Dental services of the dental practice dr

Dental services from our practice in Karlsruhe-Durlach

Our practice offers the entire range of treatments from prophylaxis to high-end solutions with high-quality dentures from our practice laboratory. Healthy starts in the mouth.


Your tooth preservation specialists Teeth diseases, such as tooth decay or periodontitis, can cause extremely uncomfortable pain. Caries is still one of the most common diseases of civilization.

Dentures and prosthetics

Even though tooth preservation has improved in dentistry and many teeth that previously had to be extracted can still be preserved today, in the event of tooth loss, it is often necessary to use dentures to restore the physiological bite.

Implantology and surgery

As your specialist for implants in Karlsuhe-Durlach, I took part in various advanced training courses and additional qualifications in implantology at an early stage.

Prophylaxis and teeth cleaning

Studies have shown that 70 to 80% of all dental diseases can be avoided through regular prophylaxis. Beautiful teeth are an expression of quality of life and joie de vivre, an unbiased smile with radiantly beautiful teeth ensures your well-being and also increases your self-confidence.

Periodontal treatment

Another large area of ​​tooth preservation is periodontitis therapy. This is particularly about the health of the tooth support system. Periodontitis manifests itself in a gradual breakdown of the bone around the tooth root, whereby pain often only occurs in advanced stages and the tooth is then noticeably loosened.


Beautiful teeth, a radiant smile and confident appearance: the appearance plays an increasingly important role in private and professional life. There are several ways to make your teeth brighter.

Endodontics / root canal treatment

Endodontics deals with the tooth nerve and the tissue that surrounds the root tip. Root canal treatment becomes necessary if the tooth nerve is inflamed or has already died.

Pediatric Dentistry

As a dentist in Karlsruhe-Durlach, child-friendly treatment plays a particularly important role in dentistry. We advise expectant mothers about their dental health at the beginning and during pregnancy.

Own laboratory / CAD-CAM / all-ceramic

A dedicated practice laboratory enables close collaboration between the dental technician and the dentist. In our laboratory we have specialized in the production of all-ceramic dentures.

Splint therapy of the temporomandibular joint

Teeth have relationships with the entire body. Since they are part of the human body, it is not surprising that disorders in the jaw area can also affect other areas of the body.


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