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Family holidays in Crete are best when the children are satisfied. This applies to holidays on Crete with children as well as to any other family holiday. But how do you make your children happy??
If I had a general answer to this question, I would surely have been awarded the Nobel Prize. As a father, I now know that every child is different and has different needs, interests and character traits. It becomes even more complex as the child develops over the years. My son still likes one thing particularly today, but I already know that it will be a little different in a few weeks.

I strongly believe that the key to success Family vacation in Crete is a recreational activity suitable for children. Crete offers Familys with children there are many possibilities. Most of them have nothing to do with water and the sea. There are many beaches that are very suitable for toddlers, for building sand castles and splashing e.g. Older children may find pleasure in snorkeling in bays with crystal clear water on Crete. But also away from the sea Crete with children discover. There are numerous interesting and easy hikes that are fun even for small children. A few Tipps and ideas for activities I would like to give you for your family vacation.

Hike with children in Crete

You can walk Crete with children discover very well. There are many impressive gorges and expressive landscapes. Easy and short hikes with many interesting stops and breaks are particularly suitable for children. The following hike I’ve hiked with my child several times.

Hike to the palm beach of Preveli

When my child was 1.5 years old, I hiked this tour for the first time. He spent most of the time carrying it on my back in a backpack. It worked so well. A few years later I ran the hike with him again. Once when he was 5 years old and once when he was 7 years old. I like the tour because it is easy to walk and there is a lot to discover (tadpoles in the river, geckos and insects along the way, sheep in the pasture and on the way and turtles in the river near Preveli). You can also take a wonderful break on the palm beach of Preveli.

The bridge on the river at Preveli is the starting and ending point of the hike to the palm beach.

The outward and return journey is 8 kilometers long. Allow 2-3 hours for one direction, depending on how good you are on foot. One should think of enough water, for a route I recommend at least 2 liters per person. I recommend sun protection in the form of a hat with sufficient neck protection and a sunscreen with a correspondingly high sun protection factor.

The way to the palm beach

The tour starts at the old stone bridge on the Megalopotamos River on the road to Preveli Monastery. Here you can park your vehicle and, if you like, take a little refreshment in the tavern. On the side of the tavern you first walk the paved road along, which then becomes a gravel road after a few meters. After about 500 meters you come to a bridge that you cross. Here you follow the road for another 500 meters. On the right it goes along a small path. Here you keep to the left and follow the path down to a small trickle that you can cross with a little jump.

The path to Preveli beach is also good for young children.

Now you continue to follow the trail. On the right you can see the river and an agricultural plain. Now it goes up slightly again. At the highest point there is a fence that separates the hiking trail from the gorge. Here and there the fence is already broken and you can carefully see the palm beach of Preveli and the Libyan Sea on a large antenna. The path continues down to a small door in the fence. You continue through the door in the direction Palm beach. After a few meters you come to a staircase that leads down to the beach.

On the palm beach of Preveli

Down on the beach you can now relax in the shade under the trees or fortify yourself in the tavern. Here you can also replenish your water supplies. A little detour into the palm grove is certainly exciting for children. If you look closely at the river, you can spot turtles and one or the other harmless snake. Further up the river you can also climb over the rocks or take a cool bath. If you want, you can continue to the small waterfall.

There is a lot to discover for children in the palm grove of Preveli.

You can of course just swim on the beach. But you should note that the seabed is very rocky and that it goes steeply into the sea. One should be able to swim and toddlers shouldn’t be left unattended. When the surf is high, you should not go into the sea because there are no lifeguards on the beach.

The way back to the bridge and the car

Of course you can take the way there for the way back, but I recommend the way back to the bridge on the other side of the gorge. The path is worthwhile because from here you have a unique view of the palm beach and the Libyan Sea. Many of Preveli’s postcard motifs were created from here. The way back first goes up the stairs at the tavern.

In spring, the Preveli beach is almost deserted.

At the top, keep to the right and go across the parking lot to a gate through which you go. Here you follow the path that runs parallel to the gorge. You can’t go wrong anymore. Just after the path, past a small chapel and then back to the bridge. Once you have arrived, you can stare at the tavern again or drive home with your car.

Beaches for toddlers in Crete

Finding the right toddler beach in Crete is not that easy. There are many beautiful beaches and bays on the island, but most of them have no fine sand and go flat into the water. In my experience, the following two beaches are particularly suitable for small children.

Crete with children – Frangokastello beach

This beach is located directly at the fort in Fragokastello on the south coast of Crete. You can park at the castle. You can get down to the beach via a small staircase. There are loungers and parasols that you can borrow for around 5 euros. The beach is characterized by being similar to one lagoon is protected from the sea. The rear part is particularly well protected and similar to a harbor. Here the fine sandy beach goes particularly flat into the sea. Here you can splash around or chase small fish without having to swim. You don’t have to worry much about the front part of the loungers. Here the sea is also for older people children many meters so flat that they don’t have to swim. The water is very sandy and there are few stones.

Tip: For the grown-ups it is worth visiting the castle.

Crete with children – Elafonissi beach

Elafonissi is located on Crete’s southwest coast. You can get here after a long journey by car or with an organized bus tour. The beach is unique for Crete with children. There is a particularly fine beach here. The sea is very flat here in many places. Especially where there is a small island. Children can splash around particularly well here. If you need a lounger and parasol, you will also find one on the side of the parking lot. A snack is more or less good for your physical well-being.

Tip: Elafonissi is very busy during the season. Many bus loads of tourists are brought here every day. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle, you will surely find a quieter place on the small island. Otherwise, the main beach empties in the afternoon and it becomes quieter when the buses leave.

Crete with children – more beaches

I would just like to mention the following beaches. They are also very suitable for small children. Balos lagoon, Falassarna beach, Panormos beach, beach at the port in Bali.


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