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The best internet radio stations with CD

If you still have some CDs at home that you would like to play occasionally on your radio, then an internet radio with integrated CD compartment is handy. Since you have one more function available, you unfortunately have to pay for it.

Short overview: Our recommendations

TechniSat DIGITRADIO 600

bought from 34 readers

The TechniSat Digitradio 600 is not for small rooms. The loudspeakers, in addition to down-beaming subwoofers in stately wooden casings, can easily sound larger rooms effortlessly and, above all, sonically powerful. The high-gloss lacquered housing incorporates the latest technology, and it is also available in discreet anthracite.

Robert’s Stream 67

Significantly more expensive than our favorite is the Roberts Stream 67, this model also shines with excellent workmanship, is significantly larger and therefore requires even more space. The two bass chassis and the reflex openings radiate to the rear, so it may be the better choice from the lineup. Also for the sound of large rooms, the Stream 67 is better than our favorite.

Auna Connect CD

bought by 39 readers

Somewhat cheaper is the Auna Connect CD; Here, too, everything fits in the smaller case and instead of a subwoofer, the two speakers are supported by a bass reflex opening on the back. Bluetooth has to do without NFC support, but the headphone jack is easily accessible at the front.


bought by 16 readers

With the DIR3505MSCBT Hama breaks new ground, at least the design deviates from the widespread block. The base almost lets the Hama float, the curved front part takes up less space visually. On the part of the equipment, however, nothing is missing, even the sound can convince the Hama fully.

comparison Chart

comparison Chart
  • Excellent sound
  • Very good quality
  • Solid workmanship
  • Front USB socket
  • Excellent sound
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Extensive equipment
  • good sound
  • Front AUX and headphone jack accessible
  • Telescopic antenna
  • Exceptional design
  • Very many Schnitsttellen
  • Very extensive equipment
  • Line and SPDIF output
  • Very good sound
  • Same as Auna Connect CD, with similar price
  • Cheap price
  • good sound
test winner If money does not matter On sale Design tip
model TechniSat DIGITRADIO 600 Robert’s Stream 67 Auna Connect CD Hama DIR3505MSCBT Sangean DDR-66 BT Albrecht DR 890 CD Pearl IRS-700
  • Outdated display technology
  • AUX and headphone jack on the back
  • Aux and headphone jack on the back
  • Bluetooth connection somewhat unstable
  • External power supply
  • All interfaces on the back
  • Fewer decor variants than the Auna
  • wire antenna
  • CD drive makes noise
  • No Bluetooth
Best price
Show technical data
channels stereo stereo stereo stereo stereo stereo stereo
swell Internet radio, network, Bluetooth (NFC), DAB +, FM (RDS), AUX, USB, CD Internet radio, network, Bluetooth, DAB +, FM, AUX, USB, CD Internet radio, network, Bluetooth, DAB +, FM (RDS), AUX, CD Internet radio, network, Bluetooth, DAB +, FM, AUX, USB, CD Internet radio, network, Bluetooth (aptX, NFC), DAB +, FM (RDS), SD card, AUX, USB, CD Internet radio, network, Bluetooth, DAB +, FM (RDS), AUX, USB, CD Internet radio, network, DAB +, FM, AUX, USB, CD
interfaces USB (at the front), AUX-in, headphones, LAN LAN, AUX-in, headphones, USB AUX, headphone (frontal), USB LAN, AUX-in, AUX-out, Headphones, USB, Toslink (out) AUX-in, line-out, headphones, USB, SPDIF, LAN Headphones, AUX-in (both frontal), USB AUX-in, headphones, USB (all frontal)
Wireless WLAN, Bluetooth WLAN, Bluetooth WLAN, Bluetooth WLAN, Bluetooth WLAN, Bluetooth WLAN, Bluetooth WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS
streaming services Spotify Connect Spotify Connect, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music Spotify Connect Spotify Connect, Amazon Music Spotify Connect Spotify Connect
care external power supply internal power supply Power supply external power supply internal power supply Power supply external power supply
dimension 400 x 170 x 215 mm 455 x 160 x 285 mm 350 x 105 x 275 mm 370 x 220 x 175 mm 356 x 122 x 252 mm 350 x 105 x 250 mm 370 x 135 x 180 mm
mass 4,94 kg 7.2 kg 3.7 kg 3.6 kg 4.1 kg 3.5 kg 3.7 kg
delivery Power supply, remote control Power adapter, remote control, antennas Plug-in power supply, remote control, audio cable Power adapter, remote control, antenna Power cable, remote control Plug-in power supply, remote control, audio cable, wire antenna Power supply, remote control

Test winner: TechniSat Digitradio 600

The TechniSat Digitradio 600 is a powerful device, clearly outperforming its direct competitors, at least in terms of width and height, and also sets standards in terms of weight with five kilos. Even the much more expensive Sangean DDR-66 BT weighs a whole kilo less. It does not come by chance, after all, a bass driver with a full 120 mm diameter downforce ensures downward pressure – and of course it weighs.

TechniSat DIGITRADIO 600

bought from 34 readers

Operation and equipment

But also the clean painted wooden case is quite thick, so that as few resonances as possible arise. Still, the Digitradio 600 is anything but a gimmick box, but there’s more to the sound below. The Digitradio has, as two more devices in this test, a so-called slot-in-CD drive, that is; The disc is inserted into the slot and then retracted by the mechanics, similar to many CD players in the car. There is no drawer in and out, so the mechanics are largely protected from dust.

After the CD has been inserted and read in by the laser, the digital radio automatically switches to CD playback, regardless of which source was previously active. Incidentally, this is done with the exception of the cheap VR radio from Pearl, all of which are testing equipment, where you have to go into the selection menu quite cumbersomely and then manually select the CD as the playback medium.

As sources are the Digitradio 600 in addition to the CD and other digital as well as analog sources are available; In addition to the obligatory DAB + and FM reception facilities, there is also an AUX socket for analog sources – unfortunately, this is on the back – and last but not least, a USB socket for appropriate data carriers, but this is fortunately placed in front.

In addition, the radio also likes to contact the smartphone via Bluetooth and is supported by NFC. The logo and thus the active surface is clearly visible on the top of the case, the smartphone must therefore be placed for a short connection only.

The setup of the Digitradio is very easy, most comfortable over the WLAN, at Beadarf but also over a secure, stable LAN connection. Even before that, however, one comes into contact with the menu, this is just as stale as the other TechniSat radios; excluding the Digitradio 110 IR, which is the only device with a true graphical display. In contrast to the other two digital radios (Digitradio 360IR, Digitradio 301 IR), it zaps at least slightly liquid in the digital radio 600 through the monochrome world of the dot matrix display.

Even the laying of such important interfaces such as headphone and AUX socket on the back is difficult to understand, after all, but has, as I said, the USB interface mounted in front.

Otherwise, there is nothing to complain about, the operation by clear remote control and the device is largely self-explanatory and the most important thing; The wireless connections such as Bluetooth and WLAN are made quickly. Thanks to its compatibility with UNDOK, the digital radio can easily be integrated into a multiroom installation and also allows simplified access to a range of streaming services, in addition to the omnipresent Spotify.

TechniSat Digitradio 600 in the sound test

The small inconsistencies on the part of the controls, however, move into the background after the first sound sample: the stately bass speaker provides powerful bass support, but does not drown out the forward-looking broadband speakers, so that a closed sound pattern is always created. The Digitradio is able to fill even larger rooms with sound, the two front speakers even manage to create a decent stereo image, at least if you sit close enough in front of it.

This, too, is ultimately due to the width of the housing, narrower devices usually manage this only with laterally radiating speakers. However, this has the well-known disadvantage that they also need space on the right and left to play freely in the room.

The high-quality broadband speakers are also responsible for ensuring that the Digitradio 600 not only has musical abilities, but also good speech intelligibility, which has an invaluable advantage, especially for news broadcasts.


Apart from the display and the somewhat unfortunate distribution of the interfaces, we had nothing to complain about on the Digitradio 600. The display is a nuisance, but ultimately only a cosmetic Art. That sockets such as the headphone output and the analog AUX input were hidden on the back, you will unfortunately also found on many other devices.

TechniSat Digitradio 600 in the test mirror

Due to the very short market presence, there is only one single test of the Digitradio 600, so we can look forward to further reactions:

In the magazine InfoDigital (02/2017) the digitradio immediately got the first place, even with the Sonoro Stereo 2, which, however, also costs the double of the digital radio.

This achieved the test victory with a “very good” result (grade 1.4), the deciding factor was the good workmanship, as well as the very good multiroom capabilities. It was criticized that the device has no line output, for example, for the stereo system, as well as the bass-heavy sound.

The latter certainly depends largely on the type of installation, in particular of the ground, in the equalizer settings but can also take back the bass, if the appears too present. For us it was crucial that the Digitradio 600 provides the best conditions for a crisp bass, which does not tend to boom when set up well. If necessary, you can still turn it down.


It is always a bit cheaper and definitely more expensive. With the cheaper devices, you have to take reductions, and the only expensive device is the question, if you need the extra equipment. Even if you have to struggle with space problems, one of the alternatives may be interesting or you can do without the CD drive.

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