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The last two days before Easter: Lent ends

Now it’s done, the vegan challenge! Lent is coming to an end in the rush and our project to live vegan 40 days before Easter also ends. We are so used to some things that we want to keep them in the future (e.g. without baking eggs) – some things we can …

Make your own nut nougat chocolate cream

vegan and free of palm oil Anyone who has ever looked a little on the list of ingredients for hazelnut, chocolate or nut nougat creams knows the problem: too much sugar, too few nuts, too strong taste of sunflower oil, too little Cocoa, contains skimmed milk powder (is not vegan), which is actually soy lecithin, I do not like to consume soy products, and f. k…

Palm Sunday: Jesus moves to Jerusalem

And we are looking forward to an end to Lent – or? today at breakfast there was a conversation about what was going to happen on Sunday Easter for meaning. My son believed that Jesus was nailed to the cross today, died on Good Friday, and rose again at Easter. So he did that in the …

Judika half marathon Sunday in Berlin

The last Sunday passed without my taking the time to talk to my children this time about what (church) importance is attached to it and what meaning we attach to this Sunday in the Passion. It was the Sunday called Judika. God should make us right, from bad people …

Day 27 Easter fasting project: Finally something sweet!

Actually, I had said very positive that almost all desires and needs can be satisfied in the past world – sweet, salty, fruity, greasy – whatever your heart desires, there is a vegan version, some happy and makes you happy. But then the craving for fatty and cheese came in …

Day 23 of the Easter Fasting Project: Cravings!

It’s been like this for a few days now: fancy cheese, fancy baked goods, fancy fat, fancy thick, fat candy! So today I rummaged through various vegan blogs and cookbooks to satisfy my cravings! A mixture of peanuts, raw biscuit dough and thick chocolate would be wonderful! The good news: Apparently that’s quite …

Fourth Sunday of the Passion Period: Halftime!

Rejoice with Jerusalem! Cheers in the city, everyone you love. se >Continue reading "Fourth Sunday of the Passion Period: Halftime!"


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