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Alessandro Borghese, Lisa Faulkner, Zeynep Yalım Uzun, Dra.Antonia Lizárraga (Photo: Beko)

MILAN–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Beko, the No. 1 brand for white goods in Europe, today set a new highlight for the “Eat Like A Pro” initiative at EuroCucina: FC Barcelona, the company’s sponsoring partner, British actress and celebrity chef Lisa Faulkner and top Italian chef Alessandro Borghese composed a feast for it.

Allessandro, Junior Masterchef and juror, presented some of his exclusive, delicious and healthy recipes in a cookbook approved for FC Barcelona by nutritionist Dr. Antonia Lizárraga.

This cookbook was created as part of Beko’s global CSR initiative, “Eat Like A Pro”. The campaign aims to draw attention to the increasing prevalence of childhood obesity, educate consumers about the importance of healthy eating and encourage consumers to “eat like a pro” (Eat Like A Pro).

On the other hand, the campaign is intended to give families exclusive access to the eating habits of FC Barcelona’s top players. More information can also be found on the website “Eat Like A Pro”. This Beko website offers parents, children and families great games, tips and advice on healthy eating, and numerous recipes to educate them about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Lisa Faulkner, herself a mother, identifies strongly with the initiative: “Healthy and balanced nutrition has always been an indispensable part of my life. I passed this on to my daughter. It’s great to be part of this global initiative. We want to inspire families all over the world and show them that healthy eating is fun and indispensable for the well-being of our children.”

Beko will also be presenting its products at EuroCucina so that visitors can experience the wide range of innovative household appliances up close. Beko is passionately committed to helping consumers lead healthy lifestyles with innovative technology. Many of Beko’s innovations make it easier to make healthy nutrition choices. These include, for example, EverFresh+ technology in refrigerators with temperature-controlled compartments in which fruit and vegetables stay fresh up to three times longer.

Today Alessandro demonstrated his support for the campaign with his expertise and tips on healthy eating to encourage parents to think about their eating habits. He said: “I am delighted to contribute to this enormously important and global Beko initiative. I am particularly proud to present my latest recipes as part of the Eat Like A Pro campaign to underscore the importance of healthy eating. As a cook and father, I am a passionate advocate of healthy eating. That’s why this campaign and everything it stands for are so close to my heart. And I’m convinced that healthy food tastes delicious and is fun”.

Zeynep Yalım Uzun, Chief Marketing Officer, also spoke at the event about healthy lifestyles. Commenting on the inspiring impact of Beko’s latest innovations on healthy eating, she said: “Childhood obesity is a global problem. If the current trend continues, the number of overweight or obese children and adolescents will rise to 70 million by 2025. At Beko, we believe we can address this problem through innovative technologies that facilitate healthy eating and education. Beko offers a wide range of household appliances with intelligent and useful technologies that make it easy for families to eat healthily at home. Examples include refrigerators that keep fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 30 days, and kitchen aids that make smoothies in no time at all. As a partner that understands its customers, Beko wants to offer people meaningful solutions that make their everyday lives easier.”

Dr. Antonia Lizárraga was available for an interview on “Balanced and healthy nutrition”. She explained: “For athletes to stay in top form, they must adhere to a healthy diet plan. This is the only way to keep them fit, active and slim. Children also have to eat a balanced diet. Their daily meals should therefore consist of foods that make them healthy and strong. With its innovative method and campaign Beko supports children and parents on global level, in order to improve the quality of life of each generation.

Beko pursues a simple goal: to combat obesity in children and adolescents through prevention and education. The global campaign “Eat Like A Pro” aims to encourage families and children around the world to adopt healthier lifestyles and show that this global problem can only be tackled through a balanced and healthy diet.

Notes for editors

Beko is the No. 1 white goods mark in Europe and the second largest European household appliance mark (Dec. 2017). The company has recorded the strongest growth in the pan-European market since 2000. Beko is part of the international household appliance brand Arçelik and a premium partner of FC Barcelona.

Offizieller Partner des Alltags

Beko, represented in over 140 countries worldwide, launched a new, long-term platform in March 2016 to position the brand as “Official partner of the everyday”.

With this motto Beko has established itself as a consumer-oriented company that meets the needs of real people day after day and celebrates the kitchen as the heart of the modern family.

Beko understands the life and needs of real people and knows their challenges. With fast and intelligent products, Beko provides useful solutions to meet the needs of its customers in every situation. In this way, the company proves that they can rely on their partner every day.

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