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almost everyone has favorite songs, but often they are played only very rarely on the radio. A solution is the MP3 player, on which the desired music tracks can be stored and played later. However, if you want to use your mp3 player in the car, you will be confronted with the problem that the use of headphones in the car is prohibited by law in germany. So how do you get your favorite music from your MP3 player into your car radio??

Newer cars often have an integrated cable that makes it possible to connect an MP3 player via the line-in input. But not all cars have this possibility – a radio transmitter offers the solution here. The device, also known as FM transmitter, transmits the music signals of an MP3 player, a smartphone or a CD player on a free FM frequency and thus make it possible to play back the stored songs via the car radio. In our buyer’s guide, we provide you with comprehensive information about this useful device.

FM transmitter buying guide

The radio transmission of a radio transmitter is one of the most important features of the device, because without a transmission of the signals no music can be received via the radio. you should therefore consider some aspects of the radio transmission of a radio transmitter. The range of the devices outside the car is ten meters at the most, many are even limited to three meters. The limited range is due to the low transmitting power of 50 nanowatts.

To receive an undisturbed signal, the FM transmitter needs a free FM frequency. This frequency must not be occupied by another transmitter or device, otherwise radio interference may occur. Especially in densely populated areas, this can cause problems, since most of the frequencies are already in use. In the spectrum from 88.1 to 107.9 megahertz, however, a free frequency can almost always be found for the radio transmitter. It is advisable to take some time to find a free frequency. Within a city, this frequency usually remains free. However, you should be aware that in other cities this frequency may already be in use. In this case, you will need to realign your FM modulator.

You need to find the right position for the FM transmitter in the car. If you place it in the trunk, for example, interference can easily occur. The ideal place for this is near the radio, e.g. in the middle of the car.B. Between the two front seats.

Functional scope of a VHF transmitter

Before purchasing a VHF transmitter, it is important to understand the functionality of the device in detail. In the following the functions are mentioned, which are important for a radio transmitter.

Storing transmitters

It is important to be able to save the frequencies you want, otherwise they will be immediately erased when you turn off the radio. especially if the same route is driven regularly, it is much more convenient and safer to be able to select the desired frequencies with a few keystrokes.

The automatic search function of the FM transmitter, which independently searches for free frequencies and switches to them, is also useful. this is also suitable for repeatedly searching for other frequencies.

Good sound

Noise can degrade the sound. A radio transmitter, which minimizes these unpleasant noises, improves the sound. if the quality is too poor, it is helpful to switch the FM transmitter from stereo to mono. Of course, mono sound is much worse than stereo reception when it comes to music, but with spoken texts like z.B. audio books, the loss of quality is not too great.

an equalizer also helps to improve sound quality. This way, you can adjust the sound individually on the FM transmitter and don’t have to fiddle with the settings of the MP3 player or radio first.


The display of the radio transmitter can also show additional information about the songs played, in addition to the frequencies set. Even better are devices that use the radio data system (RDS) to transmit this information to the car radio, making it even easier for you to read the data.

Remote control

If the antenna is located in the back of the car, the FM transmitter must be connected there as well, if possible, to ensure good reception. These devices are often supplied with a remote control, but this only helps to set the frequency and does not let you operate the MP3 player. If you connect an MP3 player, the cable must be long enough to reach the front of the car.

MP3 player

There are several ways to connect a radio transmitter to an MP3 player. The more complicated variant is to connect the player by cable and operate it with a remote control. Instead, you should use an FM transmitter, which can be docked directly to the MP3 player. no more annoying cables and remote controls. Some radio transmitters are even capable of playing music themselves. With these devices, the music files are read in via a memory card.


Most FM transmitters have mini-jack connectors. Usually, the MP3 players have a USB port, which is also suitable for charging the battery. Before connecting the device, check that the radio transmitter is capable of providing the necessary power. A fuse protects against voltage fluctuations that may occur.

For the apple ipods, which only have a docking connector, there are special devices, which can only be used with the respective apple products.


FM transmitters should be equipped with a 12-volt connection so that they can draw power directly from the car and thus do not put too much strain on the battery. the disadvantage is, however, that the radio transmitter can no longer move freely when it draws power from the cigarette lighter. When the FM transmitter is not in use, an automatic switch-off prevents the car’s battery from being drained.

Radio transmitters that receive power from the MP3 player are advantageous. Even if the battery runs down more quickly, these transmitters can also be used outside the car.

Bluetooth FM transmitter

In addition to the conventional FM transmitters, there are also so-called bluetooth FM transmitters, which are capable of transmitting data via bluetooth. It should be noted that a bluetooth FM transmitter will produce a much better sound quality than an FM transmitter, as the data is transmitted digitally. However, not all FM transmitters use bluetooth technology, so when buying one, it is important to check whether the radio transmitter has a bluetooth function. If you wish to purchase a bluetooth FM transmitter, it is advisable to check in advance whether your car radio is capable of receiving a corresponding signal. If the car radio lacks this reception option, there is usually a retrofit kit with which you can use this feature.

FM transmitters are an excellent way to connect an MP3 player, cell phone, smartphone or a conventional CD player to a car radio. There is no need to install cables or make new connections, the FM transmitter is ready for immediate use. When buying a radio transmitter, pay attention to the following features and you will have a lot of fun with this little device!

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