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Easter Bunny poems

Easter Bunny poems

Easter Bunny

Believe me, I saw the rabbit,

he came out of the pub, he could hardly stand!

You do not need to hope for eggs now because Schlappohr drank the money.

He staggered to the building and just slurred:

"Three small beers, three pure whiskey …"

Today I met him again, the guy was already drunk again.

So this year, I’m very afraid, only Easter gifts with egg liqueur.


Down by the garden wall
I see the rabbit lurking.
One, two, three: lay an egg,
it will never be long.

Children let’s duck down!
You see it looking around anxiously?
Oh, there it jumps and there it hatches
through the gaps in the wall.

And now search in all corners,
where the most beautiful eggs are,
red and blue and green and gray
and with marble stains.


With the first signs of spring
Easter time is ahead of us.

We banish scarves and hats,
gladly slip into the spring dress.

Many colorful flower bells
ring in Easter.
And many an Easter bunny
is already busy building its nest.

Let the rabbits paint eggs,
red and blue and big and small;
we’re going to these days
enjoy the warm sunshine.

The dear Easter time

Yes, yes, dear Easter
is for us rabbits far and wide
the hardest time of the year,
because good children, that’s clear,
get lots of colorful eggs
given to the resurrection celebration.

It means plaguing yourself every day,
carry the heavy egg baskets,
then hold the brush for weeks
and stir color again and again,
make the most beautiful patterns out of it
without breaking an egg!
Yes, paint the round eggs
with their thin, delicate shells,
the blue, yellow, green, red
is difficult even for skillful paws.

But no effort should spoil us,
because we know a lot of lovely children,
who diligently calculate, write, read
and mostly have been – also good.
We may bring the children
a hate that is like ourselves;
that’s so nice, yes nice to eat !-
So it’s eaten after Easter.

The Way of the Cross – requests for Good Friday

The heavy ones hours

Now our soul breathes silence again

in these holy, serious days,

where according to the father’s holy will,

the Savior must now carry the heavy cross.

My mind is sad and my heart is so heavy.

The Mount of Olives hours are already in sight,

where you leave, wrestle lonely, O Lord,

and your disciples sleeping – don’t see it.

The road begins, you said your "yes"

and already go to your stations.

Silent, patient, you never complained.

The angels cry in the zones of heaven.

You carry your cross through this crowd,

who face you with all their hatred.

You hear the wild hate songs in amazement

and just wanted to love and bless them.

On the cross with him! Up to Golgatha,

this call sounds in our ears.

Oh dearest God, you are truly there.

You who created the earth and the sky.

They hit you on that cross,

the world with its hatred doesn’t give rest.

They hit you on the cross in our day,

the executioner’s blows are always booming.

Only God, love, can remain silent

and forgive even the greatest enemy.

I have to lean deeply in front of this size.

Lord, teach me to be merciful too!

The way to the cross
They took you all the way to Calvary.

The cross is already ready on the hill.

I join in and am very close to you in love.

Experience your agonizing, bitter suffering.

The passion began on the Mount of Olives,

where you wrestle lonely and abandoned with God.

Water and blood from your holy Face ran.

Has anyone ever experienced such bitter misery?

Scourged and mocked with a crown of thorns,

You look quietly and patiently at the crowd.

You are truly God’s own son.

How pain The wild hate chants.

You carry the cross, yelled at by the rabble

and is silent, how love can only be silent.

I want to kneel down in front of you.

Full of shame and remorse – great pain man.

The word will come true on Calvary.

The executioners are already ready,

where, according to God’s holy father’s will

you should experience the bitter agony.

They hit you on this cross.

Oh, earth, is there nowhere more peace?

They crucify you in our day too.

The hammer blows are always booming.

O Lord, I will bow deeply in awe

in front of you who give your life for me.

I want to testify before earth and sky,

that I’ve never loved you so hot.

01 Jesus is sentenced to death

02 Jesus takes the cross on his shoulders

03 Jesus falls under the cross for the first time

04 Jesus meets his painful mother Mary

05 Simon of Cyrene is forced,

To help Jesus carry the cross

06 Veronika hands the welding cloth to Jesus

07 Jesus falls under the cross for the second time

08 Jesus talks to the crying women

09 Jesus falls under the cross for the third time

10 Jesus is stripped of his clothes

11 Jesus is nailed to the cross

12 Jesus dies on the cross

13 Jesus lies in the arms of his mother Mary

14 Jesus is buried

The Franciscan issued in the middle of the 18th century

from Porto Maurizio a guide to praying the Way of the Cross,

which is still the Catholic norm today.

The church walls were also around 17 hundred

hung with pictures of the cross,

pilgrimage routes and pilgrimage churches were created for this purpose.

A look at the cross, done in faith,

brings life and eternal happiness!

Come on, keep an eye out there at the hour

and don’t turn back!

Why was the pure made sin??

It did not benefit the sinner?

To pay off your priceless debt,

gave Jesus his own blood.

He did not come down to seek the righteous,

he only invites the sinner;

And if your debt were twice as big,

his blood makes you clean of everything!

Not tears, not works, fasting and supplication,

take away one of the sins;

Towards the heart of the father alone

the death of his son the way.

So no longer doubt heart troubled!

Yes, come and take courage

and rest in Jesus’ accomplished work,

redeemed by his precious blood!

O keep your eye on him at the hour

and don’t turn back!

A look at the cross, done in faith,

brings life and eternal happiness!

out of faith, love, hope

Good Friday is the day of remembering the death of Christ, the highest holiday of the evangelical Christians.

The Catholics celebrate Good Friday in silent mourning. There is a fasting requirement for them.

Good Friday – Perspectives instead of the end of Luke Chap. 23, verses 32-56

"Hope for everyone" Brunnen-Verlag Basel

With Jesus, two criminals were brought to the city, to the place called the "skull site". There Jesus was nailed to the cross and the other two to his right and left.

But Jesus prayed: "Father, forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing!" Under the cross, the soldiers are raffling his clothes. The crowd was curious because they didn’t want to miss anything. And the leading men of the people ridiculed Jesus: "He helped so many! If he really is the liberator sent by God, then he should help himself now! ”The soldiers also mocked him. They gave him vinegar to drink and called out to him: "If you are the king of the Jews, save yourself!" They nailed a board to the top of the cross. So that everyone could read it, the world languages ​​Greek, Hebrew and Latin said: "This is the King of the Jews!" Even one of the criminals who had been crucified with him blasphemed: "Are you now the Messiah? Then prove it! Help yourself and us! "But the one on the other cross rebuked him:" Don’t you fear God even now, shortly before death? We are right here hanging. We deserve death. But this one is innocent; he did nothing wrong. "To Jesus he said:" Lord, think of me when you come to your kingdom! "Then Jesus answered him:" I assure you: You will still be with me in paradise today. "

What was suffering from death

probably Jesus’ deepest pain?

What is it that still exists today

his heart is bleeding.

It was like in the quiet garden

he struggled with death,

as blood in the hot fight

came out of his pores?

Was it the crown of thorns?,

that were twisted around his head?

Was that with the scourge blows

the enemy shook him hand?

As on the Way of the Cross

he sank without strength

and silently the cup of suffering

drank down to the neck?

How was there burdened?

his dead heart!

But it was for our Savior

not the deepest pain yet.

As on the torture hill

he hung on the cross stem,

pierced hands and feet

as a silent sacrificial lamb.

Then rose from his soul

despite the bitter pains of death

for his greatest enemies

a deep, hot supplication.

"Forgive my father, them

the greatest sin guilt! "

So the Redeemer prays

what a wonderful grace!

This is how he reveals love,

but nobody believed it!

You covered for your wages

with shame his holy head.

That was suffering,

the Savior’s deepest pain.

that’s what it is today

his heart is bleeding.

That he loved people

surrendered to death,

so that he redeemed them

and nobody believed it!

out of hope of love

Palm Sunday from Goethe

Palm Sunday poem

In the Vatican you make use of
Palm Sundays of real palm trees.
The cardinals bow
and sing old psalms.
You sing the same psalms too,
Olive branch in the hands,
Must be in the mountains for this custom
Even use holly.
Lastly, you want a green rice,
So you take willow branches.
So that the pious praise and price
show even in the slightest.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

Palm Sunday

What are we celebrating that day?

Palm Sunday is the Sunday that comes before Easter Sunday.

Palm Sunday is embedded in the passion time, the last day before the beginning of the Holy Week.

Palm Sunday is an "anticipation" before Easter.

The Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday (Latin dies florum, dies palmarum), then popularly in the evangelical area Palmarum, also called Palstag.

Since the calendar reform in 1969, Palm Sunday has been called Dominica in palmis de passione domini.

(Palm Sunday from the Lord’s Suffering)

On this day it is mostly confirmation Sunday in the German Evangelical regional churches!

Palm branches are consecrated in a palm procession.

Palm processions take place after the fair.

Customs Origin Meaning.

Jesus enters Jerusalem!

Palm Sunday

That happened once that day

Jesus rides a donkey through the city gate to Jerusalem. A large crowd

cheered him, spreading her clothes and palm branches on the street. They shouted: “Hosanna the son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the height. "

Later, screaming, they asked Pontius Pilate to crucify Jesus as a traitor. Many of the people are pilgrims from Galilee. Jesus goes into the temple and chases the traders and money changers out, then returns with his disciples to Bethany, about 3 kilometers from Jerusalem. He had spent the previous night there.

Ergo: The Sunday before Easter (Palm Sunday) is marked by the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and leads the Easter work of salvation in the cath. Church including Holy Saturday for Easter.

Our Palm Sunday goes back to this event. It is inextricably linked to the following Passion Week, which is of central importance because it commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ


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