000 to 200,000 euros a year the children’s clinic in addition to running costs for the maintenance of the swimming pool, annual filter changes and other work. “We still wanted to use the circuit before the upcoming repairs,” explains Iserloh.

TV Datteln 09 is now also faced with a problem: Almost 70 to 80 members are active in courses that use the clinic bathroom. "For our Parkinson group, for example, we are currently not aware of any alternative offer," says club chairman Roland Köster.

Because of the closure of the clinic basin, the Rheuma-Liga has now asked the city of Datteln for help – in the new year a discussion with Mayor André Dora is on the plan, if and in what form city can help with the misery. “We want to find out what is needed and how we can help, ”says city spokesman Dirk Lehmanski.

A swimming pool for health sports is characterized, among other things, by a higher water temperature. The closest provider would be the Maritimo swimming pool in Oer-Erkenschwick.

Meanwhile, a new range of sports is taking shape: in 2020, the Sportpark Mitte will open directly at the Stadtbad.


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