Holiday with your dog at the lake, nice holiday accommodation

In the directory for holiday apartments and holiday homes you can specifically search for providers near the water that allow dogs. If you want to treat yourself to comfort, you will The option of enclosed plots (fenced, wall or similar) is of interest. about Lake / sea view can also search for a holiday home directly on the lake with a dog if necessary for his vacation.

Vacation rentals and vacation homes near lakes – popular regions

With one click you can Looking for a house e.g. after being close to the water change and narrow down as required. To find vacant accommodations for a vacation with a dog near a specific lake, simply enter the name of the desired lake in the holiday home-search on.

Vacation with a dog in Germany at lakes

If you want to spend your holiday with your dog in Germany on large lakes (e.g. Lake Constance, Chiemsee, Ammersee) in summer, you have to Book early or hope for short-term opportunities. Other large lake areas with a corresponding number of accommodations can be found e.g. around the Müritz / Mecklenburg Lake District (see dog beach tips) and (with drawbacks) in the Lake Constance region. In Mecklenburg there are also more natural bathing beaches away from the towns. Here you will find dog vacation tips for many large and small lakes.

Vacation with a dog by the water – dog beaches by the sea

If it would rather that "size" Water should be: Here you will find lists with tips for dog beaches by the sea.

Tips for a vacation at the lake with a dog

It’s always the same game. Every year for the main travel season in summer, vacant holiday home accommodations near the sea become scarce. Unfortunately, this also applies to a whole series of the popular large lakes in southern travel countries. If you want to enjoy well-known lakes with a dog, you have many advantages for your holiday during the travel season outside of the main summer season. More free accommodation, often cheaper prices for a house or apartment, more space on the lake. Especially since a pleasant climate in southern countries also makes many four-legged friends happy. .

Anyone in Southern Europe during the high season vacation at the lake with dog ideally book early. Classic holiday homes in particular, such as Lake Garda, are often pre-booked in winter or even in the previous year. The same applies to some of the large lakes for holidays in Switzerland or Austria. In rural areas, too, accommodations with special equipment such as fenced lots, gardens or the like. quite quickly short.

When walking along waterfront promenades, dogs should be kept on a leash during dog holidays. On many of the large and touristy well-developed lakes, it is only occasionally possible in the high season to lie with your pet directly on the lake shore at seaside resorts and beaches.

Dog tips for lakes in Europe

Austria Holidays with dogs at the lake – dog beaches

Beautiful spots where you can take your dog directly to the lake can also be found with many bathing waters on holiday in Austria with a little search. However, many tourist centers quickly reach their capacity limits, especially in summer. Public beaches and bathing establishments in places are therefore still largely taboo for pets. Fortunately, there are more and more exceptions to the rule.

For Austria, which is popular with nature-loving holidaymakers, with its large number of lakes and bathing ponds, we have put together some non-binding tips for beach pools and lakes with dogs:

The largest lakes in Austria

The largest lakes in Italy

In the surroundings of many Italian lakes there are nice opportunities for hikes with different levels of difficulty.

Lakes in Northern Italy:

Lakes in central Italy:

  • Lake Trasimeno (see Umbria tips)
  • Lake Bolsena (90 km north of Rome, province of Viterbo)

The largest lakes in Switzerland

  • Lake Geneva (Canton of Valais)
  • Lake Neuchâtel (Canton of Neuchâtel)
  • Langensee (Ticino, Swiss side of Lake Maggiore)
  • Lake Lugano (Swiss side of Lake Lugano in Ticino)
  • Lake Thun (Canton of Bern)
  • Lake Lucerne (Swiss cantons: Lucerne, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Schwyz, Uri)
  • Lake Zurich (Swiss cantons: St. Gallen, Schwyz, Zurich)

Bathing trip or short trip: lakes in Germany

As an alternative for a larger excursion or a holiday at the lake with a dog, the smaller lakes in Germany are also available for fully booked travel classics. Please also observe local regulations for bathing and taking dogs to the lake, especially in the vicinity of bathing establishments and family beaches.

You often have to look for places on the shore where four-legged friends are tolerated. But many federal states in Germany publish lists of bathing water on the Internet. We have selected some of the more extensive offers for you.

Information from LGS Bayern on 375 lakes and bathing areas that are officially designated as EU bathing waters in the sense of the EU directive.

LUBW Baden-Württemberg Infos – (Service currently under revision). Interactive map of lakes and bathing waters of the State Office for the Environment, Measurements and Nature Conservation. See also: Southern Black Forest bathing lakes with pets.

Brandenburg Tourismus -Badestellen – natural bathing places outside of official beach baths – website "Travel destination Brandenburg".

Hessen Info of the HLUG – List of bathing lakes from the Hessian State Office for Environment and Geology.

Lower Saxony Info of the NLGA – List of lakes and bathing areas in Lower Saxony including information on water quality from the Lower Saxony State Health Office.

NRW – North Rhine-Westphalia – The official map with information and bathing water quality for all 75 swimming lakes in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Schleswig-Holstein – All official bathing spots on the lake, tech etc. from the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Health in Schleswig Holstein.

We look forward to further tips for official dog beaches across Europe at large bathing lakes and for tips on swimming spots on a lake where you and your dog can go directly into and into the water. Simply send your tips by email to hundestrand [at]

House accommodations for holidays with a dog on the lake: Also fenced lots

In the apartment and holiday home directory you will find providers for pets with your dog in Germany and Europe-wide near the water. With one click you can select additional features e.g. the Change proximity to water. Or through options like "Lake view" respectively. "Enclosed land". So you will also find a house for a holiday with a dog on the lake with a fenced garden, Hedge wall or similar Limitations. Of course, you can also search specifically for dog-friendly vacation rentals for many people or short stays for a few nights.

Dog vacation tips for lakes Germany

  • Mecklenburg Lake District Beaches, the impressive 117 square km lake district in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.
  • Brandenburg Havelland + Spreewald
  • Northern Hesse: Kellerwald-Edersee National Park
  • Bavarian lakes with dog
  • Southern Black Forest Bathing Lakes (Baden-Württemberg)
  • Lake Constance beach tips (Baden-Württemberg / Bavaria / Switzerland / Austria)

Vacation rental destinations by the sea

We already have lists for a number of popular holiday home coastal sections Tips assembled into dog beaches by the sea.


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