Dental emergency service

dental emergency service

You are looking for a dental emergency service?

Important questions about the dental emergency service …

When is it advisable to go to the dental emergency service?

It is not always necessary to go to the dentist straight away, but there are some cases in which you should go directly to a dental practice. These are primarily dental accidents. If a tooth is knocked out or a part of the tooth has broken off, it is important not only that the root should not be touched under any circumstances, but also that a dentist be consulted as soon as possible. If there is a dental accident, then it is also important to bring the tooth to the dentist in a tooth rescue box or in an emergency in UHT milk. The faster a tooth can be replaced or restored, the higher the probability that the tooth’s health can be restored.

Even strong toothache should be treated immediately by a dentist. This can determine whether it is bacterial diseases such as caries or periodontitis or an inflammation of the root or the like. Especially when there is a lot of pain, it is inevitable that dental emergency service visit. Toothaches limit the patient’s overall well-being and should be remedied as soon as possible.

At what times is the dental emergency service responsible?

If you suffer from a toothache or have suffered a dental trauma, i.e. a dental accident, you should first check whether your own dentist has opened. As a rule, a visit to the trusted dentist makes sense, because the dentist already has all the necessary documents and knows the dental health of his patients. However, many practices are closed on weekends, on public holidays or on bridging days. It is then that it is necessary to consult the dental emergency service.

The dental emergency service, like the medical emergency service, is there to bridge times when your own doctor cannot be reached. These are usually night and weekend times. However, if your own doctor is on vacation, it is advisable to go to the indicated representative. Practices often leave messages and contact details on the tape for dentists who act as holiday substitutes.

What does the dental emergency service cost??

As with other emergency medical services, a so-called emergency fee must be paid when visiting the dental emergency service. This varies depending on the federal state and health insurance company. In the case of insured patients, the surcharge is around EUR 13.50 for services that are rendered outside the office hours.

Patients who have private health insurance pay a flat rate of between 4 and 18 euros. It looks exactly at what time the patient had to go to the dental emergency service. The costs for the actual service are borne by the health insurance companies, whereby the service portfolio is always dependent on the offers of the respective health insurance companies.

Which dentists take over the dental emergency service?

Which dentists take over the dental emergency service is always rotating. Normally, an association regulates which local dentist’s turn is on which holiday or weekend. When visiting the dental emergency service, no preferences can be considered, rather it is about the dental care of the patient, regardless of which dentist.

How to behave with severe toothache?

If you suffer from severe toothache, it is a good idea to first use commercially available pain relievers. In addition to aspirin, ibuprofen or paracetamol are also suitable. After dental surgery, in most cases, aspirin should not be used. This thins the blood and could cause the wound to bleed again. In general, taking painkillers for toothache is recommended.

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