Excursions with children who cost little

No question about it, a family trip like this can sometimes be a big investment. For the holidays, weekends and free afternoons, on which the purse is spared but the children want to be entertained, we have here some tips for economical excursion destinations with children.

9 excursion destinations with children

Sometimes you lose sight of how many leisure activities nature offers us. Some families are lucky enough to have meadows, fields and forests right on their doorstep. Others have to drive a bit by car, train or bus to get into the great outdoors. In any case, it is worth setting off. An abundance of possibilities is just waiting to be discovered. And the nice thing about it is that in most cases these activities are free or at least inexpensive. ➤ Experience forestOne can arrange a trip into the nearest forest very excitingly. The fantasy of the small ones sees optimal dwellings for dwarves and trolls in tree hollows, larger children build themselves at the best small forest huts or find a hide-and-seek game or a longer scavenger hunt interesting. In many forests there are trim-you-paths for romping around or theme paths with entertaining information and play stations. Sometimes free family tours are offered. Apart from that, language games and hiking games turn every supposedly boring walk into a fun undertaking. In between, stones, twigs, cones or leaves are collected for the next craft afternoon: Handicrafts with natural materials ➤ Viewpoints No matter whether from the treetop path, a viewpoint in the forest or even a small mountain top: From above, the world looks fascinatingly different. Why don’t you take a small family hike to a beautiful lookout? Tips for tour planning, equipment and play ideas against boredom on the way: Hiking with children ➤ Adventure playgroundNo question, a playground is always a good place to go for a trip with children. Surely there is a really nice adventure playground or a creative natural playground in your area. And while the little ones balance, shimmy and slide, mum and dad take a break on the picnic blanket.

Pack playground bag

➤ Rivers, lakes and streamsA rushing mountain stream or a body of water that meanders through meadows is a wonderful destination for a hot day out. Children can spend hours building dams, throwing stones or splashing around completely forgetting their time and working on their project. If the children are still small, the stream should not be too powerful and too deep. A small trickle is often enough to design and experiment with. Especially in warm weather such games are a lot of fun for children and adults. Our tip: Water wheel carpenter ➤ Game park and petting zooAnders as in the large city zoos, the family trip to a smaller zoo is far cheaper. Although there are usually no tigers, polar bears or giraffes to be admired here, there are many native animals that are no less exciting to watch: Deer, wild boars, lynxes and owls, sometimes even wolves – in addition a small petting zoo with tame goats and the little ones are enthusiastic, promised.

There’s so much to do outside!

➤ Picnic & campfireThis undertaking can be connected well with the past Tipps. Almost everywhere near hiking trails and forest car parks you will find walled barbecue sites – perfect for a campfire. That is not only cosy, but can become also with stick bread and Co. rather lecker. Prepare a few snacks together at home (e.g. fruit salad, colourful snacks and biscuits), take large blankets with you and find yourself a nice place. Don’t forget to pack up a few outdoor games and there’s nothing in the way of a fun afternoon. ➤ BadeseeBadehosen packed and on to the lake! Many bathing lakes can be visited free of charge, others only charge a comparatively small entrance fee compared to public outdoor swimming pools. But be careful: Please only go swimming in suitable places and consider warnings on the spot. Read also in addition: Bathing rules for bathing in natural waters ➤ Botanical gardenThere is to discover also here all kinds of things, for example each quantity exotic plants, colorful blooms and rose gardens like in the fairy tale book. Admission prices vary from city to city. Often there are however reduced family tariffs. ➤ Castles and ruinsWho lives in a region, in which there are castle ruins to discover, can experience-rich and unforgettable migrations undertake. There is no entrance fee for most of the castle ruins. Old walls and gates, narrow corridors and casemates invite you to take a trip back in time. Guided castle tours are often offered at favourable family discounts. Sometimes falconers show their birds of prey and demonstrate how they used to hunt with them. Medieval markets with picturesquely disguised performers also take place in castle ruins.

What can you do with children at a reasonable price?

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