The most beautiful christmas films for children

The most beautiful Christmas films for children

The most beautiful Christmas films for children

December 20, 2012 – 1:12 p.m.

Janine likes to watch the movie ‘Kevin alone at home’: "I think the film is cool, although it is a bit older .. But the story is so strange that it is always fun to watch it .. That’s easy a boy is forgotten at home, who is still small, but he takes advantage of the whole thing and survives. And I also think that it won’t get boring. The little boy always comes up with new things, like he does two burglars can get rid of. In summary, I think that it reflects Christmas with all the hustle and bustle, but at the same time shows how a little boy in a funny way shows the crooks "fought" and also have fun alone at Christmas. Without the whole normal Christmas."

Approved from the age of twelve

For Michaela it is ‘A nice mess’ clearly the best Christmas movie ever: "I watch the film every year, but I almost fall off the sofa laughing every time. Chevy Chase as a father Clark Griswold, who is a beautiful, harmonious and very nice to his family at all costs light-intense Christmas wants to prepare – and always shoots past the goal. My personal highlights: The sleigh ride that ends for Clark in the Wal Mart dumpster and the moment when his 25,000 lights on the house finally work – what for them Power supply to the city and its blinded neighbors are not without consequences.

Approved for ages six and up

For Christmas, ‘The last unicorn’ always belongs to Tanja: "Especially the theme music ‘The last unicorn’ is so beautiful. I like films about it magic and the story has always fascinated me. Definitely a film that I can see anew every year."

Approved for ages six and up

Franzi is looking forward to the Christmas grouch every year, which ultimately finds the festival somehow stupid: "Christmas, the festival of love – all nonsense when it comes to the Grinch! With his green shaggy skin and thin long fingers, he just finds Christmas stupid and enjoys stealing the gifts of Whoville residents. But don’t worry, it wouldn’t be a Christmas movie if there wasn’t a happy ending. Admittedly, the film is corny, but somehow I keep looking at him with a smile and looking forward to the nasty one grinning Christmas muffle. By the way: Jim Carrey plays his role as ‘Grinch’ simply phenomenal!"

Approved for ages six and up

Antonia’s favorite film for Christmas is ‘The Miracle of Manhattan’. "Christmas is one family celebration and in the film family is especially important. It shows how important good family cohesion is, what you can do if you stick together. I also find them in the film Mixture of reality and fantasy Particularly beautiful: Susan’s belief in the real Santa Claus, which she discovers in Kriss Kringle, the department store Santa Claus, and the adults who do not believe in Santa Claus. Nevertheless, Susan never loses her faith and in the end her three wishes that Kringle had wished for Christmas come true. Just beautiful!"

Released without age rating

Barbara’s Christmas film is the classic one Dickens story tells of the Muppets: "Never before had the evil Ebenezer Scrooge, his poor assistant Bob and his wife Emily been presented so charmingly. Michael Caine shines as a purified villain, most other figures are the well-known Muppets dolls like Kermit and Miss Piggy. Singing vegetables and talking oxen should not be missing in this special Christmas story and make the film a pleasure for young and old."

Released without age restriction

Sabine’s favorite Christmas film is ‘The Singing, Sounding Tree’. "Basically, I like almost all of these old Defa Christmas films. But I particularly like that. I’ve always loved the story. The evil princess is cheeky and arrogant, is by one enchanted bear robbed, then also becomes ugly and only gradually turns back into the beautiful princess after good deeds. At the end of the film, the girl is purified and given the handsome prince."

Approved for ages six and up

Pia’s favorite Christmas movie is ‘The Polar Express’: "When I watch the film, I feel like I’m back in my childhood. Above all, this unshakable belief in Santa Claus is simply beautiful. And the delicious hot chocolate that the little boy drinks on the train really makes you want cookies and more. ‘The Polar Express’ is a wonderful, computer animated Christmas film for children, but also for adults."

The film is based on the children’s book of the same name by Chris Van Allsburg and deals with THE topic at Christmas: There is Santa Claus? The story: It’s Christmas Eve. Everyone is lying in their beds and sleeping. A little boy is awakened by the squeak of the train brakes. It is the Polar Express. The conductor of the train, played by Tom Hanks, asks the little boy to board the other children. And then the journey starts North Pole and Santa Claus. On the way, the little boy experiences many beautiful and exciting stories. When the train reaches the North Pole, the children on board are no longer amazed. Christmas can be so beautiful. Finally, Santa Claus wants to fulfill the boy’s greatest wish. As a reminder of this night, he wishes a bell from the reindeer sleigh. But then the bell is lost on the way home.

Approved for ages six and up

Katharina’s favorite Christmas film as a child was ‘Santa Clause’ Tim Allen: "Even today, I still find him super funny, even though I’ve seen him 50 times by now. The role for the humorous Tim Allen is just right. A really nice Christmas movie."Released without age restriction

Frauenzimmer editor Camilla falls in love with every year ‘the little lord’: "The film is about a little boy named Cedric Errol, the grandson of the rich Earl of Dorincourt from England. Cedric comes from one improper marriage his father with an American. The old earl has a hard time accepting that this boy of all who is in one New York’s poor neighborhood grew up, his only legacy is. Nevertheless, the cold-hearted man invites the six-year-old blond boy to England – so that he can get to know him and the associated county.

It is always wonderful to see how clever and lovable Cedric manages to soften his grandfather’s petrified heart. Little by little, it literally melts away – which of course also benefits the poor residents of the county. It goes so far that the wealthy Earl shares his wealth with them for the first time and also recognizes that Cedric’s mother, despite her poverty, is one kind-hearted and clever Woman is. Because she gave her son the best education a poor mother can give her child: that of the heart."

Approved for ages six and up

Irena loved as a child ‘A Christmas Story’ from Dickens: "When I saw the film for the first time, it became a tradition in our family to watch it every year. The film does it To put fairy tales into the present and is funny and action-packed at the same time. So who has had enough of boring and "just" beautiful Christmas films, he should watch ‘The ghosts that I called’. Besides, Bill Murray is really a great actor and made for this role. So get popcorn and laughed."

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