Electric car – an overview of all current electric vehicles

Here are all current electric vehicles listed by car brand. Both vehicles with a fuel cell and those with only a battery are listed here. Please note that this list contains both prototypes (i.e. only test vehicles for automotive development that cannot be purchased) and production vehicles.


two electric motors with a combined output of 280 kw (380 hp), mounted on the rear axle, provide the necessary propulsion. Each motor independently drives one of the two rear wheels.Test the vehicle in america with the ESTA USA.The artega SE sprints from zero to 100 in 4.3 seconds. Unlike an internal combustion engine, electric motors develop power linearly and without deceleration. Classification: electric car, prototype

Audi is pushing ahead decisively with its e-evolution for electric mobility: at the auto shanghai 2021 trade show, the four-door audi A6 e-tron concept will make its debut as the forerunner of an innovative family of mass-produced cars with pure e-drives. In the future, a completely new technology architecture will serve as the basis: the premium platform electric, or PPE for short. From the end of 2022, the first production cars in the C and later also B segments will debut with PPE technology. This includes – a first in the e-vehicle market – both SUVs with a high vehicle floor and dynamically styled models with a flat floor such as the future audi A6 e-tron. Classification: electric car, study

Daniel abt and lucas di grassi start the next season of formula E, which begins in november, with a spectacular look. Lots of visible carbon fiber, a strikingly bright orange and accentuated lines across the entire car: the audi e-tron FE06 presents itself as even more aggressive than its predecessor, with which daniel abt and lucas di grassi won second place in the fiercely contested team standings in the preseason for audi sport ABT schaeffler. Classification: electric car, series

Audi completes its quartet of vision vehicles and presents an electrically powered off-roader for the traffic of the future at the IAA 2019: the audi AI:TRAIL quattro presents itself as a comprehensive concept of sustainable mobility for paths off the beaten track. The four-seater audi AI:TRAIL quattro combines the ability to drive automatically with outstanding off-road capability. Its cabin, which is glazed right down to the floor, allows unrivaled all-around visibility. The generously dimensioned battery capacity ensures sufficient range even away from tightly meshed charging networks. Classification: electric car, study

About a year ago, the first series-production audi with electric drive made its debut at the same location – the audi e-tron*, at that time still wrapped in camouflage film. At the Geneva Motor Show, the brand with the four rings is now presenting a glimpse of another purely electrically powered car: audi Q4 e-tron concept is the name of the compact SUV with four doors and an exterior length of 4.59 meters, whose similarity to the audi e-tron is recognizable at first glance. Classification: electric car, prototype

Audi e-tron, the third: in the film metropolis of los angeles, the brand with the four rings presents one of the stars of the 2018 motor show. The electrically powered audi e-tron GT concept is a four-door coupe making its debut as a show car. The series-production counterpart will follow in about two years. classification: electric car, study

The audi e-tron is the first all-electric production model from the brand with the four rings. In san francisco, the company presents its sporty and everyday luxury SUV to the world public for the first time. The audi e-tron is electric both when stationary and on the move. Classification: electric car, series

With the all-electric "audi e-tron vision gran turismo" study, audi is now bringing electromobility to life in a special way: originally developed exclusively for virtual races on playstation 4, audi is making the new race car a reality in formula E. From the race in rome on saturday, 14. April, the audi e-tron vision gran turismo is in action as a race cab. Classification: electric car, study

The audi e-tron prototype provides a glimpse of the first all-electric model from the brand with the four rings. the camouflaged exterior conceals a sporty premium SUV with room for five people and plenty of luggage – the spaciousness and comfort correspond to a typical audi luxury model. The long-distance range and a complete charging offer allow the customer to drive purely electrically without having to make compromises. Classification: electric car, prototype

Audi adds a new e-tron model to its model portfolio. production of the audi e-tron sportback concept starts in 2019 at audi brussels (belgium). audi site takes over production of a second all-electric model. The audi e-tron electric SUV will be rolling off the production line there as early as 2018. Classification: electric car, prototype

Electric driving at audi is driving fun, not a sacrifice. This is what the brand is showing with the audi e-tron quattro concept at the international motor show (IAA) 2015 in frankfurt. The sporty SUV offers a glimpse of the brand’s first mass-produced electric car. Classification: electric car, prototype

Design study, technology carrier, mobility concept: with unprecedented consistency, the audi aicon exploits all the possibilities of an autonomous luxury sedan of the future. As a design study, the four-door 2+2-seater ventures a long leap into the styling of the next decades, both in terms of exterior and interior design. The technology carrier combines innovations in drive and chassis, digitalization and sustainability in a visionary way. Classification: electric car, prototype

Audi has made profound improvements to its electrically powered high-performance R8 e-tron sports car. In its new evolutionary stage, it is based on the audi space frame in multi-material construction of the new series model. Classification: electric car, prototype

With a total of 280 kW and 820 nm of torque available practically from a standing start, the electric motors give the audi R8 e-tron impressive performance. They catapult it from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds; at 200 km/h, propulsion ends in the limiter. rating: electric car, prototype

With the A2 concept technology study, audi offers a glimpse of electric driving in the megacities of the future. The all-electric A2 concept is a classic space concept – a premium vehicle for metropolitan areas with generous space and a quiet appearance. A novel body technology limits its weight to just 1.150 kilograms. Classification: electric car, prototype

Audi is setting out on new paths – the audi urban concept technology study is a 1+1-seater vehicle for urban conurbations. The electrically driven showcar has four wheels, but doesn’t fit into any standard car category. The audi urban concept, which weighs just 480 kilograms, combines elements of a racing car, a roadster, a fun car and a city car in a radically new concept. classification: electric car, prototype

Audi continues to expand the new e-tron model series: the audi A1 e-tron is a mega city vehicle (MCV) with innovative drive technology. For emission-free city driving, it has a powerful electric motor at the ready. Additionally there is an internal combustion engine on board, which recharges the battery in case of emergency. Thanks to the peak performance of its electric motor, the A1 e-tron is extremely agile. Classification: electric car, prototype

At IASA 2010 in detroit, audi presents the study of an uncompromising purist compact sports car with an all-electric drive system. The detroit showcar audi e-tron, as the 3.93-meter-long, 1.78-meter-wide and just under 1.22-meter-thin two-seater is called, is the second electric concept vehicle from the brand with the four rings. Classification: electric car, prototype

Audi presents the e-tron, a high-performance sports car with pure electric drive, at the IAA 2009. Four motors – two each on the front and rear axles – drive the wheels, making the study a true quattro. With 230 kw (313 hp) and 4.500 nm of torque, the two-seater accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds. The lithium-ion battery allows a range of around 248 kilometers. Classification: electric car, prototype

Munich. Purely electric, sustainable in every respect, more intelligent than ever and in natural dialogue with the driver: these are essential characteristics of the automobile for the driving pleasure of the future, as presented by BMW at the auto shanghai 2021 trade fair. Soon, this advanced form of individual mobility will also be available on the road: in the BMW ix, whose world premiere as a series vehicle that can be experienced in real life will be the focus of BMW’s presentation in Shanghai and whose market launch in China will also begin in the course of 2021. Classification: electric car, series

Munich. At the BMW group’s annual conference, the BMW i4, which is in the starting blocks, was shown without its camouflage for the first time. "with its sporty design, best-in-class driving dynamics and zero-emission powertrain, the BMW i4 is a BMW in the best sense of the term. With it, electromobility has arrived at the core of the BMW brand," said pieter nota, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Customer, Brand and Sales. Classification: electric car, prototype

Premiere for all-electric mobility in a BMW X model: new BMW ix3 combines locally emission-free driving pleasure with typical BMW sportiness as well as with the comfort and versatile functionality and spaciousness of the successful BMW X3 model. Consistent implementation of the BMW group’s electrification strategy: technological expertise from the development of BMW i automobiles is used for the first time for a purely electrically powered model of the core BMW brand. Classification: electric car, series

Munich. With the BMW concept i4, an all-electric gran coupe, the BMW group is ushering in a new era: electric drive is arriving at the brand’s core. A new era of driving pleasure begins. The BMW concept i4 provides a glimpse of the BMW i4, which will go into production in 2021. It offers BMW-typical driving dynamics in a completely new form and combines a modern, sporty and elegant design with the comfort and functionality of a four-door gran coupe – and all this with zero local emissions. Classification: electric car, study

Munich. With the BMW vision inext, the BMW group shows what will move us in the future. The latest vision vehicle symbolizes the dawn of a new age of driving pleasure. Now the BMW vision inext is celebrating its world premiere in los angeles as part of the LA auto show. The BMW vision inext is far more than just a vehicle; it is the BMW group’s future construction kit from which the entire company and all brands benefit in terms of technology, design and new ways of thinking. Classification: electric car, study

The BMW group is consistently pursuing its electrification strategy and is expanding the range of all-electric e-mobility vehicles available to its core brands. A glimpse of the associated addition to the model range is provided by the BMW concept ix3, unveiled for the first time at auto china 2018 in beijing. The first all-electric model from the BMW brand will be a fully-fledged sports activity vehicle (SAV) – with no restrictions on functionality and comfort. Classification: electric car, study

On the road to a new era of mobility, the BMW i3 setting the course. It is a globally recognized symbol of driving pleasure, sustainability and intelligent connectivity in urban traffic, becoming the best-selling electric vehicle in the premium compact segment. The BMW i3 is now gaining additional momentum on its successful course not only with fresh design accents, innovative equipment features and new digital services, but also with an additional model variant. For in parallel with the new edition of the first premium automobile designed from the outset for pure electromobility, the BMW i3s at the start. Classification: electric car, prototype

Just one year after the groundbreaking NEXT100 vision vehicles, the BMW group is now presenting a much closer future of e-mobility in the form of a, four-door gran coupe at the 2017 international motor show in frankfurt: the BMW i vision dynamics. The silhouette of the BMW i vision dynamics is a further development of the classic BMW proportions Classification: electric car, prototype

The BMW i3 concept coupe emphasizes particularly intensively the dynamics that can be realized with the purely electric form of BMW edrive drive technology. Like the BMW i3 concept, the coupe is powered by a BMW-developed electric motor that generates a maximum output of 125 kW/170 hp and a maximum torque of 250 newton meters and transmits its spontaneous power to the rear wheels via a single-stage transmission. Classification: electric car, series

The BMW i3 concept is the consistently sustainably designed vehicle for urban transport: powered purely by electricity and tailored to the requirements of sustainable and emission-free mobility, it embodies an intelligent way of getting around town or commuting. Classification:electric car, series

The BMW concept activee is powered by a new electric synchronous motor developed specifically for this vehicle. Its maximum power is 125 kW/170 hp, the maximum torque of 250 newton meters is available from a standstill in the typical way of electric motors and remains usable over an exceptionally wide load range. Classification: electric car, small series


From a standstill to 100 km/h, the smart BRABUS electric drive sprints in 10.2 s. With a top speed of 130 km/h, it is also somewhat faster than the basic model. All this with an unchanged range of 145 kilometers (NEDC). Classification: electric car, series

320 kw power and 3.200 nm of maximum torque from four wheel hub electric motors point the way to the powerful, efficient and environmentally friendly luxury sedan of the future. BRABUS ZERO EMISSION, a division of BRABUS, developed the ready-to-run BRABUS high performance 4WD full electric concept car based on the current mercedes E-class. Classification: electric car, prototype

The BYD e6 is a crossover electric vehicle with five seats and an extended wheelbase of 2830 mm. Its generous dimensions and comfort distinguish the BYD e6 from other electric vehicles. Unlike electric vehicles from other manufacturers, the e6 has a spacious passenger compartment with ample headroom and legroom, as well as ample storage space in the rear. Classification: electric car, series

The all-electric "K9" bus is BYD’s first all-electric bus and the world’s first with a lithium iron phosphate battery. The K9 is 12 meters long and designed for passenger comfort. The specially developed wheel hub drive and electronically controlled air suspension in the K9 ensure an exceptionally low-floor layout, a wide door area and ample floor space for easy entry and exit. classification: electric car, series


With the four-door coupe study converj, cadillac presented an electric vehicle with an all-electric range of 64km at the NAIAS 2009 in detroit. When the charge level of the electric energy storage unit is approaching its end, an internal combustion engine is automatically started, which recharges the battery via a generator. Classification: electric car, prototype

Cadillac presented the provoq fuel cell vehicle at the NAIAS in detroit. The vehicle uses a 70kw electric motor for the front axle and two 40kw wheel hub motors for the rear axle. The electric range is 450km due to the fuel cell and another 32km thanks to the lithium-ion battery with an energy content of 9kwh. Classification: fuel cell car, prototype


The citroen brand unveils two world premieres at the geneva motor show: the ami one concept is an urban, all-electric mobility solution tailored precisely to customer needs and future urban challenges. In contrast, the comfortable spacetourer the citroenist concept – together with the bicycle "rider the citroenist by martone" – stands for unlimited mobility. Classification: electric car , prototype

This model is a true expression of the "creative technologie" in whose name it was developed. The C-ZERO is designed for urban mobility and its surroundings: small size, amazing performance and sufficient range for the daily driving workload, which can be done in a silence that makes you forget the noise of the city. Rating: electric car, series

Following its presentation at the Geneva Motor Show, the CITROeN survolt is now hitting the road as a real race car with all-electric drive: the survolt will make its first laps of the le mans circuit, driven by experienced racer vanina ickx. Classification: electric car, prototype


The ZEO concept electric car was presented by dodge at the 2008 NAIAS in detroit. The 200kw electric motor allows a sprint from 0-96km/h in under 6 seconds with a top speed of 209km/h. The lithium-ion battery enables a range of more than 400km. Classification: electric car, prototype

Ford underlines its commitment to the global expansion of electromobility at the Geneva Motor Show with a development version of the new transit connect electric, as it is currently participating in a fleet trial in the U.K. The light commercial vehicle uses the same battery and drive technology that will make its european debut on board the transit connect electric station wagon later this year. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

The new ford focus electric, the company’s first all-battery electric car, will make its debut on the european market and thus also in germany in summer 2012. The new ford focus electric offers a range per battery charge that fully satisfies the daily driving habits of normal users. Classification: electric vehicle, series

at the north american international auto show in detroit, ford unveiled the edge hyseries, the plug-in hybrid can drive 25 miles on pure electric power from a lithium-ion battery. A built-in fuel cell from ballard can extend that range by as much as another 200 miles. The top speed is 85 mph. Classification: fuel cell vehicle, plug-in hybrid

Since 2000, there has been an electrified prototype version based on the ford ka, the e-ka . A lithium-ion battery is used as the electrical energy storage system, allowing a top speed of 130km/h. The electric range is approx. 150km. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

German E cars

Since its market launch in 2010, the STROMOS has become a proven and reliable model in the vehicle range. It is based on the body of the opel agila and, with its flexibility in terms of equipment and space, offers many possible applications as a fleet model, driving school car or city carrier. Classification: electric vehicle, small series

The CETOS is an all-round city car not only for families and singles, it is the ideal car for any car owner who is concerned about sustainability, comfort, driving pleasure, an elegant vehicle design and safety. Classification: electric vehicle, small series

Since the 2. production of the stromo from german E cars starts in the first quarter of 2010. The electric vehicle has four seats and, thanks to a lithium-ion battery, has a range of approx. 100 km. The stromos reaches a maximum speed of 120 km/h with a 56 kw electric motor. Classification: electric vehicle, small series


The honda EV concept is designed for the daily needs of the big city commuter and, like the popular honda jazz, is designed for five people. In the series-production model of the Honda EV concept, a lithium-ion battery will power a coaxial electric motor. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype


Hyundai is stepping up the pace in electromobility: with the new battery-electric hyundai kona elektro, the brand is further expanding its range of alternatively powered models. The hyundai kona elektro is the first electrically powered B-suV and is being launched in two performance variants with a maximum range of up to 482 kilometers according to the new WLTP cycle (worldwide harmonized light vehicles test procedure). Classification: electric vehicle, series

ix35 FCEV 2013

The ix35 FCEV’s fuel cell powertrain – the name suffix stands for fuel cell electric vehicle – combines gaseous hydrogen held at 700 bar from a 5.6-kilogram tank with oxygen. The reaction of the two materials generates electricity that drives an electric motor. Additional electricity is generated through the recuperation of braking energy. This is stored in lithium polymer batteries with a capacity of 24 kilowatts and powers the car’s on-board systems. Only water vapor escapes as emissions. Consumption accounts for 0.96 kilograms of hydrogen per 100 kilometers driven, giving a range of up to 588 kilometers on one tank of fuel.

The blueon has a lithium-ion polymer battery with a capacity of 16.4 kwh. The electric motor produces 61 kW with a torque of 210 nm. 130 km/h top speed and acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 13.1 seconds ensure practical driving performance. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype


The infiniti LE concept was designed from the ground up as an infiniti and is not simply an electric car with luxury accessories. About the same length as an infiniti G, this vehicle sacrifices neither space nor comfort. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype


The jaguar I-PACE is the electric vehicle many have been eagerly awaiting. Not only is it emission-free, intelligent and safe, it combines sustainable sports car performance with the practicality of a five-seat SUV and the next generation of with artificial intelligence. In a nutshell: the I-PACE puts jaguar at the forefront of the electric drive revolution. electric vehicle, series

Third generation of a design icon: the new kia soul celebrates its world premiere at the los angeles auto show. in the future, it will be offered in europe exclusively in the electric version e-soul. The crossover presents itself with a new look, new chassis, new infotainment and assistance technologies and, above all, a significantly more powerful electric drive system. The new kia Stromer, which will be produced in gwangju, korea, will be launched in europe in the first half of 2019. Classification: electric vehicle, series

Kia presented its new electric car niro EV to the public for the first time at the "international electric vehicle expo" in jeju, Korea. the car will celebrate its european premiere at the paris salon in october. The sporty and versatile crossover combines driving pleasure with a modern, striking design and high practical utility value. In korea, the new kia electric vehicle will be launched during the second half of the year, while in germany it will also roll into dealerships later this year. Classification: electric vehicle, ser

With the soul EV, the first electric Kia to be marketed worldwide, the brand launched a fully mature, highly developed electric vehicle at the end of 2014. It benefits, among other things, from the technological know-how previously acquired by the manufacturer with the kia ray electric car, launched exclusively in korea in 2011, and is characterized by a long range. Classification: electric vehicle, series

The kia ray EV has a lot of technological innovations to offer. The electric motor achieves an efficiency of 93 percent – a best value in this segment. Optimized and highly integrated lipoly battery is 13 percent lighter and 15 percent more energy dense than competing systems. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

Land rover

Electric Defender

Land rover is particularly energized at the 2013 geneva motor show: the british off-road vehicle specialist unveils its "electric defender" research project in geneva. Behind it are seven vehicles from the legendary 4×4 cult model that are powered entirely by electricity – without making the slightest concession to the enormous off-road capability for which the defender already stands proverbially. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype


Thanks to its special linear cell structure, the LOREMO EV has a particularly low vehicle weight, with comparable safety crumple zones. The 600-kg electric vehicle is expected to be available from 2010 with a maximum output of approx. 20kw will be available. Energy is provided by a lithium-ion battery. Electric range ca. 150km. rating: electric car, prototype

With the LUIS 4U green, the first electric car in germany has been available for purchase since 2010. The LUIS 4U green uses a lithium-iron-phosphate battery to power the 27 kW electric motor. The electric range is approx. 200km and can be recharged at a standard power socket. Classification: electric car, series


EQA is the name of the new entry into the all-electric vehicle world from mercedes-EQ. The dynamic design of its SUV body signals that there is plenty of driving fun on board. An outstanding compromise between performance, cost and time-to-market, the EQA is the first all-electric member of the successful compact car family from mercedes-benz. A close relative of the GLA, it brings all the inspiring features of that vehicle and combines them with an efficient electric drive system. Classification: electric vehicle

At the geneva salon in march 2019, mercedes-benz vans presented the concept EQV still as a study. Now the production version celebrates its premiere as the mercedes-benz EQV (combined electricity consumption: 27.0 kwh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km, data provisional)1. As the next member of the mercedes EQ family, mercedes-benz’s first electrically powered premium large sedan combines zero-emission mobility with compelling driving performance, high functionality and aesthetic design. The mercedes-benz EQV will be unveiled to the public for the first time at this year’s IAA (12. Up to 22. September) will be on display. Classification: electric vehicle

Mercedes-benz celebrated the world premiere of the new all-electric EQC at the artipelag art museum (power consumption combined: 22.2 kwh/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 0 g/km, data preliminary). In front of more than 600 invited guests, dieter zetsche presented the first mercedes-benz model of the product and technology brand EQ. As a purely battery-electric vehicle, the EQC represents a compelling sum of comfort, quality and everyday practicality. Classification: electric vehicle

In pebble beach, california, mercedes-benz presents the vision EQ silver arrow showcar. The single-seater is also a tribute to the successful W 125 record-breaking car of 1937. The alubeam silver paint finish is reminiscent of the historic silver Arrows, which were stripped of their white paint for weight reasons. The interior is dominated by traditional, high-quality materials such as genuine leather, polished aluminum and solid walnut wood. The digital cockpit points directly to the future: it includes a curved panoramic screen with rear projection and a touchscreen integrated into the steering wheel. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

The new B 250 e surprises with a particularly dynamic driving experience: it accelerates extremely powerfully while gliding almost silently over the road. Drivers and passengers enjoy the usual high level of ride comfort in the new electro-mercedes in a high-quality and precisely designed interior with a generous amount of space. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

Mercedes-benz presents the next milestone on the road to zero-emission driving at this year’s IAA in frankfurt with pre-series models of the new mercedes-benz GLC F-cell. Under the technology designation EQ power, the latest electric model in the mercedes-benz family intended for series production will electrify twice over, combining innovative fuel cell and battery technology into a plug-in hybrid for the first time worldwide: in addition to hydrogen, the purely electric variant of the popular SUV will also "fill up" on electricity. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

With the concept EQA, mercedes-benz is demonstrating at the international motor show in frankfurt (12. Until 24. September 2017), how the EQ strategy can be transferred to the compact class. The electric athlete has one electric motor each on the front and rear axles with a system output of over 200 kW. The driving characteristics can be changed via front- or rear-heavy torque distribution of the permanent all-wheel drive system. The concept EQA with a unique virtual grille shows which driving program has been chosen.. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

Top speed electronically limited to 160 km/h to increase range. Depending on the driving cycle, this is around 200 kilometers. This means that emission-free journeys are possible not only in urban and short-distance traffic, but also over longer distances – such as those covered daily by many commuters in rush-hour traffic. The B-Class electric drive can be charged at any standard household socket. Grading: electric vehicle, series

Following the start of production of the smart fortwo electric drive and the B-Class F-CELL at the end of 2009, the company is now ramping up production of its third electric car: the mercedes-benz A-Class E-CELL. With the electrified A-Class, Daimler intends to gain experience with the integration of battery-electric drives in four-seater vehicles and their use by customers, so that this technology can be systematically extended to other model series in the future. Rating: electric vehicle, prototype

The electrically powered SLS AMG E-CELL super sports car can use four electric motors for powerful propulsion. With the maximum power of 392 kw, accelerations from 0 – 100 km/h are possible in four seconds. The lithium-ion battery has an energy content of 48 kwh and can provide up to 480 kw of electrical power for a short time. Electric vehicle, small series

With the new vehicle platform concept bluezero mercedes shows the variety of variants offered by the sandwich floor. The platform can be equipped with a pure electric drive (battery only), an additional fuel cell or a range extender. The electric motor has a continuous output of 70kw and a maximum output of 100 kweinstufung: electric vehicle, prototype

Acceleration from 0 – 100 km/h in four seconds is achieved by the mercedes SLS AMG electric car thanks to its four electric motors with a total output of 398 kw. A lithium-ion battery from evonik enables a range of 180km. Series production of the mercedes SLS AMG is scheduled to start in 2015. electric vehicle, prototype

With the trade show premiere for the new MINI cooper SE, the BMW group will present the latest result of its electrification offensive at the 2019 international motor show (IAA) in frankfurt am main, Germany. The first all-electric production model in MINI’s 60-year history made the journey to its debut using its own power, generated almost silently and with zero local emissions.Classification: electric vehicle, series

The MINI electric concept simultaneously translates the MINI brand’s iconic design, urban tradition and signature go-kart feel into the age of electric mobility. An all-electric production model from MINI will be unveiled in 2019. Classification: electric vehicle, small series

Since 2009, a small fleet of 500 electric vehicles from the MINI E sent on everyday trials in several american states. The 150kw electric drive is powered by a lithium-ion battery with an energy content of 51kwh. This results in an electric range of over 240km. Classification: electric vehicle, small series


On the 86. At the Geneva Motor Show, mitsubishi motors presents the "exconcept" study – a compact SUV model with strikingly sharp lines, an extremely dynamic "shooting brake" body and a highly efficient latest-generation electric powertrain. Classification: electric vehicle, study

The i-miev offers a generously sized interior for up to four passengers and a full luggage compartment with a load volume of 227 liters – 860 liters with the rear seats folded down (VDA). The top speed of the 49 kw/67 hp and just under 3.48 long mitsubishi i-miev is 130 km/h. According to the european driving cycle (measured values according to NEDC ECE R101), the range is 150 kilometers

With the "i-EV," an electric vehicle based on the "i" microcar known in japan, mitsubishi is presenting a new evolutionary stage of this alternative drive concept at the IAA 2007 in frankfurt/main, Germany. The range of the electric vehicle with a maximum power of 47kw is 160km. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

At the "shikoku EV rally." In 2005, the lancer MIEV impressed as an all-wheel drive electric vehicle. The four wheel hub motors generate a maximum power of 200kw, with a maximum torque of 518 nm per wheel. A high-performance lithium-ion battery is used as the electrical energy storage system. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype


Together with ice cream maker mackie’s of scotland, nissan has launched an all-electric and locally emission-free ice cream van. nissan’s concept offers ice cream vendors the opportunity to reduce their CO2 emissions and do something for the health of their customers. The ice cream truck prototype is based on the all-electric e-NV200 urban delivery vehicle and features a complete electric ecosystem of zero-emission propulsion, reused "second life" batteries and solar power generation. Classification: electric car, prototype

Nissan introduces the ultimate commuter vehicle: with the imk, the Japanese automaker has developed a concept vehicle that combines advanced technologies and lively acceleration in a compact format. The drive is, of course, 100 percent electric – and the modern design is a clear indication of the new direction of nissan’s design language. Classification: electric car, study

Nissan today unveiled the nissan IMQ at the geneva motor show, a technology and design concept for the next generation of crossover vehicles. The concept vehicle combines Japanese design with modern, people-oriented technology and the innovations of the nissan intelligent mobility vision of the future. Its striking styling underscores nissan’s role as a pioneer in the crossover segment – and shows what crossover models in europe could look like in the future. Classification: electric car, study

The nissan e-NV200 hits the road: the electric van built in barcelona is now on the road to its customers with an extended range. And they are already waiting eagerly: more than 4.700 orders have already been received across europe for the locally emission-free space miracle since the order books opened in january. Classification: electric car, series

The market for electric vehicles is growing steadily – the new nissan leaf will once again set standards among mass-produced electric vehicles: with greater range, pioneering technologies, new dynamic design and more comfort. Classification: electric car, prototype

electric car - an overview of all current electric vehicles

Nissan today unveiled the technologically groundbreaking ZEOD RC in le mans – the world’s fastest electrically powered race car with a top speed of more than 300 km/h. The ZEOD RC (for zero emission on demand racing car) is scheduled to make its racing debut at the 24 hours of le Mans in 2014. Until then, nissan will test various powertrain configurations – starting this summer – in an extensive test program. Classification: electric car, prototype

Starting in July 2011, Nissan will conduct various test series with an electric vehicle (EV) based on the NV200 light commercial vehicle. In an initial phase, the environmentally friendly nissan will be delivered to the japan post service co., ltd. To be used. classification: electric car, prototype

The nissan LEAF is the world’s first mass-produced family car with electric drive. LEAF is practical, comfortable and easy to drive. It can travel up to 175 kilometers on one battery charge, which is absolutely sufficient for the daily journeys of most of the world’s population. classification: electric car, series

From the outside, the townpod many familiar nissan design elements, but still highly individual as a whole. It is powered by the same zero-emission drive system used in the world’s first mass-produced family car – the Nissan LEAF. Similar to this model, the connections for the charging cables are located behind a fold-out panel at the front of the vehicle. Classification: electric car, prototype

The nissan electric car prototype EV with front-wheel drive draws its energy from an advanced lithium-ion battery and is powered by a newly developed 80 kw motor and inverter. The lithium-ion batteries are mounted in the underbody and do not interfere with the passenger or trunk space. Classification: electric car, prototype

The nissan pivo II celebrated its european premiere at the 2008 geneva motor show. The electric vehicle is powered by a lithium-ion battery and will be used primarily in urban areas. One wheel hub motor per wheel serves as the drive unit. Classification: electric car, prototype

Thanks to the super motor from nissan, which functions as both an electric motor and a generator, and state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries, the prototype study mixim shines with lively driving performance and a long range at the IAA 2007. Classification: electric car, prototype

Opel democratizes electromobility: for the first time, opel is offering an all-battery electric variant with 100 kW (136 hp) power and a range of up to 330 kilometers (WLTP)1 with the all-new sixth corsa generation. The corsa-e is the electric car for everyone and now starting at 29.900 euros can be ordered (UPE incl. VAT.).Classification: electric car, series

opel’s electric offensive continues: from 2020, the opel vivaro will also be offered as a purely battery-electric version. The customer can then choose between two different battery sizes depending on the intended use. the new opel vivaro-e comes with a 50 kwh battery for up to 200 kilometers or a 75 kwh battery for up to 300 kilometers range according to WLTP1. In metropolitan areas, zero-emission delivery traffic will become increasingly important and demand for all-electric vans will rise accordingly. Classification: electric car, series

The RAK e’s lightweight design is based on a spaceframe with a plastic outer skin. It enables a high level of safety and at the same time a favorable price level. With this lightweight design philosophy, Opel deliberately avoids the cost-intensive use of special materials in order to make affordable electromobility available to many people. Classification: electric car, prototype

A 16-kWh lithium-ion battery developed specifically for the ampera supplies the 111-kW/150-hp electric motor with energy. Depending on driving style, route profile and outside temperature, distances of between 40 and 80 kilometers can be covered purely on battery power and with zero emissions when the battery is fully charged. Rating: electric car, series

At the 2010 IAA Commercial Vehicles show in hanover, the automaker will present the world premiere of the vivaro e-concept study, an electric van with an extended range of over 400 kilometers. opel thus introduces a concept that makes environmentally friendly e-mobility interesting for commercial vehicles as well.. Grading: electric car, prototype

With the flextreme GT/E concept car, opel is presenting a vehicle with a self-confident design and an efficient, environmentally friendly electric drive at the 201 Geneva Motor Show. The purely electric range is 60 km and can be increased to 500 km with a series-used internal combustion engine. The flextreme GT/E is more than 200 km/h fast. Classification: electric car, prototype

The ampera, which was unveiled at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, is an electric car that uses the powertrain platform of the general motors group, which is also used in the group’s brother, the chevrolet volt. Electric range is several 100 kilometers. Classification: electric car, prototype


In winter 2019, Peugeot will launch the new PEUGEOT 208 on the market immediately with three different engine variants: as a gasoline engine, diesel engine and as an all-electric version PEUGEOT e-208. The new compact car is visually striking with its sporty design inspired by the PEUGEOT 508 coupe sedan. The French car brand has equipped the new PEUGEOT 208 with a wide range of driver assistance systems previously reserved for higher segments. The new model also introduces the next generation of the PEUGEOT i-cockpit® with the 3D instrument cluster. Classification: electric car, series

The electric motor of the partner electric produces 49 kw (67 hp). With a concept-related, high torque of 200 newton meters, which is already available from a standing start, it guarantees dynamism in urban areas. How the partner electric accelerates to 50 km/h in five seconds. The top speed is limited to 110 km/h in favor of range optimization. Classification: electric car, series

The new EX1 concept car from peugeot is a two-seater roadster with a futuristic design and an original construction concept for intensive driving pleasure. In the EX1, the front and rear axles are each fitted with an electric motor with a peak output of 125 kW/170 hp (250 kW/340 hp in total) and a maximum torque of 240 nm transmitted directly to the wheels. Classification: electric car, prototype

With the BB1 concept car, peugeot presents a unique and creative automotive idea. It represents a completely new approach to urban mobility for today and tomorrow. The electric car, which is just 2.50 meters long and seats four, reinterprets all dimensions of the automobile – from structure to design, interior, handling, operability and optimum environmental protection. Classification: electric car, prototype

Peugeot will launch the ion on the market. Equipped with lithium-ion batteries, the electric car has a range of around 130 km. The power is 47 kw (64 hp) with a torque of 180 nm. Classification: electric car, series

Piech automotive

Piech automotive will unveil the piech mark zero electric sports car concept at the geneva motor show this week. The mark zero is the first of a family of products to be brought to market by piech automotive over the next three years. Three vehicle variants are in planning: a two-seater, a four-seater and a sporty SUV. Other concepts such as convertibles or pick-ups are also conceivable. A flexible and open vehicle architecture allows the use of a variety of drive systems-electric drive, hybrid, fuel cell or internal combustion engine. Classification: electric car, study


Porsche has reached another milestone on the road to factory entry into the ABB FIA formula e championship 2019/2020 with the international vehicle debut of the porsche 99X electric. The unveiling of the vehicle was attended by the digital community as part of the live video game "formula E unlocked" on twitch.Tv/porsche actively involved. Classification: electric car, series

The four-door sports sedan offers a unique package of typical porsche performance, connectivity and all-round suitability for everyday use. State-of-the-art production methods and the product substance of the taycan also set new standards in the areas of sustainability and digitalization.Taycan turbo S and taycan turbo are the names of the first models in the new series. They are the spearhead of porsche e-performance and are among the most powerful series-produced models that the sports car manufacturer currently has in its product portfolio. Classification: electric car, series

Igniting the future: with the mission E cross turismo, porsche is presenting the concept study of an electrically powered cross-utility vehicle (CUV) at the Geneva Motor Show. This multitalented vehicle is designed for active people who like to spend their free time traveling, doing sports and other outdoor activities. Thanks to all-wheel drive, any ski slope is easy to reach, the flexible interior creates space for sports equipment of all kinds, and modern carrier systems make it easy to take along surfboards or a porsche e-bike.. Classification: electric car, study

The concept study combines the unmistakably emotional design of a porsche, outstanding driving performance and the pioneering suitability for everyday use of the first 800-volt drive system. The key data of the fascinating porsche mission E: four doors and four single seats, over 440 kw (600 hp) of system power and over 500 kilometers of range. All-wheel drive and all-wheel steering, acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in under 3.5 seconds and a charging time of around 15 minutes for 80 percent of the electric energy. The instruments are operated by means of gaze and gesture control, in some cases even via holograms – intuitive and with maximum driver orientation thanks to automatic adjustment to the driver’s position. Rating: electric car, prototype

With its concept as a mid-engine sports car, the porsche boxster E offers the ideal vehicle basis for testing the electric drive in everyday driving conditions. The open two-seater is very light and makes it possible to accommodate the new electric machine, battery and high-voltage technology components in the vehicle in a crash-proof manner. Together with low aerodynamic drag, this results in low driving resistance for optimum range. classification: electric car, prototype


two brusa e-machines, each with 100 kw of power, enable protoscar’s lampo to deliver very sporty driving performance. The electrical energy is provided by a lithium-ion battery with an energy content of 33.6kwh. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype


At just 450 kilograms, the Renault twizy is half the weight of a small car. With its direct steering, it drives like a car, but offers even more driving pleasure. Due to its compact dimensions of only 2.34 meters in length and 1.23 meters in width, the renault twizy is extremely agile in urban traffic. Classification: electric vehicle, series

Driving the renault ZOE is pure driving pleasure. The externally excited electro-synchronous motor with an output of 65 kilowatts develops a maximum torque of 220 newton meters from a standstill. Full traction is available right from the start. The virtually silent engine and linear acceleration without gearshifts make for a relaxed driving style. Classification: electric vehicle, series

You fell in love with the dezir, discovered the world with the CAPTUR, started a family with the R-space, now you’re entering the world of work with the FRENDZY. The new FRENDZY concept vehicle, developed under the direction of laurens van den acker, has two faces: it is both a utility vehicle and a private vehicle. It meets the expectations of business owners and families alike. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

The renault kangoo rapid maxi Z.E. Is the long version of the kangoo Z.E., which renault presented for the first time at the last hanover auto show. With a wheelbase extended by 40 centimeters, the van has an overall length of 4.60 meters. In the two-seater, the seats for driver and passenger are separated from the loading area by a partition (optional). Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

With the exciting coupe study dezir, renault is showing a glimpse of its future design line at the paris Motor Show. To ensure ideal weight distribution, the 110 kW electric motor is located at the rear of the vehicle. The lithium-ion battery with an energy content of 24 kWh allows a range of 160 km. classification: electric vehicle, prototype

Fluence Z.E. Concept continues renault’s strategy of offering every customer a clean, zero-emission vehicle that meets their expectations. This genuine family car proves that automotive seduction, comfort and space are fully compatible with environmental protection. The all-electric fluence Z.E. Concept provides a range of 160 km, and its battery has three different recharging modes: "standard charge" within 4 to 8 hours, "quick charge system" in 20 minutes, "change batteries in the shortest time": within 3 minutes with the exclusive "quickdrop" system. classification: electric vehicle, series

Based on the new renault kangoo, the Z.E. Concept the concept of zero-emission mobility for commercial operators. The kangoo Z.E. Concept gets an electric drive with 70 kw from a lithium-ion battery that develops a torque of 226 nm. The design and the optimization of the energy use make it possible to limit the energy consumption to the most necessary and at the same time to offer a modern comfort equipment. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

At the IAA 2009, renault presents the twizy Z.E. concept as an innovative solution for urban mobility. With its four-wheel drive chassis, twizy offers Z.E. Concept offers its two occupants "in tandem" a one hundred percent electric and emission-free means of transport. Twizy Z.E. Concept is compact, agile and practical and thus fully meets the requirements of urban traffic. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

The zoe Z.E. Concept is the proof that a hundred percent zero-emission vehicle can look appealing and attractive. It gets technologies that extend its range and enhance the well-being of its occupants. The zoe Z.E. Concept is suitable as a versatile and very compact vehicle for everyday use. It offers a new form of mobility. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

the close-to-production study of the kangoo be bop Z.E. Provides a preview of the series of electric vehicles from the renault brand to be launched in 2011. The 250 kg lithium-ion battery allows a range of 160 km. The electric motor with a power of 44 kw (60 hp) allows a maximum speed of 130 km/h. classification: electric vehicle, prototype


rinspeed’s ichange is the world’s first car with a body that adapts to the space needed for passengers. The electric car uses a 150kw electric motor and accelerates from zero to 100km/h in just over four seconds. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

Based on the current porsche 911, ruf is presenting the eruf, an electric car with a 150kw permanent magnet synchronous machine. The electric power is provided by a lithium-ion battery, which has an energy content of 51kwh. This results in an electric range of 250-320km. classification: electric vehicle, prototype

SEAT presents the future of urban mobility with the unveiling of its minimo concept car at this year’s mobile world congress in barcelona. The all-electric four-wheeled vehicle has been specifically designed to meet the challenges of urban driving – whether it’s stricter laws on the types of vehicles allowed in urban areas, increasing fatigue from constant traffic jams or the lack of parking spaces. The minimo combines the advantages of the smaller dimensions of a motorcycle with the safety and comfort of a car. SEAT solves several of the problems associated with urban traffic.Classification: electric vehicle, study

The SEAT el-born is SEAT’s first all-electric vehicle based on the volkswagen group’s MEB platform. A concept vehicle named after one of barcelona’s trendy neighborhoods. And it is a source of inspiration for SEAT’s designers and engineers, who have created a sporty vehicle with advanced electric technology. Classification: electric vehicle, study

CUPRA and the motorsport community are looking forward to a new and spectacular challenge: the E-TCR series. The world’s first electric touring car series will celebrate its premiere season in 2019. Classification: electric vehicle

The SEAT IBE, already presented in its first version in geneva, the design, technology and interior have been consistently further developed. It now shows off its surprisingly spacious and variable interior for the format, as well as an innovative concept for individualized connectivity and infotain-ment. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype


The battery-electric versions of smart will be the first production models of the product and technology brand EQ. As the first production vehicle with the new designation and accent parts in EQ’s typical blue, smart is presenting the special model smart EQ fortwo/forfour edition nightsky at the Geneva Motor Show. Classification: electric vehicle, series

The smart forvision shows that electromobility is not just about zero-emission driving. At the same time, it ensures that new technologies find their way into the car. Many of these innovations are based on nanotechnology, the key to developing sustainable solutions. Nanomaterials are driving innovation in the automotive industry as well as in the fields of construction, energy, healthcare and electronics

No roof, minimal windows, and in the rear a kick-starting, zero-emission electric motor: the smart forspeed combines responsibility and emotion in a new, fun way. "the smart forspeed shows a whole new side of how much fun electric driving can be: a wonderful design, a fast drive, but of course locally emission-free. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

The new smart fortwo electric drive will roll off the production line in hambach, France, in mid november 2009. Unlike its predecessor, the second-generation smart fortwo is equipped with an innovative, highly efficient lithium-ion battery. A 30-kW electric motor is at the rear of the vehicle. With 120 newton meters of torque available right from the start, it ensures good acceleration and high agility. Rating: electric vehicle, series

Smiles AG

The REVA combines sophisticated technology with environmentally friendly driving pleasure. With over 4.000 vehicles sold, the REVA is the world’s most successful multi-seat electric vehicle. As a 2+2 seater and with a range of around 100 km (with lithium batteries), it is ideal for daily commuter trips. With folding rear seats, it also offers the necessary storage space for this purpose. Classification: electric car, series

Around 6.000 vehicles on the road since the early 1990s have been proving every day how functionality, driving pleasure and environmental protection can be combined in exemplary fashion. The world’s most fuel-efficient production vehicle saves twice – in operating costs and emissions. The single-seat cityel enables environmentally friendly and stress-free mobility in situations where the car would be used unreasonably. Classification: electric car, series

The very emotionally styled two-seater shows in a concise Italian design that electromobility can indeed be chic. ZERO developers’ goal was to combine sportiness with sustainability. In addition, the charismatic look of the vehicle appeals above all to young and design-oriented people. Classification: electric car, series


The Q-concept stands for a whole new kind of mobility. The eye-catching concept car not only looks like something between a conventional motorcycle and a car: with an overall length of 2.5 meters and two tandem seats arranged one behind the other, it is ideal for covering short everyday distances within a radius of ten kilometers. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype


Model Y is an all-electric, mid-size SUV designed for maximum versatility and safety. Model Y will start at $39,000 for the standard range version, and will also come in long range, dual-motor all-wheel drive, and performance variants. Model Y is spacious enough to carry seven adults and their gear and offers leading range, superior performance, and the most advanced technology. The high-efficiency powertrain and ultra-responsive motors will provide 0-60 mph acceleration in as little as 3.5 seconds and a top speed of up to 150 mph, with excellent handling for any road condition. Model Y standard battery will have 230 miles of range, while model Y long range will be able to travel up to 300 miles on a single charge

Model 3 is a smaller, simpler and a more affordable electric car. Designed and built as the world’s first mass-market electric vehicle, it is a critical step in tesla’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Like every tesla vehicle, model 3 combines range, performance, safety and technology. Intelligent design maximizes interior space to comfortably fit five adults and all of their gear. The high-efficiency powertrain provides zero to 60 mph acceleration in as little as 3.2 seconds.

The model S, the first all-electric sedan, represents an evolutionary leap in automotive engineering. Thanks to its perfect synthesis of power, safety and efficiency, it has met the expectations of a car of the 21st century. redefining the 21st century worldwide – with the highest possible safety rating, the longest range of any electric vehicle, and software updates via mobile communications that continuously upgrade the vehicle.

Model S 2013

Model S

Is the world’s first premium electric sedan designed and built from the ground up as an electric vehicle. With the firm intention of raising the expectations and aspirations of a premium sedan, tesla has created the Model Y

Model S first ever car designed and built from the ground up as an electric vehicle. The heart of the model S is our proven electric drive system. It stands for unprecedented range and an unbelievable driving experience. With clean contours and near-perfect weight distribution, the model S inspires with high responsiveness and agility – for a driving experience that combines the characteristics of the world’s best sports cars with the comfort of a sedan.

The tesla roadster is an electric car with supercar genes: the e-machine has a maximum power of 185kw and is powered by a lithium-ion battery. It can sprint from 0-100 km/h in under four seconds. If the battery is empty, it can be recharged in 3.5 hours. The range is approx. 400 km. Classification: electric-vehicle, series

The norwegian manufacturer TH!NK has been offering the city since spring 2008 in various european cities. The electric car has a range (depending on the cycle) of approx. 170 to 200km. The maximum speed is 100km/h. It is powered by an asynchronous engine with a power output of 30 kW. Classification: electric vehicle, series


In the "future expo" at this year’s tokyo motor show, the Japanese automaker is presenting the new toyota LQ. The concept car not only enables automated driving, but also features innovative technologies – first and foremost "yui," a personal assistant that uses artificial intelligence to create an individually tailored driving experience and thus forge an emotional bond between vehicle and driver. Classification: electric vehicle, study

Toyota presents at the consumer electronics show (CES; to 12. January 2018) in las vegas its new "e-palette": the fully electric concept vehicle of the same name meets a wide range of future mobility needs fully autonomously and flexibly. the box-shaped study is part of a new business alliance for mobility services in which various companies such as amazon, pizza hut and uber are participating. rating: electric vehicle, study


The toyota i-ROAD combines the advantages of a car with the agility of a two-wheeler. So it’s more comfortable, safer and, with a roof over its head, much more weatherproof than scooters and motorcycles. Thanks to its compact dimensions – the two-seater is only 2.35 meters long and 85 centimeters wide – it is just as agile, and finding a parking space is no problem either. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

Impressively, despite a 41.8-kwh battery, the vehicle weighs 1829 kilograms, just 213 kilograms heavier than its V6 gasoline counterpart. The RAV4 EV will be available in late summer 2012 at prices starting from 49.800 U.S. dollars launched on the californian market. Toyota expects sales of around 2.600 units in the next three years. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

The TMG EV P001 is powered by two electric motors that together deliver 800 newton meters of torque. Thus, the prototype accelerates to a maximum speed of 260 km/h. The 100 km/h mark is reached in just 3.9 seconds. The engines have a combined output of 280 kw/375 hp. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

Toyota unveiled a new electric car at the los angeles auto show (until 28. November 2010) presented the RAV4 EV concept electric vehicle. The battery-powered vehicle is based on the toyota RAV4 compact SUV and is equipped with an electric drive system from tesla. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

The FT-EV battery electric vehicle from toyota was unveiled at the NAIAS 2009 in detroit. The compact city car is designed specifically for city dwellers and commuters in urban areas who drive an average of 80km per day. Classification: electric vehicle, series


On the eve of the international Motor show (iAA) in frankfurt, volkswagen presents the pioneering ID.3. For the brand, it is the symbol of a new era. With the ID.3 volkswagen expands its range with the first model of a completely new generation of pure electric vehicles – locally emission-free, highly efficient and fully connected. At the same time, the ID.3 reflect the realignment of the volkswagen brand and are the first model to feature the new volkswagen logo. Classification: electric vehicle, series

In the run-up to auto shanghai, Volkswagen presented the latest member of the ID family at the "brand SUV night". family: the ID. ROOMZZ. The multivariable all-round model is a zero-emission SUV in the five-meter class, tailored equally to family and business needs. The production version will be launched first in china in 2021. The ID. ROOMZZ follows the clear, homogeneous lines of the ID with its body design. Family. Nevertheless, the study breaks new ground in the large SUV segment with numerous details. Classification: electric vehicle, study

E-mobility plays a central role at the volkswagen brand. It is our declared goal to make the fully connected electric car accessible to as many people as possible and thus pave the way for its breakthrough. We are currently developing a completely new generation of vehicles: the ID models. family are designed from the outset as pure e-cars. It makes the most of the possibilities offered by this technology and will also be extremely competitive in terms of price, d.H. They will cost about as much as comparable diesel vehicles. With the ID., the ID. CROZZ, the ID. BUZZ and the ID. VIZZION, volkswagen has already unveiled four concepts that will be on the market starting in 2020. By 2025, the brand aims to sell more than 1 million electric cars per year and become a leader in electric mobility. Classification: electric vehicle, study

Volkswagen presents the ID at the international motor show in geneva. BUGGY. on the eve of the first press day, the study celebrates its world premiere during the volkswagen group night. The ID. BUGGY is a zero-emission high-tech vehicle for the summer, the beach and the city based on the modular e-drive system. " the ID. BUGGY shows the wide range of zero-emission mobility that can be realized with the MEB within the volkswagen brand. But we also want to open up the platform to third-party suppliers," explains ralf brandstatter, COO of the volkswagen brand. Classification: electric vehicle, study

Volkswagen presents the study I in a world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show.D. VIZZION1 – the new flagship of the electrically driven I.D. Family. With the I.D. VIZZION is volkswagen’s definition of the sedan of tomorrow and beyond: autonomous driving, effortless operation via augmented reality, and learning capabilities thanks to artificial intelligence. The I.D. VIZZION achieves a new dimension in comfort, safety and sustainability. Classification: electric vehicle, study

a new era for volkswagen in motorsport: on 22.04.in 2018, the brand launched the all-electric super sports car I.D. R pikes peak unveiled. With 500 kw (680 hp)*, 650 nm of torque and a weight of less than 1.100 kg, the super sports car will weigh in at 24. June 2018 to tackle the legendary pikes peak hill climb in colorado springs/USA. The goal: to beat the existing record of 8:57.118 minutes for electric vehicles in the "race to the clouds. It literally sprints toward the future: 2.25 seconds from zero to 100 km/h is a value that is below that of Formula 1 and Formula E cars. In the French town of ales, the I.D. R pikes peak unveiled before celebrating its race track debut in a roll-out afterwards. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

The countdown to the breakthrough of electromobility is on, and the year 2020 could bring the turnaround. Because the volkswagen brand is pushing ahead with the development of a new generation of innovative electric vehicles – I.D.2, I.D. BUZZ3 and I.D.CROZZ – this turning point. Dr. Herbert diess, chairman of the board of management of the volkswagen passenger cars brand, said on the occasion of the volkswagen group night: "the volkswagen brand is investing six billion euros in e-mobility over the next five years. Our task is to make modern technology available to many people. This is all the more true in times of technological upheaval. One thing is clear: the golf of the future must once again be a volkswagen!" CLASSIFICATION: electric vehicle, prototype

2013 e-Golf

Wolfsburg/frankfurt, september 2013. Volkswagen electrifies the most successful european car of all time: the golf. The bestseller, which has sold more than 30 million units, is thus advancing to become the e-golf with zero-emission drive. volkswagen celebrates the world premiere of the e-golf at the international motor show in frankfurt (IAA: 10 a.m.). Up to 22. September). At the same time, the e-up, which is also powered purely by electricity, will make its public debut at the IAA!. Volkswagen thus now offers all the drive systems that are relevant worldwide today in its vehicles.


Wolfsburg / frankfurt, 13. September 2011 – volkswagen AG presents a car for the urban world of tomorrow at the IAA: NILS. The single-seater electric vehicle reflects a new, fascinating form of micromobility. With its progressively designed aluminum space-frame body, wing doors and free-standing wheels, the study demonstrates a high degree of dynamism, yet glides toward the future with zero emissions and silence. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype


Wolfsburg, 14. March 2013 – volkswagen opens a new chapter in mobility and presents its first fully electric production vehicle: the new e-up!. the virtually silent four-seater was shown at the 2013 annual press and investor conference in wolfsburg. The new e-up! Impresses with a range of 150 kilometers and outstanding everyday practicality.

As a vision of the future, the research vehicle et! The maximum level of technology currently feasible for electric vehicles in the commercial sector and is extremely tailored to future customer needs: in particular, the possibility of being able to move the car semi-automatically and electrically in city centers. classification: electric vehicle, prototype

the electric heart of the e-bugster beats in the front; it weighs only 80 kg. The energy for driving the electric motor is stored in a lithium-ion battery, the modules of which are located behind the front seats to save space. Its energy content of 28.3 kwh allows a range of at least 180 kilometers in the urban world. And even in a huge country like the USA, this distance is sufficient to bring the majority of commuters to their workplace and back. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

This car stands for the feeling of freedom like no other in the world: the VW bus. It made its debut in 1950, and with it came an impressively simple design. Internal volkswagen code: T1, transporter 1. The germans called it the bulli, the americans the microbus. It has been driven on all continents. To this day, this first of all vans has a fan community that spans the globe. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

With the golf blue-e-motion, the all-electric version of the most successful european car of all time, volkswagen is building another bridge into the age of electromobility. The five-door, five-seater version of the study is powered silently by an electric motor integrated in the front of the engine compartment with a maximum output of 85 kW / 115 hp; the continuous output is 50 kW / 69 hp. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

Volkswagen presents at the 63. At the 50th International Motor Show (IAA), a pioneering fleet of new, sustainable automobiles provides an update on the future. The spectrum of IAA premieres ranges from the world’s most fuel-efficient series-produced passenger cars (bluemotion) to hybrid technology and a completely newly developed electric vehicle – the e-up, presented in frankfurt as a world premiere!. Classification: electric vehicle, prototype

World-exclusive volkswagen presents the study space up at the los angeles auto show 2007! Blue – a compact, confident zero – emission van with a high-temperature fuel cell and a solar cell roof. The electric range is 350km. Classification: fuel cell vehicle, prototype


It looks like a normal volvo C30, offers the same safety features, identical comfort and just as much space as the standard model. With one difference: this volvo C30 is powered exclusively by electricity. It is completely emission-free and has a range of up to 150 kilometers. Classification: electric vehicle, small series

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