Finca holiday with children in mallorca – child-friendly fincas

Family vacation in Mallorca

Children want to romp on vacation and always discover something new. Mallorca offers its very young visitors a variety of attractions so that the holiday is an experience.

Lodging on the island

No matter what time of year, families always prefer a finca to a hotel stay. This is because the children in the finca are not considered a nuisance by anyone. The Finca rental Meier has wonderfully located fincas for families childproof pool have available.

One example is the finca "Es Pujols", which is located in the east of the island. Eight people have space in the 280 m2 living space. The pool area can be locked so that children only under supervision Area can enter. With 220 m2 of living space, the Finca "Son Cosina" is slightly smaller, but the outside area is equipped with a large lawn. Here children will find plenty of space to play and adults to sunbathe.

Children love animals, therefore there are animals on the fincas "Ses Terrasses", "Casa Grande" and "Manolo" that the children can watch.
At the Finca "Manolo" two donkeys are waiting for the guests.

Parents who spend their holidays in a Meier rental finca with small children or infants will be amazed. The finca has everything that babies and toddlers need. From the baby bed to the high chair, the well-being of the little guest is well taken care of. Use is usually free of charge.

Finca rental Meier only mediates fincas with high-quality equipment and in particularly beautiful locations. With or without children; a finca is also ideal for two people.

A world for children

As mentioned, children love animals; what could be more obvious than a visit to the zoo or one of the aqua parks? The journey with the "Red Lightning", an ancient railway, is an experience for young and old. Here it goes past almond plantations and olive groves. The route leads from Palma to Soller. In Palma there is an aquarium with an underwater tunnel, sharks and other interesting fish. In Marineland, for example, it is dolphins that delight vacationers.

Valldemossa and Frédéric Chopin

Valldemossa is a small, tranquil mountain village. Frédéric Chopin was already enthusiastic about his idyllic location, but also George Sand. Chopin was a major composer and Sand an outstanding writer. Narrow streets between historic houses lead through the small mountain village, with most buildings dating from the 16th century. Visitors can expect a fantastic panorama of the mountains of the island. Everywhere in Valldemossa there are tiles with the portrait of the saints Catalina Thomás, who was born in this village in 1531.


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