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Many children are happy when they bring their parents to kindergarten and can do something with them there. A joint Advent party with children and parents offers the right opportunity. In addition, you have the opportunity to make contact with the parents at such a celebration. Often the parents come to such events, e.g. not to be seen at parents’ evenings.

You don’t have to put together a great program at such a celebration. The focus should rather be on the cozy get-together and the opportunity to chat and make contacts.

Preliminary considerations for your Advent party

First of all, you have to find an appointment for your Advent party. It is recommended that you set this date very early, as there are many celebrations and events during the Advent season. If the parents know the date for the Advent party with their children in good time, they can keep this date free. As a rule, the Advent celebrations take place in the afternoons in order to give working parents, at least part-time, the opportunity to take part in the Advent celebration.

Then you should set the time frame for the celebration. The later you start the celebration, the greater the chance that working parents can participate. In any case, make sure that you have enough time to prepare for the celebration. A possible time frame would be e.g. the time from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. If the celebration lasts longer, the children usually become very restless.

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It is also important that you consider in which room the celebration should take place. The group room is often unsuitable for such activities with many people. Discuss with your colleagues whether you can use the multi-purpose room for your celebration.

In the next step, you plan how you want to design the room. Do you want e.g. Build a long table or prefer to set up table groups? With a long table, you can usually only talk to your direct table neighbors, while you can talk to everyone at the table groups who are sitting at this table group. Decorate the tables with Christmas napkins, fir branches and candles with little effort and yet very festively.

Eating and drinking are always part of a cozy get-together. In order to keep the work for you within limits, agree with the parents that you take care of the drinks and that the parents bring home baked cookies, pastries or cakes.

Advent party program

How to organize your Advent party:

  • First of all, greet everyone Children with Your parents and briefly present the afternoon’s schedule.
  • You can start with a common Advent or Christmas song. If you want the parents to sing along, you should at least hand out the lyrics (if possible the notes) of the song to the parents.
  • Then you can either read a short Christmas story or together with the children and parents pictures watch and tell the story.
  • If you want, you can create something creative afterwards so that the children can get active. There are simple tasks that everyone can do. If you want to create something together, make sure you have enough scissors, pens, glue and whatever else you need, or ask parents to bring scissors and glue with them.
  • After hard work, the cozy get-together should be in the foreground when eating and drinking. Use the opportunity to talk to parents. In this way you can learn a lot about the concerns, concerns, questions, parents ‘attitudes towards kindergarten and surely answer some of the parents’ questions. Accompany the cozy get-together with some Christmas background music.
  • As a highlight, the children hand over their homemade Christmas gifts to their parents during the celebration.
  • Say goodbye to all children and parents, thank everyone for coming and sing a song together at the end.

With this pattern you can easily invite the parents to your Advent party:

together with your children we would like to warmly welcome you to a cozy and contemplative Advent afternoon

at the Thursday, December 14th, 2017

in the time of 15 to 17 your

in the multipurpose room our kindergarten invite.

Together we want to sing, do handicrafts and hear a Christmas story this afternoon.

Your children will also have a surprise for you!

It would be beautiful, if you could bring your own baked cookies, pastries or cakes. We provide the drinks.


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