Finding a gps tracker in your car – what you need to know

GPS trackers are very small devices that can be used to determine the position of, for example, a car from any other location. In this article, we will look at how it is possible to place a find gps tracker in car to be able to.

If such a GPS tracker hidden in the car, third parties always know where the car with the tracker hidden in it is, how fast it is going and what routes it generally takes, because of the secret location.

The GPS tracker works either with a battery or is connected directly to the power supply of the car. It works like a tracking device and determines the position online via GPS (global positioning system).

SIM card in the GPS tracker sends position data

The tracker contains a SIM card, which then sends an sends the position to a receiver via SMS. This can be a location portal or a cell phone.

This makes it possible to track the exact position of the tracker using a simple app on your cell phone. The app is then linked to google maps, for example, which makes tracking easy for the user.

The surreptitious use of a GPS tracker to create a movement profile is prohibited. It is allowed, however, if the owner of the vehicle has installed it himself to protect the car or any other vehicle, for example, against theft. In this way it is possible, for example, to determine where stolen cars are located. They can be tracked down to the exact meter.

What to do if someone is secretly tracking you with a GPS transmitter?

Because GPS trackers are very small and can be obtained inexpensively everywhere, more and more people are using them as tracking devices to secretly monitor other people.

Do you fear that someone is secretly recording your car’s location data in order to monitor you?? In that case you can look under the car yourself to see if you can find a small box hidden somewhere in there.

But good GPS trackers are now so small that a layman can not find them himself. Then only a professional can help.

We inspect your vehicle for hidden GPS transmitters and find them

In order to inspect the car comprehensively you need on the one hand a comprehensive equipment and on the other hand a lot of know-how.

First of all, we subject the vehicle to an external inspection. This involves a visual underbody inspection on a lifting platform.

Specialists search everywhere on the car for GPS transmitters

A technician then checks the car with special measuring devices for monitoring technology, especially for GPS trackers in the docking version with independent power supply.

Various hiding places already in the exterior of the car

Perpetrators place a GPS tracker in the docking version with rechargeable battery gladly in the area of rear bumper with the help of a magnet. This works well because the steel in the bumper is very well suited as an adhesive surface for a magnet.

Bumper and skirt of cars as hiding places for tracking devices

The bumper sheathing, including the tailgate, is made of plastic as a non-supporting element of the vehicle. This in turn allows the hidden GPS tracker to track the reception of gps satellite signals in sufficient quality without metal shielding. The rear apron panel is easily removable. An existing towing device for a trailer also offers space. That’s why such places are popular hiding places for GPS technology.

Also the apron under the front bumper and its inlets for the air flow serve as a secret hiding place. the same applies to all cavities under a vehicle. some car GPS trackers are now so flat that they can even be hidden in license plate holders where they have a clear view to a satellite.

underbody offers many hiding places for GPS trackers

It is also conceivable to install GPS trackers in the area of the underfloor pillars. This works because the reflection of the signals from the satellites over the road makes it possible to locate them. However, this is not always completely accurate, which the perpetrator is happy to accept, as the GPS position is rarely accurate to within one meter.

In the central area of the underbody of the car, GPS trackers achieve only poor signal pickup. Therefore, hiding places in the area of the side rails are more suitable.

We examine all these areas with a special mirror and with an endoscope camera, to be able to detect GPS tracking.

An endoscope camera in use

Examination of the interior of the car for transmitters

inside the car, we use a video stethoscope to check all areas of the car that would be suitable as a location for a gps transmitter.

This includes for example

  • The entire interior trim
  • The cockpit trim in the area under the glove compartment
  • The trunk

In the course of examining the interior, we create situations in the form of a simulation, which hidden GPS trackers to transmit data via GSM stimulates. This in turn can be verified by our technicians by means of technical measurements.

Inside the car and outside, we radiate possible places for a clandestine installation of GPS trackers or other surveillance technology. With the measurement it depends on whether the signalized electronics correspond to their intended legal tasks or if there is an abnormality.

In this way, we check whether surveillance technology is present in the form of actively transmitting technology or in standby mode (so-called sleepers) are located in the passenger car. During the visual inspection, we pay close attention to whether there are any remnants of

  • traces of adhesion
  • Or body putty

condition. These indicate that there before a tracking device for monitoring could have been attached.

At the same time we keep an eye out for imprint traces, that could indicate the temporary installation of a GPS tracker or other surveillance technology. Especially in the trunk of a car there are many options for the originator to hide a tracker, because who regularly checks what is in his trunk??

Monitoring is especially dangerous when the tracker is connected to the vehicle’s battery, because then the system has an uninterrupted power supply. The GPS tracker can then continuously transmit its position.

Technical equipment during the investigation

To determine whether there is a clandestine GPS location in the vehicle, we also use a device that can detect GSM signals. Because GPS direction finders work on GSM basis, corresponding signals can be detected with this device. Any cell phone or illegal GSM communication can be located in this way. Detecting the devices

  • 2G
  • 3G and 4G mobile radio
  • GSM, UMTS and LTE.

Because these standards are commonly used to send signals or text messages using SIM cards, illegal use can always be proven when a broadcast is made.

In order to activate the functions of the GPS device, we drive the vehicle a certain distance during the examination. This is necessary because certain trackers only send a GPS signal with the current position when they are in motion and reach a certain speed.

GPS trackers are also used in the check:

  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Omnidirectional antennas
  • Directional antennas
  • Near field detector
  • mobile phone detector
  • Videoscopes

Find GPS in car

Checking for GPS on other vehicles

The possibility of tracking by GPS is not only limited to a car. That is why we also check other means of transport for GPS trackers. These include

  • Vans
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Bicycles
  • And similar.

Tracking GPS trackers is therefore possible on every vehicle.

On the internet you can buy devices that are supposed to be able to detect GPS monitoring. These are then called GPS finder or similar and cost only a few euros. Please note that these search devices do not replace a professional investigation.

Checking for clandestine GPS modules, GPS loggers and other devices requires a great deal of expertise, plenty of technology and takes several hours. this is the only way to ensure that we detect all conceivable transmitters that can locate, transmit or store the current location.

Get advice now on how to find GPS trackers

If you suspect that someone is secretly monitoring you with a system, call us. One of our experts will advise you in detail. You will learn how strangers can locate you and where they can hide a tracker. You then have a picture of what can happen to them and what help we offer them when we look for GPS trackers.

No one is allowed to secretly monitor other people’s vehicles by tracking devices, GPS transmitters, smartphone apps or trackers without a judicial authorization and to permanently determine their location. In order to be sure that no stranger is secretly following all your ways, we check your car or other vehicles for such GPS surveillance.

After the test you have certainty, that no one is secretly transmitting GPS data of their location. For more information, contact us now for a confidential conversation with a specialist from our team:

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