Dwarf rabbits as pets

Dwarf rabbits have been bred in Europe for a good 100 years. In contrast to domestic rabbits, which are significantly larger and are usually kept as farm animals, dwarf rabbits have become popular pets. Over time, a wide variety of color changes and rams and long-haired breeds emerged.

Dwarf rabbits are animals under 2kg that also have typical features of dwarfism, such as a rounded head and shortened ears.

At first glance, dwarf rabbits are extremely suitable pets: small, quiet, clean, easy to keep in a rented apartment and also for Suitable for working people. They are cute, socially interested in people and active during the day. In addition, rabbits are extremely cheap to buy, the accessories are manageable, the demands seem low.

Unfortunately, these advantages are a major disadvantage for the animals themselves: many dwarf rabbits in Germany are not kept in an appropriate manner, but suffer only silently. Far too many rabbits have to spend their lives in solitary confinement, socially stunted and vegetate with almost no variety or movement. Often this may be due to ignorance, but in part it is also the simple, inexpensive purchase that is to blame. A rabbit for the child is quickly bought and the child’s interest often disappears just as quickly.

Thoughts before buying

Rabbits should be kept in pairs at least

Rabbits are sociable, playful, active and curious. With good posture, they quickly become trusting and like to interact with their people. Rabbits are very interesting pets if you give them the chance. Sitting in the corner "boring", not interested in anything and reacting shyly to people, rabbits only become if they are kept in the wrong way. So the most important question before buying is: do you really want and have enough time to keep and keep rabbits properly??

First and foremost, the adults in the household should have an interest in rabbit husbandry and be ready to take care of the rabbits. Rabbits can live to be over 10 years old, are you sure that interest will persist over this long period? To "try out" whether dwarf rabbits are a suitable pet, it is advisable to take over an older pair of rabbits from the animal shelter.

Other basic considerations:

Dogs and rabbits can also get along

A family member is allergic to animal hair?

Do pets already exist? How do they react to rabbits?

What happens to the rabbits when you go on vacation?

Very important: rabbits are extremely social animals and should always be kept by at least two people. Human contact or a guinea pig are not a substitute for one Conspecifics. It is also not true that rabbits are tamed when kept alone. The opposite is usually the case, as rabbits that are comfortable react more openly and interestedly to their surroundings.

Rabbits need exercise and, at best, also opportunities for digging. One calculates with 2-3m² per rabbit, so about 5m² per rabbit pair as a minimum. Keeping rabbits in a commercially available cage is by no means appropriate to the species without any further (daily!) Exercise.

Rabbits can have up to 5 litters a year and also mate with close relatives. Therefore, when a couple of rabbits are kept (which is the most appropriate in addition to the larger group housing), the rammers should be neutered.

Rabbits are generally not suitable for small children, since small children are usually too coarse, loud and unpredictable. The children should be old enough to understand that animals are not cuddly toys and not toys and, above all, are not always interested in interaction when the child is in the mood. Rabbits also panic if they are lifted incorrectly and therefore painfully.

On the other hand, rabbits are quite suitable for somewhat older children. Children learn to take responsibility and social skills such as consideration and attention to the needs of others are trained. Rabbits can also become valuable social partners, especially for more reserved children.

It should also be borne in mind that dwarf rabbits can easily live up to 10 years, i.e. part of the own Stay alive. If you are not sure whether rabbits are suitable pets for you, you will find a large number of older rabbits in the shelter.


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