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Dentures Hungary

Dentures in Hungary

If you have a tooth gap and it is replaced or one or more teeth have to be replaced with a tooth crown or dental bridge due to tooth decay or other defects, these are called dentures.

There are removable and fixed dentures in Hungary. We count dental crowns, dental bridges and dental implants as fixed dentures.

These can consist of different materials such as metal, titanium, ceramic or even plastics. In the case of a tooth crown in Hungary, the defective part is ground away from the tooth and a tooth crown is made and glued to it.

A dental bridge in Hungary consists of dental bridge pontics, consisting of several parts. The dental bridges are anchored on the healthy neighboring teeth of the tooth gap.

Dental implants in Sopron are there to replace the missing tooth roots, these are inserted into the bones and the later dentures can be built on them (drilled or cemented).

There are different types of removable dentures such as partial dentures, full dentures or PEEK dentures. One speaks about a full denture if the patient has no more own teeth, about a partial denture if the patient still has some teeth and these are supplemented with a partial denture.

Dentures are used to restore the ability to buy and to make sounds possible again. With a denture, the face will also change optically and be more aesthetic.

Single tooth implant or dental bridge as a denture?

Learn more about Zahnkrone v.s. here Dental implant:

Dentures prices in Hungary

Average prices for dentures in Hungary:

  • Tooth crown (titanium): from EUR 250
  • Zircon crown (full ceramic): from EUR 350
  • 3-digit dental bridge (titanium): from 750 EUR
  • 3-digit dental bridge (all-ceramic): from 1050 EUR
  • Dental implant: from 450 EUR Further costs of dental implants in Hungary
  • Inlay: from EUR 250
  • Onlay: from EUR 250
  • Full denture from 400 EUR

The prices are for guidance only. (+ -25%)

Price list of dental surgeries in Hungary:

Dentures experience

Patient experience about dentures in Hungary.

health insurance

Grant health insurance

Before your dental treatment takes place in Hungary, you should submit an HKP (medical and cost plan) to your health insurance company for approval.

If the plan is approved, the patient can go abroad for treatment. Either you have to pay your own share if there is one. The dentist pays the rest with the health insurance.


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